Friday, July 7, 2017


Woot woot~ It's Fridayyyy already~ 

How are you, everyone? 

Okay, the story here I wanted to share was happened on the 4th day of Syawal. The story goes like this.

Once, my family and I touched down in KL from Penang via flight, we ( only me, my sister and my Mum ) searched for a taxi to went home because we did not drive to KLIA2. While the others family member went home with my brother's car.

You know right, at the airport you can choose either to get a coupon taxi or metre taxi. So, we chose coupon taxi. And, there is a guy who will show you which taxi you will be riding on once you out from the particular entrance. The guy that I told you showed us towards an uncle taxi who looks not convincing to us.

Well, you know. At that time, it was almost midnight and my Mum kind of scared because you know there are lots of crime happened in our country, recently. 

Then, I started to sent Whatsapp messenger to my husband. Told him the taxi car plate number, what type of car and etc. Just in case if anything bad happens to us.

After a few minutes we are in the taxi, this uncle taxi started to make a conversation with us. Mostly, he communicated with my Mum and all the way to our home this Uncle really give me some lessons.

Oh, the first thing that really shocked us was his age. He was 74 years old. When he told us his age, my grandfather face appears on my mind and I started questioning. Shouldn't 74 years old man should be staying at home relaxing, enjoy his life, go to the mosque, playing with grandchildren, go travel or even doing any favourite hobbies.

So, from his conversation, here are the lessons that I learnt from this Uncle taxi. 

I guessed everyone has heard this quote and know its meaning right? That is what happened to me. When this Uncle started a conversation with us, all the negative impression towards him a while ago before we ride on his taxi vanished.

He was really a good man to be precise a good husband, father and grandfather. He started his story with all his experienced be a taxi driver. The ups and downs being a taxi driver while nowadays we have Uber and Grab Car. His previous job and how he can be a taxi driver and more other stories.

Andddd~ he really a knowledgeable person in term of general knowledge. What was happening in our country and around the world especially in business, politics, economics and history.

Even me don't know much about any of these topics in depth. I guessed I need to read more books related to this topics and newspapers after this. hahaha. Seriously, this uncle really gets my respect. =)

There you go, next time don't easily judge people Nadia. ='(

Here are some quotes that relate to this point.

Wahai Orang beriman, Jauhilah kebanyakan dan prasangka ( supaya kamu tidak menyangka sangkaan yang dilarang ) kerana sesungguhnya sebahagian dari sangkaan itu adalah dosa. - ( Surah Al-Hujuraat , Ayat 12 ).
English Version:
O you who have believed avoid much ( negative ) assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. - ( Surah Al-Hujuraat, Ayat 12 ) .

Masyaallah, Nadia, =(

We as human always like to compare with other person life. Sometimes, we already have a good life but we want more when we see other people have something more extra good thing than us. But, when you take that person as a motivation for you to go forward that part it is okay. But, if that particular thing makes you be a bad person that is not a good one. Or sometimes we tend to look down to other people as they are not living the same like us.We shouldn't do both of that.

Remember, previously I told you that I started questioning: Shouldn't at the age of 74 years this old man should be staying at home relaxing, enjoy his life, go to the mosque, playing with grandchildren, go travel or even doing any favourite hobbies? 

This point really related to that question. After, listen to his story it makes me realise that some people are not lucky enough at the age of 74 can staying at home just enjoy the life. 

Not all people life same like us. There are a lot of people out there who actually suffer just to make a living. From that uncle story, he makes me reminisced when I and my office mate have to go home after midnight and we are ranting and complaining every single day. 

When I think back about it. We actually shouldn't be ranting much because we are working in a really good environment. While this uncle taxi I guessed much more tired than us, who are more younger than him.

The point is, always be thankful in our life. Try to put yourself in other shoes and that way we can always be grateful that our life much more better than people who are more suffer to make a living. 

This Uncle shares his tips how to get a healthy lifestyle. He only eats healthy food such vegetables, fruits, fish and fewer carbs. He told us that, we should always spend some time to do some outdoor activities or jogging or whatever activities that can make us sweat. ( ingat Nadia kau tue dah gain weight dah , hahaha ) =p

Insyaallah. when we take care of these healthy things, it can prevent us from any diseases or be sick.

He also told us that always be kind to other people. Absorb all the positive vibes in our life to stay happy. When we far from negativity and stress, we tend to have a happy life and stay young. 

But, he said, " In life, a kind people usually die first right? Allah loves them more than us. And while we are still living in this not permanent life, every day we wake up we should be grateful that we still wake up and have a chance to be a good person more than we are yesterday".  

Really well said, Uncle.

When we arrived home, I really thankful that we ride on his taxi. Something good thing happens when we less expected.

Thank you, Uncle.

And, thank you all for reading =)

Have a pleasant day.


  1. Hye nadiah. I think it is not too late to wish u selamat hari raya. Maaf ahir batin

  2. jauhi dari bersangka-sangka kan. Banyak pengajaran yang akan kita dapat kalau kita tengok dengan mata hati

  3. Perkongsian yg sgt bagus utk di baca. Ana pun mcm nad suka sgt "berprasangka buruk" bila nk naik teksi. Lg2 dgn kes jenayah yg semakin tinggi skrg ni kan. Sebab tu bila nk buat apa2 Ana akan doa byk2 moga di lindungi. InsyaAllah semua akan baik2.

    Semoga uncle tu terus sihat. Kagum dengan dia. At his age masih kuat dan bekerja.

    1. Kannnn, Ana. Sebab tue bila naik taxi ada skeptical minded skit adoi.

      rasa bersalah pun ada jugak at that time. =)

      Yes, betul tue Ana. Kena doa byk2 moga dilindungi . Thanks for reminding =)

    2. yes!!! Insyaallah uncle tue akan terus sihat. Tapi memang nmpk dia still sihat tapi penat.

  4. thanks nadia..such inspiring story also cum.lesson..i learn a lot from that uncle too.same goes to me..if naik taxi mesti text hb all the particular.scary kan...btw..waiting ur penang entry.hehe..c u nadia

    1. your most welcome dear. =)

      kannnn, that's y lah bnyk lessons pakcik tue ajari. =)

      text husband tue a must lah kan sbb mesti kena berhati2

      entry Penang? hmmm... tak tahu lah nak buat ke tak sebab tue balik raya je tak pergi mana sangat pun. =)

  5. Rasa perjalanan dari KLIa ke rumah terisi dengan perbualan dengan uncle taxi kan. Paling suka dengan ayat Uncle dalam Stay positive. Really well said.

    Teringat quote dalam salah satu buku yang dibaca..

    "DIA datangkan pengajaran untuk kita daripada pelbagai makhluk ciptaan-Nya, walaupun yang tidak sejenis dengan kita atau seagama dengan kita. " 😊

    1. betul tue yank. Memang terus teridi walaupun rasa jauh gak lah dari KLIA tue nak sampai umah . hahaha. sebab maybe dia dah penat and borak kan.

      quote tue bagus, thanks for sharing and reminding yank <3

  6. Aaaaa sukanya jumpa orang positif macam ni :D

    Kadang2 rasa macam kita seorang je ada masalah terbesar kat dunia ni, padahal bila dijumpakan dgn orang lain, sebenarnya kita rasa masalah kita taklah besar mana pun banding dgn orang tu (mungkin still besar lah utk kemampuan diri sendiri)...

    Tapi like Allah said, dia tak uji orang luar dari kemampuan. Mungkin kalau diuji dgn masalah org lain, kita akan collapse terus agaknya. Hehe

    1. tersangat positif uncle nie . =)

      betul tue Hanis, kadang kita nie suka sgt compare dengan life org lain , rupanya rmai lagi yang ada masalah besar dari kita ... hmmm

      " Tapi like Allah said, dia tak uji orang luar dari kemampuan. Mungkin kalau diuji dgn masalah org lain, kita akan collapse terus agaknya. Hehe " >>> agreee with you dear =)

  7. Mai pun suka berborak dengan pakcik taxi/grab/uber. Banyak yang boleh dipelajari dari kisah mereka.

    1. tue lah Mai, tak sangka from mmy bad first impression terus bertukar jadi " salute dgn uncle nie ". =)

  8. salam cik nadia., speaking manglish erk., ;p

    knape korang x amek uber masa kat airport tu? wak ni pon pemandu uber gak,, hahar2

    anyway., selamat hariraya maaf zahir batin.,

    1. Wsalam ... hihi manglish lah sebab saya pun tak terer english jadi ayat saya pun maybe tungang terbalik tapi asalkan org faham lah apa saya nak sampaikan hihi

      Ntah lah tak terasa nak amik uber / grab and bila dah dgr story Pakcik tue rasa kesian jugak dkt pemandu taxi skrang since uber and grab wujud .

      Selamat hari raya =)

      Terimah kasih singgah

  9. old peoples with good lifestyle habit totally make me feel so guilty

    // afifahaddnan

    1. kannnn... kesian tgk uncle nie penat tgk dia tapi still ada tenaga nak share good story =)

  10. ok dear...xde entry penang
    .actually irda teringin nak g penang just nak tau apa tempat best for makan there

    1. Irda, aah tak ada entry Penang sbb balik raya . Mostly bila raya byk kedai sedap2 tutup . Hihi .

      Oh nak tahu kedai mkn dkt Penang , Nadia ada tulis entry foos must eat in penang. Irda kena search under label Travel . Insyaallah jumpa entry Nadia tue dear =)

  11. Yup true. dont judge books by its cover. sangat memberi inspirasi pakcik ni. pengalaman yang berharga ni awak. btw tentang kewujudan grab dan uber ni memang saya faham sangat apa yang pakcik tu rasa. kekadang kesian n sedih tengok sebab tu jelah mata pencarian dorang. Dengan taxi sedia ada pun dah berlambak, tambah lagi persaingan dengan uber & grab. Yang NGV pun satu hal, masalah takda bekalan lah. Kadang kesian tengok dorang beratur panjang berjam2 semata2 nak isi NGV. Muka semua nampak letih & tua je. huhue. Neway I can feel the struggle.

    1. Kannnn... that's why lah this pakcik really inspired all.

      Bila awal2 Nadia tak buruk sangka rasa berslh dgn pakcik nie pun ada tapiiii dia mmg bagi positive vibes to us masa dlm taxi tue dengan share story dia.

      A memorable moment bila dpt jumpa pakcik yg sgt positive =)

  12. Stay positive, stay healthy. Good reminder, Nadia. Putting myself in someone's shoes is what I always try to do. To understand their situation, so I won't hurt anyone.

    Nice sharing ^^


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