Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saturday Tea Time

Hey everyone . Yes , I know it's already midnight . But , I totally wanted to share about my Saturday Tea Time Story with all of you.

How was your Saturday , everyone ? Today , it was a very sunny day right?

On the evening , I've thought to do some flat lays because the natural lighting is so nice .

Maybe , the flat lays can be stock photos for my blog too.
And , it's quite windy .

When I've just started to do my flat lays . I saw my mum's bougainvillea (bunga kertas) swayed beautifully when the winds approaching it .

Suddenly , I ran towards it and shoot a video randomly.
Plus, the sun also shined nicely together with the flowers . Oh, I just love it . Totally love it !!!

Seriously, it's reminded me of my trip to Korea in Spring just to see cherry blossom.

Then , I make some editing for my video . As usual , for editing I always used iMovie. 
I've combined the flowers video and my tea time flat lays video . 

Let's watch my short Saturday Tea Time Vlog . Hope you enjoy it . You can leave any comments on the bottom of this entry . You also can watch this video through my Youtube account ( click on the title below) and don't forget to subscribe . (^_^)



  1. lawa ohoiiii :) plus mkn pau cendawan tu !

  2. hi nadia ...sedapnya tea time tu :)how r u dear?hope selalu sihat ya,irda saturday ada di pahang,family day ni,hari sangat panas semalam kan...

    1. Hi, Irda , Thank you ... alhamdulillah sihat ... Irda , pulak how r u ? ...yup yup ..Saturday hari tue mmg tertalu panas tapi petang di shah alam berangin lah jugak walaupun dpt rasa angin bahang nya ... hihihi =D

  3. terus rasa nak shooting kat bunga kertas keliling rumah ni :D


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