The Denim Fit Guide

Who doesn't like to wear denim or known as jeans right? It was the simple and easiest outfit to be mix and match with. Agree ? =)

Who likes Mango/MNG brand? High 5 !!! I loveeee Mango/MNG brand. Mostly, my outfits in my wardrobe are from Mango/MNG. I think I love Mango because of their stylish yet simple fashion line. They use really a comfortable material and the price is so affordable. =)

On last Friday, I've got an email from Mango about " The Denim Fit Guide ". 

I totally didn't know much about types of denim. I usually choose and wear what I'm comfortable with. So, I think the email is so helpful.

This denim guide share by Mango maybe can help me and you to choose which one is suitable for us. The guide includes women and men. Even though, women denim guide is more than men. Hahaha.

Let's see the pictures and see what are my favourite denim.

I love skinny type because it gives the effect of long legs, looks skinny and of course, makes me looks taller. Hahahaha. Even though, I can't longer fit my favourite skinny jeans anymore. * sob sob* * hint I need to diet * I still like skinny jeans more. Even, after married my husband doesn't like me to wear skinny jeans as well I still like skinny fit more.

Sometimes, to satisfied what my husband like, now I rather choose straight fit or relaxed fit more.

Below is for men. See, women guide is more than men. 
Is this guide make you easy to choose what your style are? and What is your favorite denim style? Let's share.

Thinking to add more your denim or jeans into your wardrobe? Heading to Mango/MNG store to shop their denim collection 2017.


  1. masa sekolah menengah erin obses teruk dgn MNG. wardrobe dah jadi mcm mini boutique MNG sebab takde tempat lain dah nak beli baju, MNG je. haha pastu bila dah besar and start pakai tudung, kurang dah beli baju dia. btw hi nadia!!! lama tak blogwalking hehe

    1. Hihihi... same here. High 5!!! . Nadia memang suka brand MnG dari sekolah ( masa tue mama yang slalu belikan hahaha ) until now.

      Eh kenapa dah pakai tudung dah krg beli MNG ? Rasa ada je baju nya yang suitable utk orang yang pakai tudung kan. =)

      Hi jugak. Tak pe faham. Erin dah start class kan so mesti busy kan.

      Nadia pun jarang blogwalking jugak.

  2. Tiba-tiba rasa confused tengok banyak sangat jenis denim. Pakai beli je kalau sedap pakai lol

    1. Hahahaha. Kannn... banyak kn rupanya jenis denim. Nadia pun pakai apa yang rasa selesa . Hihi

  3. Chika suka denim yang kecik di bahagian bawah. Apa entah namanya. Cuma sekarang jean dah tak muat.. huwaaaaaaaa!! Dan malas nak beli denim lagi. Sebab tak sanggup nak ukur. Muahaha.

    1. Kannnn... sama lah malas nak beli jeans baru. Solution nya kita kena diet nie Yank. Hahaha.


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