Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Win A Front Row Experience at KLFW 2016

Hello fashion lovers ,

Have you heard about this year KL Fashion Week RTW ( Ready-to-wear) will be held on 
17th of August - 21th of August 2016 ?  
Exciting enough ? 
I always excited about this event because I love fashion!! 
Anddd~ maybe I get a chance to meet Vivy againnnn~ hihihi ... =)

Picture taken at KLFW 2015

Every year , since KLFW started I've always get an invitation from FiziWoo . I feel lucky enough to be part of this event together with other designers , artist , fashionista out there even I felt ,
"wow , everyone is just soooo beautiful and fashionable" 
I was like ,
"does my outfit suitable for this event?". 

But , when you are at the event . Everything is about fashion and business . I wish I could be part of fashion industry . 

Ok Nadia you can stop dreaming now . =p

As of this year , I'm not sure will I be invited ? Hahaha ... Insyaallah . 

Whoever , interested to attending this event . There a chance for you to be at the event .

How? Read more below. Hihi...

Fashion Valet is having a contest 
" Win a Front Row Experience at KLFW 2016 "

Whattt???? Front row ?? OMG !!! It's a great honour if I could win this one . Do you think I can win ? Hahaha ... Ok berangan je . All of you can join this contest too. 


To join this contest you must :

- Show your best OOTd and tell Fashion Valet 
" Why do you want to go to KLFW 2016 " and tag a friend that you want to bring along in your caption.

- Tag @fashionvalet @uber_my @bfabmy and #FVfrontrow in your caption as well.

- OOTD must be newly uploaded starting from 1st Aug until 14 Aug 2016.

- Two lucky winners will be announced on 
15 Aug 2016.

- Only open for Klang Valley residents

- The winners will be receive store credit worth RM500 from FV and get VVIP treatments on the event day. 

Interesting right ? 
For more info regarding the terms and condition , you may click on the below link :


The contest already started in two days . Let's us join this together . Maybe , if you are lucky . You might win the front row for KLFW 2016 . Anddd~ if you win but not interested to attend or can't attend the event . You can give the seat to me . Hihihi . Ok kidding .

And , if I or you or we are not lucky enough , the KLFW 2016 tickets can be purchase from below link:

Good luck everyone . 

To end my entry let's see who are the designers for KLFW 2016 .




  1. Alaaaaaa best ootd mana ada.. Kalau nadia banyaklah gambar. Hehe. Bestnya kalau menang kan. Front row tue.. Nadia join contest tau. Mesti pakai duck duck ��❤️

    1. Mcm best kan? Tue lah mcm nak join tengok lah macam mana dlu ... Hihihi

  2. nadia di-tag tau :D

  3. best of luck nadia :) hope dapat jumpe vivy lagi and kirim salam mek dekat dia :)

    1. Tq Mek... Insyaallah if dapat ticket pergi dan if ada rezeki kan dpt jumpa vivy lagi =)


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