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Hello  everyone~

How are you doing? =)

I guess I'm having a blogging slump.  So , I'm so sorry if I'm not blog walking any of your blogs. My bad. =(  Even my own blog also I don't visit. Hahaha. Can you imagined how slump was I?

Even in my blogging slump phase , I did not do lots of activities except reading, going to work , watching Korean drama and currently I just starting to take more serious about my body.

I know I've been talking about losing weight thingy so many time but I'm still at the same old habit and weight . Hahaha... Have you already bored seeing me bragging a lot about losing weight but still I don't get the result? Sorry about that too~ =)

But seriously, I've already started by cooking a healthy foods. Bring my own dish to work. Walk as many as I can and jog every weekend ( aha~ this one I just started again because I've participate in Sukan Sea Marathon 2017 which be held on 19 August 2017 ) . Andddd~ I've registered for 15KM !!! How crazy is it. At first, my intention just to be my sister running buddy but now I just don't have confident to run such a long distance.

But, hey Nadia you don't even start running, yet you already give up? Don't give up Nadia. You can do it!!! #laridemikhairyjamaludin #talldarkandhandsome hahaha. =p

Even I don't update my blog and not blog walking. I'm really thankful to those who still visiting my blog and left comments. Love ya!!! 

Have you read my latest entry that I've posted on 28th July about " 5 Top Hotels To Stay in Kuala Lumpur " ? >>> If you are not reading it yet, you may click here to read more.  

Truthfully, I'm really thankful to Traveloka for giving me such a great opportunity to collaborate with them. If not, I guess my blog will be left out more either one month or two month or more. Sob Sob. That's why I really glad that Traveloka approached me by asking me writing about hotel article.

While I writing that entry, seriously I really need a short vacation but I can't because starting August until next year it will be a tough time for my team at work. So, I can't wait for my 14 days leave in November. #prayforthebest #semogasemuadipermudahkan.

But, actually I just got back from Pulau Tioman last week in July. Hihihi. It was a company event but it can be so-called short vacay? hahaha. Atleast, I have a chance to getaway for 2 days from the busy city. 

If you watched my Instagram Story with Siqah, you might be notice that we went to Pulau Tioman together. Luckily I have a friend like Siqah that we could share the same interest. <3

What else that been happened in my life lately?

Hmmm.. books? Okay about books, I've read 6 books in June and 6 books in July. The most favorite books among 12 books I've read are :

1) When - by Victoria Laurie ( A novel )
2) Mind Platter - by Najwa Zebian ( A motivation book )

Then, Korean drama that recently I've just finished and just starting watch it are:

1) Master Ruler : Master of The Mask ( Finished )
2) Queen Seven Days ( Finished )
3) Signal ( Just start watching )
4) Criminal Minds ( Just start watching )

So, that are the snippet story about my life lately.

Insyaallah, I will be updating more in my blog. Hihihi.

How about you? What have you been doing lately?

Oh, by the way if you have any suggestions that I can add in my Japan itinerary please please give the suggestion to me. Seriously I kinda lost a bit in drafting the itinerary. hihihi.

Have a pleasant day all.

Thank you for reading.


Hello everyone~

Kuala Lumpur is the busy city ever. I rarely shop or stop by in Kuala Lumpur because of the congested traffic.

But, if I wish to stroll around Kuala Lumpur. Definitely, I will stay at these 5 top hotels in Kuala Lumpur.

Let's see what are the hotels that I wish to stay. =)

Picture courtesy: Traveloka

I wish to stay here because this hotel situated at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman or known as Jalan TAR.

Jalan TAR was the famous place to shop the variety of fashionable outfits with an affordable price. You name it, you can even get the Neelofa shawl, Duck scarves with a cheaper price at Jalan TAR. Of course, it just inspired by.

Picture courtesy: Traveloka

Premiera Hotel also near with Sogo Complex. If you wish to stroll around KL with LRT or Monorail. The nearest station is Bandaraya LRT station, Sultan Ismail LRT station and Medan Tuanku Monorail station.

If you wish to get the view of KL towers and KLCC Petronas Twin Tower, you may book the Deluxe room to get that view.

Picture courtesy: Traveloka

Address232, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Chow Kit, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Read the reviews and book Premiera Hotel Kuala Lumpur here

Picture courtesy: The Kuala Lumpur Journal official website

Truthfully, I'll already see this hotel for a long time but I just don't get a chance to stay here yet. Hhihihi.

Picture courtesy: The Kuala Lumpur Journal official website
Why I wish to stay here, it is because the concept of the room is simple. The most thing that I like is the lobby and cafe interior. Totally nice.

Picture courtesy: The Kuala Lumpur Journal official website
The nearby attractions with this hotel are Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang. To get here by train, the nearest stations are Raja Chulan monorail and Bukit Bintang monorail.

Picture courtesy: The Kuala Lumpur Journal official website

Picture courtesy: The Kuala Lumpur Journal official website

Address30, Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Picture courtesy: WOLO official website
WOLO situated in the heart of busy Bukit Bintang. But, what makes me wish to stay here is the main entrance of this hotel. Hahaha. For me, it was so nice at night.

Picture courtesy: WOLO official website
The interior of this hotel makes me remember of Rosa Malacca hotel and M boutique Ipoh. Quite similar but not same. Hihihi.

Picture courtesy: Google
Next to WOLO Hotel is the famous Korean cafe Tous Les Jours.

Picture courtesy: Google

Picture courtesy: Google
The nearby attractions with this hotel are Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang. To get here by train, the nearest stations are Raja Chulan monorail and Bukit Bintang monorail.

Picture courtesy: WOLO official website

Picture courtesy: WOLO official website

Corner of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Picture courtesy: Impiana KLCC Hotel official website
Aha~~~ the reason I wish to stay here because the view of KLCC Petronas Twin Tower and my friend told me that Impiana restaurant name " Tonka Bean Cafe " the food is so delicious. She told me that I should try to eat there. The taste of the foods really worth it with the price. Hihihi.

Picture courtesy: Impiana KLCC Hotel official website

The nearby attractions with this hotel obviously the Twin Tower, Aquaria KLCC and Pavilion KL as well. The nearest stations are Raja Chulan Monorail station and KLCC LRT station.

Picture courtesy: Impiana KLCC Hotel official website

Picture courtesy: Impiana KLCC Hotel official website

Impiana Klcc Hotel & Spa, 13, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Picture courtesy: Google

Picture courtesy: Google
I've been to this hotel once because of company training that I have to attend. Once, I've entered the entrance, I'm speechless. How come there is such a beautiful and elegant hotel. It was the first time I saw that kind of hotel. The foods provided by the hotel also delicious. I love their Mee Goreng !!! Oh my so yummy. Even the elevator also beautiful.

Picture courtesy: Ritz Carlton official website

Picture courtesy: Ritz Carlton official website
Since that day, I wish to stay at Ritz Carlton Hotel. The best part is the walking distance from Ritz Carlton to Pavilion KL whereby you just need to cross the busy road of Kuala Lumpur. Hihi. And, it also near with Bukit Bintang.

Picture courtesy: Google
Ritz Carlton Hotel also attached with the glamorous shopping mall Starhill Gallery.

Picture courtesy: Google

Address168, Jalan Imbi, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Picture courtesy: Google
I love and wish to stay here because of its heritage story. Oh, I also love any British colonial building concept. For me, any building that been preserved from the past time is really memorable.

This hotel also was the first choice venue that my friend wanted to organise my bridal shower back in two years ago. But, sadly that time the place already fully booked.

The attractions of this hotel, obviously, the white beautiful building. Oh and I wish to have tea time at their tea lounge and the beautiful Orchid Conservatory.

Picture courtesy: Majestic Hotel Official Website

Picture courtesy: Majestic Hotel Official Website
The nearby attractions with this hotel are the National Mosque of Malaysia and Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia. While the nearest train station to get to this hotel is the Kuala Lumpur MRT and Pasar Seni MRT.

Picture courtesy: Majestic Hotel Official Website

Picture courtesy: Majestic Hotel Official Website
AddressThe Majestic Hotel, 5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Picture courtesy: Google
There you go, the 5 top hotels in Kuala Lumpur that I wish to stay.

There are a lot of other best hotels that you can stay in KL. To make your searching and reservation easy, it is best for you to search and book with Traveloka

Start searching now, by click here before the hotels that you wish to stay been fully booked.

Even though this entry about my wish list hotels to stay in Kuala Lumpur but it also might help you a little bit when you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur.

Have a pleasant stay in Kuala Lumpur.

And, welcome to Malaysia.

Thank you for reading.=)


Flat lay of two powerful shawl brands
Hello dear all, 

I thought I wanted to post a travel entry or a wrap monthly story but all the pictures are not ready yet. I also don't have a mood to choose and do some editing in term of watermark etc. 

So, I've decided to post this one since we are still in Hari Raya mood. hihihi. I've posted this kind of entry last year >>> click here to read more. And, I've decided to do this second version of the most favourable shawl brands again this year because I just being crazy towards these two shawl brands for Eidul Fitri collection 2017.

Le's see what are the brands that make me fall in love:

1) DUCK 
My flat lay for Pink Alhambra Duck

Nothing much I can say about this brand. I guess the most powerful brand in term of shawl brand. The hype and craziness that DUCK gives towards all women in the world whenever they release their collection are really beyond expectation.

DUCK always come out with a creative teaser and great marketing to create the awareness of what are their collection will be next. They are such a creative brand. That's why people said, marketing is a powerful tool in business. =) 

This year, for Eidul Fitri 2017, DUCK come out with their Limited Edition shawl and scarf inspired from Alhambra. Alhambra is a Palace situated in Granada, Spain. When they made a teaser or quiz for their customer to make a guess about their next collection, I keep on thinking, " How can they be so creative?. Alhambra? What?. " For me, it is such a great idea until there is a DUCK competitor who keeps on copying their idea. But, nature in business, there must be a competitor, right? 

7 colours for Alhambra DUCK
At first, I decided not to buy DUCK shawl anymore. But, sorry to my money as well as to my hubby money. Hahaha. I just can't stop myself not to buy it. The shawl is so beautiful but truthfully I do attract more to the colours of the shawl and the background design. For me, the calligraphy on the shawl makes the shawl a little bit looks weird but as D said, it is for Eidul Fitri. So, the calligraphy written is "Eid Mubarak". Thankfully, when I try to style the shawl, I can hide the calligraphy. Hahaha.

So, yeah I own two colours of Alhambra DUCK for Eidul Fitri: Gold and pink. Oh, by the way, the Alhambra DUCK cost for RM300 per shawl. #byebyemoney #ripmymoney hahaha. But, this year if you want to own the Alhambra DUCK sampul duit raya you have to bought two shawls in a single receipt. Click here to know the design of Alhambra sampul duit raya. 

My flat lay for Gold Alhambra Duck

Then, DUCK makes a surprise by releasing the square scarf of Alhambra and Instant shawl of Alhambra as well. Pheww~ glad they have done that so all of their customers really can own at least one Alhambra duckscarves in three different styles.

Oh, if you still want to buy it. You can visit FashionValet website. If you are lucky there maybe have stock available for Alhambra DUCK. =)

From left: Vanilla Latte, Parfait and Rose Souffle

For Tudung People, I really love their Limited Edition collection as well. For Eidul Fitri this two years in a row, they really release the beautiful shawl ever!!! 

I don't know if you thought the same like me. But, seriously I love flowers and really love if the flower been using on clothes or shawls been drawn is alive. I can be crazy just by looking towards it. hahaha.

Flay lay for three Bohemian series of TP shawls

So, for this Eidul Fitri, Tudung People come out with "BOHEMIAN SERIES AND SIMPOR SERIES". 

I really fall in love like crazy towards Bohemian Series and it makes me bought two shawls and one square scarf. hahaha. Actually I want to bought all of it. But, I can't spent my money for shawl anymore because I've bought two Duckscarves already. Two shawls for me ( Parfait and Vanilla Latte colours ) and the one square scarf ( Rose Souffle colours ) as a gift for my Mum.

Oh, the cost for each shawl or scarf is RM 176. Each purchase you will get a beautiful sampul duit raya >> click here to know more about the Tudung People sampul duit raya.

For Tudung People Limited Edition shawls and square scarf already sold out. I don't know if they will be restocking it. You just have to on the notification on Instagram to get the latest news of Tudung People.

Oh, by the way, they are having a TPFlatlay and TPootd contest. The contest ends on 25th July 2017. The prize for the winner of this contest is iPhone 7 !!!.

So, there are the two favourable and beautiful shawl brands for 2017 in my list. 


Good luck for these two brands. Keep it up by releasing more beautiful and creative design in future.

Don't forget just be yourself and keep on styling everyone.

Have a pleasant day.

Thank you for reading.