Monday, December 12, 2016


I love that unique windows
In my previous post , I've said that recently I don't even have time to updating my blog . I'm thinking to do a schedule publish post for a week . So, everytime you visit my blog there will be something you can read . Hihihi...

If you are following my Instagram account , you might know that I went to Yogjakarta , Indonesia on 28th Nov 2016 . My trip only 3 days trip . 

How this Yogjakarta trip can even happened I will tell you in my next post , ok . =)

Actually , this trip was my second time to Yogjakarta. My first time to Yogja while I'm still studying . It was a university trip . And , this time I just went there with my cousin because my husband unable to join due to work .

Here , I want to share where I stayed in Yogjakarta . We found this hotel in

This hotel known as Adhisthana Hotel situated at Jalan Prawirotaman 2 . 

And , I totally LOVEEEEE this hotel . It's really beautiful . Their special decoration in this hotel are the beautiful unique windows . You can even see the windows in every area . 

The concept of this hotel really simple and clean . I don't know either to say their concept is a Scandinavian or Rustic or combine both concepts. The blue and white colors that they use make this hotel have a minimalistic feels too .

We paid for Rp 876,000 for 3 days , 2 nights which equivalent to MYR 286 ( convert using that time currency rate ) .

Again , I said I love everything about this hotel . The view . The interior . The room . Even, the location . This hotel near with some hipster cafes and restaurants that you can go there by walking . 

The hotel cafe name is Lawas and this hotel even situated in front of Sellie Coffee cafe ( a scene location in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 movie ) . The foods in this hotel quite good. =)

Even , it's located a little bit far from Malioboro Street ( need 15 minutes drive to go there ) , but I feel it's ok because it makes us feel calm . 

Even this hotel not have a big area but it have a beautiful garden and swimming pool too .

Now , let's take a look at the bedroom . It's quite small but fine with us as long as there are some space to pray . Only one thing that I don't like is their bathroom. It's not quite clean and have a sewage smell . We even bought an air freshner to make the smell vanished . 

Our room 

View from our bedroom - that's me =)
Love the minimal decoration and colors

Overall, I'll give 9/10 rating for Adhisthana Hotel . I definitely will be staying in this hotel again whenever I visit Yogjakarta . Unless , if I visit Yogjakarta for shopping batik , I will stay at Malioboro Street . hihihi.

What do you think about this hotel ? Is it nice ? Share your thought with me . Have a nice day all . ๐Ÿ˜


  1. Very cozy and rate dia pun affordable kan!
    PS: i love backpack nadia yang dark blue/black tu hehehe

    1. Kannnn mmg affordable .

      Hiihihi me too love that backpack =)

  2. Cantik and cozy nye hotel ni!.
    belum pernah gi yogja lagi, maybe next time boleh try stay sini hehe

    1. hihihi yes yes make sure Tyra stay here if visit to yogja ... cantik , selesa dan affordable sgt =)

  3. Hotel ni cantik.. kalaulah berkesempatan nak ke Jogja, hotel ini akan menjadi pilihan. Hee

    1. Kann yank ... simple je hotel nya dan harga pun ok lah tak mahal sgt tak murah sgt =)

  4. lawa weih and unik !. best giler dapat escape tempat cam ni :)

    1. Hihi kan Mek ... cantik kan hotel nya ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜

  5. Wow. Sangat unij n cantik lah hotel dia. Thanks for the recommendation! Kalau saya pergi sana bole la try stay sini ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Aah dear mmg sgt unik dan cantik . Value for money . Really recommended . =)


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