Monday, January 1, 2018


Hello 2018~ and everyone.

Happy New Year !!!! 

As usual, every time a new year approaching. We tend to have new year resolution or goals. I'm thinking to write the title as resolution 2018 but Nah. I am afraid that I can't fulfil all the resolutions just like previous year. Hahaha.

So, to play safe. I change the title to " MY 2018 WISHLIST". Much nicer right? Hahaha.

This time, I guess there will be some wishlists that similar to my previous year that I don't achieve. And, there are some wishlists is new as well. =D

Shall we begin? 


I really love shopping. Window shopping, offline shopping, market shopping, online shopping. You name it. I think I really like to spend on unnecessary things. I already have that one particular stuff but I like to buy another same stuff but in different colours. So wasting Nadia.

So, this year I definitely will stop or prevent myself from that bad habit. 

This year, my plan is to less shopping because I want to travel more - doesn't matter in Malaysia or abroad. And, if I less shopping, I can spend on buying stuff while travelling. Meaning like shopping abroad. You know, shopping abroad is much fun and worth it because some stuff is cheaper than Malaysia and you can even claim the VAT or GST, whatever TAX. Hahaha. 

Another reason, that I should shop less is because I really wanted to buy my own dream house. Hmmm...because of my bad habit which likes to spend on unnecessary things, until now I don't manage to own my dream house. So sad.

Seriously, in term of financial advise. I do love to read my dear friend Irda Garmin blog. She shares lots of knowledge about financial. 

I hope I can seriously manage my financial this year by shop less. Insyaallah.


The year 2017 is my "overweight" year. I've gained weight so much. My target to lose 10 kg before November 2017 turn to failure.

The quote, " YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT "  is totally true. Since I've been located in my new office in Bukit Jalil, there are TeaLive kiosk, Starbucks, Costa and San Francisco Coffee which I can't prevent myself from not drink any of it at all.

I used to not drink coffee way back before I married whereby that time I am on diet. My favourite drink is green tea and water ONLY. But, this time not anymore. I tend to drink coffee especially Vanilla Latte. I'm not saying coffee is not good at all. But, I think that I should choose to drink Americano without sugar rather than Latte I guessed.

So, for me to be healthy and lose weight. I seriously need to cut off all sugar drinks and follow a proper meal plan. And, of course with a consistent exercise. Importantly, discipline and determination is the crucial part to make this success.


Those of you who have following my blog and Instagram must know that I am a Duckies. Yes, I've been Duck-ed. I also shared a lot of Duck stories on my blog as well.

And, my first giveaway also related to Duck. Truthfully, Duck is the well-known brand and have its own exclusivity.

But, as time goes by and the purple box become a Duck tower in my room. Seriously, one day I am thinking that " where am I heading to by collecting this purple box ? ".

Truthfully, I really love Duckscarves but now I think I already spent too much on it. The total of all scarves that I have is thousands. So crazy and because of this purple box I even don't realize that I have another two boxes consist of different shawl brands.  #sowastingmoney

I only have one head but why I bought so many scarves? Even, my husband advised me, "Stop buying Duck. It won't make you go anywhere. If you save with all the money that you have spent on it, as time goes by, you might be can buy your own dream house, Nadia ".

Yes, people do have hobbies by collecting things but I guessed I should stop and just keep whatever Duckcarves that I already have and don't add a new scarf anymore.

So, this year. I and my Duckies friends have make a promise that we will #duckrehab. If Duck releasing the Limited Editon scarf, we have promise just buy if the design is beautiful and worth it to buy.

I do have some Limited Edition Duckscarves but some of it I already sell it because I like a plain scarf more. It easy to match with any outfit.

So, please support my #duckrehab goal. Ameen.


I love to take photos because photos are our memories. Actually, I'm not good at taking beautiful photos but as time goes by, I learn slowly by watching Youtube video, make friends on Instagram asking them how they shoot a beautiful shot and more.

From there, I think my skill in photography become better and better. Plus, I do particular about pictures on my Instagram feed. I like to organize the pictures depends on the tone, my mood, an occasion and more.

It is not easy to take a perfect photo. But, practice makes perfect.

As for flat lays, I love to see people doing flat lays. Actually, I started doing flat lays way 2 - 3 years back because I always the one who responsible to make an event teaser in the office or any events teaser requested by my friends.

At first, I am not really good at doing flat-lays but I learn to take an almost perfect flat lays even though it is not beautiful, nice and perfect at all. Hahaha. But, I am still learning and trying.

If you notice, I do not or rarely post any of my flat lays on my Instagram feed. Most of the time I only posted my flat lays on Instagram Story. It is because maybe I don't have confidence enough to posts my flat lay on my Instagram feed. Hihihi.

But, you may see most of my flat lays I used for my blog.

This year, I hope I can learn more to take beautiful photos and flat lays. Oh, and I am lucky enough to have a close friend who really has the same interest like me, she is Siqah. We always discussed how to take a better flat lays or photos. We even share ideas, changing ideas or even critics each other to be a better person in taking pictures. Really grateful for that.

So, there you go my 2018 wishlists for now that I should achieve it no matter what. Insyaallah.

What about you? What is your 2018 resolution or wishlist? 

Thank you for reading.

Happy New Year, folks !!!


  1. Wanna save more travel more too. Hehe. Rupanya geng2 kak siqah ni bertambah jelous la ira tengok flatlay korang. Tunjuk ajarku sifu pls? Hahaha

    1. Yeah, let’s do it !!!! Save more and travel more.

      Hihi... aah kitaorg mmg kawan lama dah sbb kitaorg kerja bersama and we are even lucky sbb ada minat yang sama hihi.

      Actually Nadia ada post entry how to take flatlays photos. Tapi xpe , insyaallah ada masa Nadia update version kedua pulak how to take flatlays . <3

    2. Happy to hear about your update version. Yeaayyy ! Okey nanti ira nak cari akak punya latepost tu. Nak menuntut ni :3

  2. Hope Your Dreams Come True !
    All the best for 2018! Happy New Year ~
    Ha ah, i support your #duckrehab
    Cantiknyaa gambar macam tu.... pernah buat tapi tak menjadik..sebab amek gambar dari atas memang awesome kann~

    1. Tq dear for your support supaya Nadia boleh achieve #duckrehab ... hihi

      Awal-awal Nadia pun tak pandai sgt amik gmbr flatlays. Lama-lama belajar skit2 and pratice makes perfect remember ? Hihi.

      Happy New Year too, dear ~ <3

  3. Happy new year nad. Susah wishlist nad tu semua especially yg duckrehab tu. Haha. Kak ana doakan semoga semua yg nad hajati tercapai hendaknya. InsyaAllah. Stay healthy and gorgeous ok.

    1. Aah betul tue mmg susah sebenarnya tapi harapnya istiqamah utk wishlist nie semua tercapai . Insyaallah . Ameen.

      Tq Kak Ana . You too~ stay healthy and beautiful . And , Happy New Year <3

  4. Replies
    1. Awww~ thanks dear for the compliment. Insyaaallah I will be better in blogging too. Ameen.

  5. Hi Nadia, Happy New Year.
    Semoga wishlist awak ni akan sukses. InshaAllah.

  6. Happy new year Nadia. Hope you'll achieve your goals :)

  7. my wishlist pun same nak diet jugak ! Lepas kawin kemain lagi berat naik -.-

    1. Sama lahhhh~ 3 tahun dah kahwin berat naik 10kg adoi. Sedih tgk badan skrang hihi .

  8. "Shop less" I really need to discipline myself on this so that I could save more money.
    "You are what you eat" hopefully I got to wear an S size t-shirt before ending the year. Diet with healthy food!
    Wishing you the best for 2018, may it be better than your 2017 :)

    1. YEAH!!! Let’s we do it together <3

      Thanks for the wish too. Happy New year

  9. All the best for u ;)
    Jeles tgk koleksi duck dia hehe...
    Qekra baru ada brapa jer..

  10. More tips on flatlay, please! *insertheartshapedeyesemoji*

    1. hihihi... Insyaallah one day nadia buat other separate tips for flat lays.

      Actually nadia ada share before on my blog the tips to do a white background flat lay under topic photography. =) Maybe Rasya boleh baca yang tue dulu =)

  11. samalah wishlist kita nadia..huhu i nak kuraangkan kalau dapat 10kg juga..tapi kan...hahaha selera makan irda xleh nak control no tu..sekarang pergi gim 2x seminggu,ni baca entry nadia balik gim ni.tapi dalam gim tu larat 1/2 hour je..huhu

    1. kannnn ... mmg target nadia pun nak lose 10 kg ... nadia pun selera makan masyaallah . Dah tak tahu mcm mana nak diet . kikiki ... tapi Insyaallah kita mampu buat tahun nie ye Irda ... Ameen .

      one day 30 minit exercise dah okay dah and kita pun kena control makan and eat healthy . baru boleh jadi hihihi ...

      semua tips nakm lose weight tahu tapi nak buat tue yang adoi susah nak mula . tapi kita masih belum terlambat .

  12. Happy new year.
    May your wishlist come true.

    1. Happy new year too~ =)

      Insyaallah ... tapi dah 2 minggu masuk Januari 2018 nie masih dah berjaya lagi hahaha

  13. This is a lovely wish list. I hope all your wishes will come true, dear - especially your dream house - you're a banker & very smart, you'll find a way, I'm sure. All the best ya! :D


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