Monday, October 3, 2016

Tips To Do A White Background Photo for Flatlays or Teaser

*picture sources - Pinterest*
Nowadays, the flat lays picture is a trending thing in photography. Mostly, it can be seen all over Instagram. Usually, people make flat lays is to review products, teasers, ads in a magazine and even product launching.

Some flat lays picture also can be used as stock photos for blogs.

Sometimes, I've given a task by my manager to do teasers for my team event at the office. And, I love to do flat lays photo with a white background as event teasers. A white background makes a picture or flat lays looks clean and bright. 

Here, I want to share some tips to do a white background photo for flat lays /teasers. 

Mostly, a picture that I take. I don't like to use flash. For me, flash can make the originality tone of the picture change . Unless you are using a DSLR camera. Hihihihi.

That's why I love to take pictures in the areas that have natural lighting. Lucky for me, my parents renovated the house and there is a glass area at the porch. So, that area becomes my so-called studio if I wanted to take a good picture with good natural lighting.

*that table is my photo background for my flat lays*

Obviously, if you want to take a white background photo / flat lays . You need a white table or white carpet or white table cloth or white wall, anything in white lah. Hihihi.

For me, I usually use a white table or white carpet or white wall.

The table that I usually use can be seen in the picture above.

This part you can use anything depends on your creativity and theme of flat lays you want to do.

I love to have fresh flowers to be in my every flat lays. Usually, I will buy a bunch of fresh flowers from Floristika just for flat lays. But, if I don't have time to buy flowers . I will just use anything that I have as my props.

Example: books, shawl, scarf, makeups, shoes, clothes, shades, what inside your bags, laptop, camera and many more.

Not every angle can shot a nice picture. So, you need to identify which angle can you have a nice picture. I will always shot several pictures in several angles. Most of my favourite angle is to take a shot from above or side. Depends on the lighting too. =D

All types of camera will do. Most of my flat lay, I will be using iPhone. It's easy to take around, editing and post. Hihihi. But, sometimes I'll be using my NX 300M Samsung camera. Depends on the situation and lighting too. 

Here comes the last part of the tips. Some of the pictures will not have a perfect tone. So, a lilttle bit of editing needed. I'll always use the iPhone for editing. The apps that I usually use are iPhone editing tools and Snapseed. That's why I love to take my flat lays using iPhone. Hihihi.

Oh, below are some of my flat lays collection or photo that you can just free save it. 

Some pictures have a blank space that you can just add any text ( actually that type of picture I'll be using for teasers ). 

That's are all the tips I can share to take a white background flat lays . Happy trying, folks. 


  1. Paling pnting kene kreatif :) mek ni boleh buat flatlay tp tk kreatif so nmpk suam je lerr gambor. Hihi

    1. Hihihi .... tue betul jugak , kreatif . Tapi kadang flatlays campak je prope tue means twk pyh setting props tue beria sgt and setting lighting pun boleh jadi cantik dah hihihi

  2. nice & awesome,begitu teliti nadia dengan pengambilan gambar,irda ni asal snap je masuk blog..huhu i should learn from you...:)

    1. Hihihi ... I love photos and photography tapi tak lah pro sgt mcm photographer . Ada jugak teringin masuk photography class sebab suka dgn gambat tapi hurmmm masa tidak mengizinkan . Hihihi . Jadi belajar lah sendiri slow2, dari kawan2 instagram , blogs , youtube, etc . =D

    2. Oh btw, thanks for the compliments dear . Nadia boleh share or ajar mana yang Nadia tahu je . Sebab nadia pun bnyak lagi nak kena belajar dalam photography . Hihihi .

  3. mek tag awk kat sini :)

    1. Ok Mek... tq tag . Insyaallah Nadia join nanti =D

  4. Cantik kan gambar-gambar flatlays. Reen suka tengok gambar-gambar macam ni.. Cantik, smart, nampak kemas je degan white background. Tips yang bermanfaat! Cuma kan, Reen lemah bab angle.. Hihihi

    Kejap kesini, kejap kesitu. Kadang tu sampai pening. Ada masa nak mencari lightingnya supaya nampak bright and natural.

    1. Hihihi ... kannn!!!! Nadia pun suka snap gmbr with white background . =)

      Tapi memang kena pandai cari angle sbb kdg angle mcm nie pencahayaan lain . Angle ke situ pencahayaan lain.

      Practice makes perfect . Reen try buat slalu lama2 mesti dah terer . Hihihi =)

  5. thnk you for the tips sisturrrr mmuah love you


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