Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Photography Gadget : Which One Do You Prefer ?

Have you guys heard about the new photography gadgets : Dji Osmo Mobile and Gopro Karma

For me, both gadget is totally awesome !!!

When I travelled , there are three gadgets that always with me :
- iPhone  : The most important gadget to all of us . iPhone easily use to share the moments/pictures immediately into Instagram or Facebook or Twitter .

- GoPro Hero 3+ or 4 : I'll be using it when I need it for certain situation .

- Camera Samsung NX 300M : I'll using it to capture a night mode moments/pictures . It is because iPhone photo quality for night mode is not too good . Not fit my expectation . Hihihi . 

Don't you feel hassle to bring all three gadgets while travelling ?

Answer :
Eventually , Yes . GoPro and Samsung NX have a lil bit weight . But, to capture a beautiful pictures , I don't even bother to bring those with me . Hahaha.

I need photography gadgets that include all of that in one . Then , I found out about Dji Osmo Mobile . I watch the video of Dji Osmo Mobile . And , I totally love it !!!! It can shoot a 4K video with stabilizer . Plus, it can easily share into your handphone . 
Which is double love from me . Hahaha.

Let's see the introducing Dji Osmo Mobile by Vlogger video . You will be fascinated with the high resolution video shoot using Dji Osmo Mobile .

Here some tutorial using Dji Osmo Mobile . Cool !!! The tutorial can give an idea how to shoot a video . 

Then , I've shared the info about Dji Osmo Mobile to my husband . He then , mentioned about Gopro Karma a new Gopro model that have a combination of drone , handheld stabilizer and Gopro camera itself . 

I don't want to elaborate more about Gopro Karma. Let's us watch the video  . And you will be fascinating.

After I've shared about both gadgets and watched the video. I think I want both !!! Hahaha.

What do you think ? Which one is better ?

Love ,


  1. Reen guna hp je.. Senang. Kurang rajin pegang gadget lebih dari satu. Heeeeeee

    1. Hihihi ... nadia pun kalau bleh mcm tue lah tapi kadang nak snap and video lagi lawa kena lah bawak jugak yang lain . Hihihi

  2. nk both jugak la tp mek kurang photography ni :)

    1. Hihihi ... kannn!!! Macam nak dua - dua kan =D

  3. suka karma tuuuu. it is just wowww!! :D dah lama teringin nak drone tp hmmm belum lagi rasanya :D


    1. I know i know !!! That Karma GoPro awesome . =D

  4. nampak macam best je yang Dji Osmo Mobile tu

    1. Kannnn!!! Memang nampak mcm best. Sebab tue nadia kalau bleh nak dua-dua .... hahaha =)


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