Friday, July 15, 2016

Timeless Checklist for Business Travelers

Ola~ everyone =) 

Today, accidently I found this one article . It's quite interesting and informative.

I click on it because I remember my late father used to traveled a lot when he was still alive . Oh how I miss him soooo much. Al-fatihah .

Business travelling is quite hectic and stressful. You have really tight schedule in a less time . 

So, I guess this article really informative for anyone who travel a lot due to business or works .

Let's read the article , by clicking below link :


Maybe , some point useful for other travelers too. 

Happy reading and have a nice day .



  1. Kann. Orang yg business travel ni memangggg penatt

    1. Aah ... Sebab schedule tight ... Arwah ayah bila balik travel sebab kerja mesti nadia nampak dia penat sgt =,(

  2. teringat pula komen panjang lebar nadia kat blog akak
    pasal your dream, pemergian arwah ayah time adik graduate
    tumpang simpati. perancangan ALLAH kan.

    anyway untuk entri ni, nice sharing
    akak tak penah naik kapal terbang hatta sekali pun
    berangan aje adalah...hehe

    1. Tq akak ... Betul tue perancangan Allah ... Insyaallah satu hari akak mungkin ada rezeki naik kapal terbang =) , amin

  3. Thank you =)

    Glad that you found my website =)


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