Sunday, October 2, 2016

#15rockingyears - Rock Theme Dinner

Who likes rock genre songs? Can you name it ? I'm not a fan of rock genre but I do listen to some of rock artist songs such as MCR , Metallica , Blink 182 , etcetera. As for Malaysian artist such as Search , Wings , etcetera .

Yesterday ( 1st October 2016 ) was my company dinner 2016 . The theme was Rock  . The hashtag for our event was #15rockingyears . I love the hashtag !!!! Hihihi.

It was hard for me to choose what to wear . Finally, I've bought a t-shirt and skinny pants from H&M . Match it with a bomber jacket I bought from London . Clarks boots , plum purple shawl , small black handbag, and necklaces from Primark.

Thanks to my cousin for introducing me her friend a nice beautiful MUA name Nur Amiera Adnan . 

She said it was her first time doing a rock theme makeup . For me , she nailed it . I love her touch even maybe for some other professional MUA could see that she need or can improve some parts . After all, she did a nice job . Thanks, babe .

So , what do you think of my makeup ? If you are interested in hiring her for makeup can visit her Instagram account as per below picture.


This year , our dinner was held at MIECC . 
It was a huge hall . All the decorations been setup in black and I can felt the rock theme . 

Let the pictures do the talking, shall we ? 

The Hall Entrance 

The ticket and a lucky draw number - I'm not lucky last night . I didn't win anything . =( 

The door gift - Love it !!!

Dinner Menu - for me the food is so-so .

Now , let's see some of our rockstar pictures . =p

What do you guys think? Do we look like a rockstar?

The best part of the event was a great performance by Jaclyn Victor. 

Her voice just wow !!!! And she is a down to earth person. Such a nice person. =*

After we knew who won the grand prize lucky draw which is a travel ticket and accommodation worth RM10,000 to Hard Rock Hotel , Ibiza , Spain .

We end the night by going home without winning anything. Hahaha .

Andddd, Love below picture a lot !!!! 
Wefie for the whole company. Awesome !!!!


Overall, it was a splendid rock event.

Thanks to the organizer for this great event. =D


  1. Nadia you look different! iloveit! ­čśŹ

    1. Hihihi .... yes!!!! Me too like the makeup especially the lipstick color. Thanks babe . =D

  2. wowww. tak pernah tgk dinner bertema rock mcm ni. hehe. rock dan hitam berpisah tiadaaa

    1. Yeah!!!! Rock dan hitam can't be apart .

      Kannn, rare kan. That's why pening masa fikir nak pakai apa . Kikiki

  3. Siqah lupa nak letak gambar jaclyn victor... hahaha. Nak edit lah kejap. kiki

  4. lain muka nia! cantik! hehehe.. btw tema rock ni sinonim dgn hitam. berpisah tiada. =)

    1. Hahaha ... Nia tgk muka sendiri pun terkejut . Nway, thanks for the compliment dear.

      Betul2!!!! Rock theme can't be apart from black and white . =)

  5. Great event indeed! Sazzy mane XD

    1. ada, tapi tak sempat nak bergambar dengan dia =)


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