Friday, November 24, 2017


Friday, November 24, 2017

Duck Scarves Flatfay by Me

Hi, all~ =)

P/S: Please take note, this entry is from my point of view and from my experience wearing the shawl.

Duck ... Duck ... Duck . Nothing much to elaborate on this powerful brand. I’ve posted several entries about Duck before ( you can click here , here  and here to read more ). 

I am sure that all of you know that I’m also a Duckies. Not a big Duckies but a small one. Hahaha. Even though I am the small Duckies, my Duck tower is growing without I’m noticing it. #RIPmymoney

Okay, as you know Duckscarves have two categories of scarf: Limited Edition and Premium Basic. Premium Basic means a plain scarf.

Duckscarves premium basics have 7 different materials, such as :

1) Satin Silk
2) Matte Satin Silk
3) Fluff
4) Georgette
5) Mixed Crepe
6) Chiffon
7) Jersey

Actually, I’ve bought Mixed crepe before but I just don’t like the material because it is a little bit stiff. I already sold my mixed crepe shawl.

I used to like Georgette because the material gives me a flowy texture, lightweight and it easy to wear. I owned 3 colours from this Georgette material - Dark Lava, Butterscotch and Walnut. Now, I rarely wear Georgette but I still keep them. #maybeIwillsellthemoneday #targettoduckrehab

From top: Georgette Butterscotch. Center: Georgette Walnut and bottom: Georgette Dark Lava

After I’ve tried to wear Satin Silk, Matte Satin Silk and Fluff. I totally fall in love with this three materials. 

No wonder, all the hot colours from these three materials sold out really fast whenever Duck released the shawl. So, my most favourite materials among these are Satin Silk, Matte Satin Silk and Fluff.

Let me tell you why I like these three materials from Duckscarves Premium Basic.


New Satin Silk Rich Monaco . Flatlay not so on point due to bad lighting  =( 

At first, I thought if I wear Satin Silk it will make me easily feel hot because I am a person who easily sweating. Plus, Malaysia weather is so hot. And, I am a big fan of any cotton material.

But, after I've bought my first Satin Silk Duckscarves which is Black KL Duck ( yes I know KL Duck is not Premium Basic range. But, just wanted to tell you how I've been Duck-ed. Hahaha ).
I love it !!!

Satin Silk gives a beautiful drape and elegant look whenever you style it because of its shiny texture.

It really suitable for any occasion such as casual and formal. Now, I owned 6 colours from this range material: Ballerina, Rose Petal, Red Velvet, Pacific, Rose Tea and Rich Monaco.

I'm wearing Satin Silk Rose Petal

I'm wearing Satin Silk Rose Petal


Combination of MSS and SS. Bottom right: MSS Cinnamon Roll, SS Ballerina ... From top right: MSS Bridemaids, SS Rose Petal

This one is quite new material among other Duckscarves Premium Basic. I've tried this Matte Satin Silk after my friend Nurul Siqah review  ( we are having a review conversation at the office, not by reading her review on her blog, hihi ) about this material. 

This material is totally awesome. I mean by awesome because the material is not too slippery like Satin Silk and it is less shiny.

Even though Matte Satin Silk is less shiny but this material totally easy to wear, lightweight like Satin Silk and it gives a beautiful drape as well. Seriously, I love it!!!

Now, I owned 4 colours from this material: Brazilian Grape, Froth, Bridesmaids and Cinnamon Roll

I'm thinking to add Cherry and Birthday Cake in my Matte Satin Silk collection. But, I guess it is time for me to #duckrehab.

From left: Cherry Jam and Birthday Cake
I've already spent A LOT of Duckscarves.  A lot here meaning the total amount of scarves that I have now equal to one iPhone 8 or one travel ticket to Europe. Crazy right? #whatawaste.

Okay, let's move on to next material.


Shawl from bottom: Pearl Blush, Azurite and Pink Starburst

As I mention earlier, I am a big fan of the cotton material. Fluff also can be considered as a new material from Duckscarves Premium Basic.

This material is totally lightweight, quite see-through, less iron, can wear with less pin or not using a pin at all, less pin mark, breathable material and non-slip. It is totally the best material for a country with a hot weather like our beloved country Malaysia. Hihihi.

I'm wearing Fluff Pink Starburst
If you are a person who likes to travel, I totally recommend Fluff because it easy to handle. You know especially when we are on a long hour flight (long hour flight means more than 10 hours), we tend to loosen up a bit our shawl to make us a little bit comfortable in flight.

But, Fluff is more pricey than other premium basic materials. Even though, it is pricey. I just don't realize that I've already owned 8 colours of Fluff: Pearl Blush, Azurite, Toffee Nut, Old Rose, Pink Starburst, Shea Butter, Pink Tutu and Powder Blue

The reason that I can't resist to buy Fluff because most of the Fluff colours are pastel. I totally a fan of pastel colours.

My favourite hues <3 ... macam sama je semua kan =p

That was the review about Duckscarves Premium Basic from me. Only two materials I've never tried are Chiffon and Jersey. I like Chiffon too actually but I just don't know why it is not worth it to buy chiffon material from Duckscarves. As for jersey material, I am not a fan of jersey material.

So, have you tried any of Duckcscarves before? Which material do you like the most?

Since 2017 nearly ends. I’ve seen lots of my blogger friends do the giveaway as an appreciation token to all the bloggers, viewers and readers of their blog. So, I wish to do my own giveaway too.

Stay tuned for my next post to get surprised. Hihihi.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments. Hihihi.

Have a nice day.


Thursday, November 23, 2017


Thursday, November 23, 2017

My first time trip to Singapore was way back in 2013 if I'm not mistaken. That time, Garden By the Bay was still under construction . Since then, I wish to visit Singapore again just to see this man-made Garden with a big tall tree.

It was a sudden plan to visit Singapore actually. I and my husband need to attend his brother engagement ceremony in Johor Bharu. So, I thought maybe I could grab this chance to visit Singapore again. Alhamdulillah, this year 2017 I get a chance to visit Garden by The Bay during my trip to Johor Bahru. 

Garden by The Bay is a nature park with 101 hectares. Seriously, it was a huge area. 

The attractions here at Garden by The Bay are :
- Flower Dome
- Cloud Forest
- OCBC Skyway 
- Supertree Grove
- Far East Organization Children's Garden
- Bay East Garden
- Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes
- Heritage Gardens
- World of Plants
- The Canyon
- Sun Pavilion
- Art Sculptures

You can read here to know more about each attraction. In the website, there is information about the opening and closing time of the garden. The website also has the information when the garden will be closing for maintenance. 

So, advisable you need to check opening and closing date before you plan to visit the garden to avoid any disappointment.

By the way, not all attractions need a ticket to enter. But, if you wish to visit the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and go up to OCBC Skyway. These three attractions need an entrance ticket. For Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, you can buy it online. As for OCBC Skyway, you can buy it at the counter.

Before I've bought the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest tickets, I've checked the ticket price on their official website here

The price for Flower Dome and Cloud Forest is SGD 28/per person. When I converted to MYR the price is around MYR 80++ / person ( depends on currency fluctuation ). I've visited the garden with my Mum and my husband. So, the total would be around MYR 250++ for three people. It is quite expensive due to our bad currency now.


Then, I've Google-ed: where can I buy cheap tickets for the garden. Accidentally, I found this one website name KLOOK.COM . I've read the review about this website. And, all the customer quite impressed with KLOOK services. Thank God, KLOOK has their own apps as well. Then, I've downloaded the KLOOK apps

Let's see how to buy the ticket from KLOOK.

1) You can buy the tickets from KLOOK.COM website or from KLOOK apps.

2) You need to register first.

3) Search the destinations: SINGAPORE. And, all the tickets that related to SINGAPORE attractions will appear.

If you want the fastest search, you can just type GARDEN BY THE BAY. And, you will see the information about the ticket as below.

4) Choose the date and click for how many persons you will buy the tickets for.

5) Once , you've done all the details. Proceed to checkout and make a payment.

6) You will receive the confirmation via email and apps once payment was done.

7) At the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest entrance, the respective staff will just scan the code bar from your hand phone. Enjoy your visit.

Please take note: once you've done the payment. You can't cancel the ticket as per stated below. But, you can cancel your ticket before you make a payment. Therefore, kindly re-check before you proceed.


Due to open concept and glass house at Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, it is advisable you visit the two places as early as you can. It is better that you visit it before dawn as the place will be dark. Unless you are using a DSLR camera or Digital Camera. iPhone camera usually not in a good quality if the area is getting dark.

I love the reflection.

Pumpkins <3

Flower Dome has usually been decorated according to any festivals that held. When I visited Flower Dome, it was a Halloween festivals. So, there are lots of pumpkins in the garden. I never see various of pumpkin size before. It is so beautiful. hihihi.

Sorry, I don't have a clear and beautiful picture of Cloud Forest as the place already dark and nearly closed.


You don't need a ticket to see the Supertree Grove. You can snap as many pictures as you want. 

Take note: There will be Garden Rhapsody ( music and lighting show of the Supertree - read here to know more ), every day at 7:45pm and 8:45pm

Starting from 1 NOV 2017 -31 DEC 2017 there will be two different tickets that you need to purchase. Kindly read the details as below.

(1 NOV - 31 DEC 2017)

  • Take in the sight of the majestic Supertrees in all their splendour, as they come to life in this special edition of the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show! Enjoy familiar Christmas tunes as you soak in the festive ambience of the Supertree Grove.
    Featured songs:
    ▪ Frosty the Snowman
    ▪ Do you want to build a Snowman
    ▪ Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
    ▪ Ode to Joy
    ▪ Sleigh Ride
    ▪ Jingle Bells
    ▪ Winter Wonderland
    ▪ Santa Claus is coming to town
    ▪ Last Christmas
    ▪ All I want for Christmas is you
  • Please note:
    Access to Supertree Grove
    From 1 – 26 Dec, visitors will require a Christmas Wonderland ticket to access Supertree Grove and OCBC Skyway between 4pm to 11pm. 

    Access to OCBC Skyway
    From 1 – 26 Dec, please note that there will be two admission timings to OCBC Skyway:
    • 9am – 3pm (last ticket sale at 2:30pm, last entry at 2:45pm)
    • 4pm – 10pm (last ticket sale at 9pm, last entry at 9:30pm) 

As for the OCBC Skyway, the ticket fare is SGD 8/per person. It is really beautiful up there. But, if you have height fright. Advisable, you don't need to go up. It is because the Skyway is shaking actually. That is why they put up the notice, you only have 15 minutes to be up there. Otherwise, the staff will ask you to go down immediately. Plus, people are queueing.

Isn't it easy buying the ticket from KLOOK.COM. KLOOK sell other tickets as well for the various country. You can just search the destinations.

I totally satisfied with KLOOK. Definitely will use KLOOK for my other travel destinations.

Thank you for reading all.

Have a nice day. <3

Disclaimer: All pictures are mine. I just don't have time to put the watermark on the pictures. Hihihi.


Monday, November 20, 2017


Monday, November 20, 2017

my new flat lay <3

Hello, everyone~

Lots of people keep asking me, "  How you take care of your skin? ".

Truthfully, my skin is not flawless at all. If you want to know what type of products that I used for my skin, you can read here in my previous post.

As my age are getting older, ( I'm 31 years old this year - #facethefactnadia ) and hormone keeps on fluctuating. I also facing the skin break out whereby the acne will come out like crazy.

When I was around the age of 25 - 29 years old. I don't have an acne problem at all. My sister always said that I am so lucky to have a clean and flawless skin. Now, not anymore. * sob sob *

Last two months if I'm not mistaken, I've tried one berry supplements and suddenly my skin breaks out badly. 

It makes my sister and my husband keep on asking me, what happens to my skin. At that time, I am totally stressed out and I just don't know what to do.

So, I've decided to stop that supplements and search for a natural remedy for my skin. 

Thank God, my Mum reminded me that Aloe Vera is the best remedy for Acne and Scars.

I am lucky enough that, my Mum has the beautiful garden with a lot of aloe vera. Aloe Vera is easy to plant.

from My Mum's garden

You want to know more how good Aloe Vera for our skin, you can read here.  

There are also good benefits by drinking Aloe Vera, you can read the articles here.


Due to my Mum plant lots of Aloe Vera in her garden. What I usually do when I'm facing a skin break out is I just pluck it around 5 - 10 pieces. 

from My Mum's garden

from My Mum's garden 

Then, I stored it in the refrigerator, so that the aloe vera always cool.

When I need to apply it to my skin, I will take one-piece and peel of the aloe vera skin. What I need is only the white gel inside it.

The aloe vera 

Then, take the white gel and apply it on my skin as a mask. 

Take the gel inside it 

I will leave it for 10 - 15 mins until the aloe gel dry. Once it dry, wash your face. You will feel that your skin fresh and moisturize.

Repeat using it twice or 3 times per week. But, I usually apply it every night before I sleep.

apply the gel on the skin like I did - excuse my panda eyes

After using it several times, Insyaallah you will see your scars and acne vanish slowly. Importantly, you must apply it consistently to get the best result.

after I wash the aloe gel - see told ya, my skin not flawless at all. Excuse my panda eyes and baby at the back hihi


If you don't have aloe vera plant at home . You can buy the aloe vera gel from any pharmacy or beauty shop. You can even buy it online from Lazada, 11Street, Shoppee and more.

Even now, the Aloe Vera mask is available as well for you to use easily daily. If you want to feel fresh all day long, you can use the Aloe vera mist.

That's all from me for now. Happy trying, all. 

Have a nice day and thank you for reading.