Welcome to my blog, everyone ~

My full name is Nadiah Izzaty Azmi. You can call me Nadia or NIA. I’m a devoted wife to my husband Hafifi Hafidz Abd Alim. <3

Even though I am working as a full-time banker at Standard Chartered bank, I’m also a part-time blogger. That is why this blog was made. I’ve started this blog around 2014 and I’m glad that as time goes by, my blog keeps on growing because all of you. Thank you for visiting and read my blog. My blog usually about something that I love to do. Mostly, I’ll share about lifestyle, tips, books, movies/drama, fashion and my travelogue.

I love to travel. Therefore, maybe I can be considered as a part-time traveller, perhaps? Hihi… You can view my Instagram account @nadiaizzaty.nia to see more about my travel story. It is because if I did not update from time to time here on my blog. I will definitely share something on my Instagram account. So, you can follow me at @nadiaizzaty.nia

Despite, working as a banker, as a part-time blogger and part-time traveller. I do love taking Flatlays. Every time, I’m taking Flatlays, I’m so happy and feels like I’m in my own world. Therefore, I’ve created my own Flatlays Instagram account to share all of my collections. The account was created in April 2018. So, the account is still new. Therefore, I really need all of you to support my artworks. Hihi… 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You can view all of my flatlays collection at @trulybynia

If you wish to contact me or to collaborate with me , kindly email me at nadiaizzaty.nia@gmail.com

Thanks you for your support towards my blog and my artworks.

Love ya’ll~ 

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