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I guess everyone know what is watermark right? Watermark can be seen usually in pictures. Mostly been use by bloggers, photographers, artist and lot more. It similarly to signature I guess.

The importance of having a watermark are to avoid any exploitation of our original pictures. It also to avoid people claims that our picture been shot or take by someone else.

Unless, if the owner of the pictures provide the stock photos to be used by everyone, then it is okay.

Taking photo is not an easy task as it may seem. We need a lot of time to take or shot one perfect photo. So, yeah watermark is really important.

That is why I've decided to create one watermark permanently for me to use for all of my pictures. Plus, I saw several of my blogger friends already have their own watermark such as Siqah , Hanis Amanina , SS , Jari Manis , Cik Epal and lot more. 

I've been Googled how to create my own watermark. But, all the articles that I found are taught using the Adobe Photoshop. Sadly, I don't have Adobe Photoshop in my laptop and I don't even know how to use it.

So, I've tried to find other solution to create my own watermark. And, I found it in Youtube. Yeay!!

The video taught how to create our own watermark using PowerPoint. When I saw " PowerPoint ", I jump up and down happily. It's PowerPoint guys!!!  I've been use PowerPoint most of my working day. For presentation. For any event teaser. For picture editing. You name it. Obviously, I'm a Pro in PowerPoint. Hahaha....Chewah~ =p


Let's see how I do it.

1) I love flower pictures that looks alive. So, I search for "watercolor flower" in Google. Then, I found several flower pictures that I love. shown as below.

2) Open PowerPoint with a blank sheet. Then, import the picture of your selection. If we directly import any picture from Google. There will be a white or color background of that picture. I want to remove that background.


1) Insert the picture that you choose. And, click on the picture to make the "pictures toolbar " appear. Then, click on the "format background".

2) After click on the format background tab , the "purple box" will appear as below. 

3) Take the cursor and make the box fit with the purple box perfectly to capture only a picture. Then , click on the "Keep Changes" tab.

4) Walla!! You get the picture that you want without the white background. You can just drag the picture a little bit from the text box to ensure that only picture been captured.

5) Then , you can click "Save as picture".

6) Repeat the same step for other pictures that you like. Then, you can add text to the picture. Do some editing. And, you done!!! =)

As you can see in my blog. I have change my blog header, my photo have watermark and my signature for every entry. All that items, I've done it by using PowerPoint. 

What do you think about all the three items? Is it okay? 

If you are still unclear how to do it . You may see the tutorial video that I've learn from by clicking on the link below .

PowerPoint tutorial: Removing the background from pictures | lynda.com

So, if you don't have Adobe Photoshop like me. You can try this.

Happy trying,everyone. 


Goodbye South Korea , Hello Malaysia !!!! 

Aha~ here comes the end of our Spring Korea trip . Yeay!!! A little bit sad but I'm happy as well. Phewww~ at last , I managed to share all of my entries after 1 year . Hahaha. Sorry for the late update. 

I hope my entries can give you some information before you travel to South Korea. As you know, my 2016 Korea trip is all about " Hunting for Cherry Blossom ". If you have read all of my entries , you may notice that I've never share about Namsan Tower , Nami Island , Petite France and etc . All of that places I've visited in year 2015. So, I've decided to share my 2016 Korea trip because visited Gyeongju and participated in marathon is the best and rare experienced ever!!! . The best !!!

If you want to read my previous entry, you may click here

In this entry, I will share our full itinerary and full budget for 8 days , 7 nights including flight fare.

If you need to know more details or you have any questions to ask, feel free to drop an email to me at nadiaizzaty.nia@gmail.com. I hope I can help to answer your questions. =)



For your information, the total budget is for 2 pax.

To end this entry, below are the full links of my Spring Korea Trip 2016.


Thank you for reading everyone <3

JIka ada terkurang dimana-mana maafkan ye.

InsyaAllah, I'll be seeing you Korea in 2018. Hahahaha. =p


24 Universities . 7 countries . 1 hope. These are the voices of young Malaysian all over the world - penning down our dreams, fears, concerns, aspirations, and hope to our nation , our home - Malaysia.

Featuring Letters by:
Azalia Zaharuddin , Fikri Fisal , Ng Jung Kian , Aish Kumar , Zaryff Razali , Tan Heang Lee, Billy hoo , Nurul Ismawi , Ooi Kok Hin , David Lim , Rezy Prakash , Tharmelinggem Pillai , Abdul Rahman Shah , Shamil Norshidi , Shahir Shukor , Benedict Weerasena , Nik Mohamed Rashid Nik Zurin , Achmad Bakhtiar M Yuni , Justin Lim Jia Tian , Sarah Syahirah bt Abdullah , Asyraf Muiz Roslan , Hasbullah Faudzi , Ian Chew , Izzaf Adha , Puteri Eleni Megat Osman , Mohamed Syazwan Abdul Rahman and Mohd Izzuddin Ramli.

I've bought this book unexpectedly. I search for a book that I wanted to read but end up I attracted to this book. The cover page of this book " Letters to Home " quite interesting for me.  

When I flip over to the next page, the first letter was written are " Sakura Are Beautiful, But Nasi Lemak is Better - by Azlina Zaharuddin ".  I love sakura, so I  read a little bit the story of that first letter and it was totally interesting. The meaning of Azlina letters is even though we live in other countries our Malaysia still the best.

This book is a collections/letters/thoughts from 27 young Malaysian stands out to share their views about several topics related to our country - from Malaysia politics, education, to freedom of speech, people disabilities, intermarry, social, people, culture, differences, unity and lots more. This book is totally for everyone to read.

Most of the title been used for each letter also makes me interested to read more about each topic. For me, the titles are creative but each of it been nicely elaborate with true contents.

Some of the letters title are :
- Sakuras are beautiful but nasi lemak is better ,
- Pendatang ,
- I'd love to get to know you better , wanna go out and have a chat ?
- To all Malaysians , welcome home
- One teh tarik , one nasi lemak
- Of reading books and money
- Dear typical Malaysian
- Us rude Malaysian
- I work hard but still get less
- A letter to my students
- Nasi goreng kampung vs nasi goreng USA
And lot more .

By only reading those title aren't you insterested to know more what inside like I do ? 

This books also told disappoinments and advices .While reading this book, automatically we will ask ourselves where we should improve or help our country to be a better Malaysia.

Throughout my reading , there lots of thoughts shared by them that I totally agree on . I also found out what I don't realized that actually happen in our own country such as human trafficking. 

Even they shared some of their disappointments , experiences and voices . Their letters give aspirations for us too.

There some quotes or words that we can use as a reminder:
- no matter how great and beautiful Japan might be , it still won't be and it never be, home.

- I call on you to do the right thing . I call on my friends and family to quit telling me to flee in searching for a better home. I have a home. I grew up as a Malaysian with pride and dignity and I'll grow old as such.

- What's the point in striving for economic wealth if we leave our humanity behind ?

- This is home . If something is broken, you fix it. I want to fix this disconnection.

- What is unity? - unity is being able to cognitively understand that while there are differences between us , there are plenty of similarities as well and lot more other reminders .

Below pictures are some snippets from the books that can we take as reminders as well.

Be humble, and help others. That is real success.

So, I really recommend you to read this book if you wanted to know exactly what is happening in our beloved country, Malaysia.

If you have some thoughts to share, you may email your thoughts to the address as per in pictures below.


What do you think about this book after reading my review? Do you want to know more? 

Thank you for reading. =)