Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#MYTravelAdventure - Malaysia is Awesome

Hello, everyone. 

I should submit this entry on Monday. I know that I'm late because of the due date already close. But, I still wanted to publish it because I already draft it so long. Hahaha.

I guessed this one could be an entry inspired from #MyTravelAdventure by Traveloka. 

First of all, I really wanted to thank Traveloka for giving me this opportunity to join this contest yet I'm late. But, it's ok maybe there will be another time. 

I hope this entry will help you to plan your travel adventure in Malaysia. 

If you have seen an advertisement from Tourism Malaysia. I totally agree with the quote from that ad "Malaysia Truly Asia". Indeed, Malaysia really has lots of beautiful places from the sea view, mountain view, full of nature, heritage buildings, wildlife and lot more. You name it. Plus, Malaysia has various of culture and delicious foods. See how great Malaysia is.

Even though, I don't get a chance to travel all around Malaysia yet. But, there are some places that I've visited and it's beyond my expectation. My adventure was totally awesome. Malaysia totally beautiful!!!

Here the story of #MyTravelAdventure.



Every year on Labor Day, me and my friends we will be planning a trip. As for 2017, we decided to make a trip to Pulau Redang, Terengganu. 

It was our first time been to Pulau Redang. Guessed what? Once we arrived there, our eyes can't believe that the view was so beautiful. It was like the second Maldives ( never been to Maldives just seen in the pictures ). The three tones of the sea colours, the breathtaking views, beautiful corals and fish. We spent there for three days, 2 nights. Everything was just perfect!!!

After back from Pulau Redang, don't forget spent some time to go around Kuala Terengganu and foods hunting. The foods was delicious especially keropok lekor and satar ikan.


Pulau Perhentian was situated not far from Pulau Redang. You can get to Pulau Perhentian by boat from Pulau Redang or by car stop at Kuala Besut Jetty then get a boat service to Pulau Perhentian.

I've been here with my friends in 2016. The views at Pulau Perhentian also beautiful. We even go for a hiking up to windmill area to see the view from above. All the sweat really worth it when we get to see the view so beautiful. 

At Pulau Perhentian, the coral and fish also nice. Oh, the Teh Tarik at Senja Bay is so delicious even though the price is RM8 per glass. Hahaha.

The most memorable moment when we get a chance to photograph the beautiful friendship sunset picture ever!!!

Overall, the trip to Pulau Perhentian is awesome.


The islands situated in Mersing, Johor. I've been here due to CSR activities sponsored by my company. The reason to be in Pulau Tioman was to do some island clean up and planted a coral.

It was such an interesting activities to preserve the mother nature and sea life.



Do you like to watch trilogy Lord Of The Ring movie? Do you know that we have our very own Lord of The Ring forest? hi hi hi.

I've visited this beautiful forest with my husband , sister and a bunch of school friends.

It situated at Cameron Highland next to Gunung Brinchang. This beautiful forest is not easy to climb up. It is due to the muddy route and raining weather at that time. But, the route all the way up to the top was really scenic. I love the freshness smell from the tree.

But, as a reminder , before you decided to visit this beautiful place. You need to be prepared with high positivity in term of mentally and physically. =)

Once you've done hiking this forest. Don't forget to make a pitstop at the strawberry farm in Cameron Highland. You can taste the fresh strawberry. If you are lucky on that day, you can even pluck your own strawberry.

After all, it was an adventure trip yet beautiful. You can click the link below to read the details of the trip .



Penang view from above

Penang well known as heritage city. It is because there are lots of historical story and buildings here. 

When you visit Penang, you will be noticing that lots of old buildings from British time still been preserved until today. There are some of those buildings nominated as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE as well. Some buildings also been transition into a boutique hotel. I totally love to stay in the boutique hotel even though the price slightly higher . ( click here to read about one boutique hotel near Georgetown are >> the 23 LoveLane Hotel ).

When you visit Penang, don't forget to strolled around Georgetown Town city. There are lots of drawing on the wall that you can see. 

If you stay at the Batu Feringhi area, you can see the beautiful sea view and enjoy the sunset as well as sunrise. Each moments of the sunset so beautiful . Every moments gives different tones of sky colours.

It is a must to put down my "DIET" sign because there are lots of Penang foods that I must eat. From Laksa Penang, Pasembor, Cendol, Ikan Bakar, Ais Tingkap, Nasi Kandar. Arghhhh... everything is so delicious. You should try all of it. <3

You may click the below links to read some information about Penang:


That's all my travel adventure in Malaysia for now. I wish to travel around Malaysia a lot because Malaysia totally has its secret own gems that we did not realize it.

Next place that I really wish to visit in Malaysia is Sabah. Maybe heading to Pulau Mabul or climb up the Mount Kinabalu. I hope my wish will come true one day.

Come, people, put Malaysia in your bucket list. You won't regret.


If you are planning for a new adventure. Go find Traveloka ( ) and ask for their help which destinations you should choose. You can get everything from flight tickets and hotels at Traveloka. Happy planning everyone. =)

Thank you for reading. <3


  1. lawanya pulau redang. I think malaysia has the best island in the world. jepun pun kalah

    1. Really ? Tak pernah tgk laut Jepun. Tapi I also agree with you. Malaysia byk laut cantik2 especially in Sabah <3

  2. Alaaa sygnya nadia tak sempat submit. Dah okay dah entri ni. Menarik apa yg nadia buat. Tgk gambar makanan terus lapar la pulakkk >.<

    1. Tue laaaa~ xpelah maybe next time ada rezeki . Tak sempat sebab pilih gmbr and nak letak watermark semua. Skali tgk2 dah kul 12:30am hahhaha .

  3. Huwaaaa! Siqah dah buat jugak draft untuk join contest ni tapi tak sempat siapkan. Plan nak siapkan entri ni hari ahad lepas, baru nak transfer gambar semua lah. Tapi phone masuk air pulak hari sabtu dan terus takde mood nak buat. Maybe next time T_T

    Yes. Malaysia is awesome!! 😍

    1. Ye ke ... sayangnya. Sebab saya dah draft lah saya publish je . Hihi .

      Atleast tak rasa mcm sedih sgt sebab tak sempat join hihi .

      Awak publish je yank pun ok . =)

  4. Okay serius sayang bila tak sempat nak submit tu.. Takpe la ade lagi nanti tu.. hehe

    1. tue lah kan. Insyaallah akan ada next time. amin =)

  5. You put such a good collection of pictures and I am so in love love love with the pantai. I can just sit there doing nothing! Also loving heritage city because I love old buildings.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. Yeay!!! Kita sama . I also love heritage city sebab bangunan lama-lama have its own sentimental value .

      Sea , nothing much can be said . Everyone love beaches . <3


  6. Highly energetic post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2? paypal account login

    1. Thank you for reading and I'm glad that yopu enjoyed reading my writing. Part 2? As for now , still don't have planning for part 2. hihi. Maybe , one fine day. =)

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    1. Thank you =) I'm glad you like my sharing about places in Malaysia. My country. Hope all the details are useful for you when you have planning to come to Malaysia. =)

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