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Before I proceed further, this entry has been posted based on my experience. If your skin has any irritation or unusual effect please stop using it immediately. 

This time I wanted to share with you, my new beauty products. Actually, I've been using these products last 2 months. Then, I'll stop for a while. 

Let's see what are the beauty products that I've consumed recently.

1) iFlawless and iFlawless Festosa Edition :

Before this I've done shared my daily beauty routine >>> click here to read more. And, I saw this new product that been posted everywhere in Instagram. Coincidently, my dear friend, Dee and her twin sister are selling this product too. Their Instagram account are: @dd.beautyshoppe .

On their Instagram account, they are selling three products: iFlawless , Nadre Super Toner 6-in-1 and Nadre Super Sunscreen. You can check it out their Instagram account. =)

So, I've decided to give it a try. Alhamdulillah, I know that I don't have a major skin problem. But, I just want to try to get a more flawless skin. Insyaallah.

I've consumed iFlawless first for last 2 months. Then, I'll stop for a while because on my forehead there are some freckles spot come out, which I don't know either the spots come out after I using iFlawless or before. So I'll just stop.

When, I stop using it. The freckles spot still not vanish. Then, before Hari Raya I saw they posted a new version of iFlawless called " iFlawless Festosa Eedition" and I've bought it.

The difference between iFlawless and iFlawless Festosa Edition are : Festosa Edition gives you 10 times better skin and contain essential Jasmine oil.

What are the ingredients that contain in iFlawless ?
* Argan Oil 
* 24K Gold strip
* Essentail oils : Rose , Lavendar and Jasmine

What is the good effect of iFlawless ?
* Your skin will moisturize all day
* Can be used as a makeup based
* Can be used as a serum before sleep 
* Makes your makeup stay all day long
* Can be used as lips moisturizer 
* The 24K Gold strip makes your skin more glowing
* Reduce the Cholesterol spots on face

Such a good product right? After, I use the iFlawless Festosa Edition. My skin more glowing and day by day the freckles spot on my forehead vanish slowly. Alhamdulillah.

2) Nadre Super Toner 6-in-1 :

Next product that I've bought is the Nadre Super Toner 6-in-1. After I got back from Pulau Perhentian trip with my Gengmakan last May 2017. My skin totally sunburns and until before Hari Raya, the sunburn still not finish yet. That's the reason I've bought Nadre Super Toner. 

What are the ingredients that contain in Nadre Super Toner 6-in-1?
* Grape Seed Oil
* Witch Hazel
* Aloe Vera
* Rose Oil
* Soybean Oil
* Centella Asiatica ( Daun Pegaga )

What is the good effect of  Nadre Super Toner 6-in-1?
* Makes your skin Clearer and Whiter in 7 days
* Can be used as makeup remover

After I used the Nadre Super Toner in 7 days , my skin more fairer and my sunburns vanish. Alhamdulillah .

See my below picture. I'm not using any Bb cream or anything on my face because I need to send my husband to LRT station in the morning. So from my picture below I can see both products really suitable for my skin and gives a positive effect. Alhamdulillah.

sorry gambar screenshot dari instastory ... hahaha

If you are really interested towards these products, you can visit and get it from @dd.beautyshoppe Here the tips from dd.beautyshoppe.

Before I end my post, here a gentle reminder.

This entry has been posted based on my experience. If your skin has any irritation or unusual effect please stop using it immediately. 

Thank you for reading. <3


  1. dah besar ni teringin nak try tapi selalu takut jadi apa2 kat kulit hehe T_T

    1. Awal2 nadia pun mcm Hanis jugak. Bila dah pakai satu produk then produk tue sesuai dgn kulit takot nak try produk baru . Tapi sejak umur nadia dah 3 series nie kena cari jugak lah produk yg better yg sesuai dgn org yg 3 series nie hahahha

  2. Berminat juga dengan dua produk ni. Baru tahu iFlawless ada dua yang berbeza =D

    1. Aah ... baru je ada dua nie yank. Nadia try yg festosa tue elok pulak dgn kulit hihi

  3. ramai org pakai minyak argan skrg ni

    1. Betul2... sebenarnya banyak jugak brand lain yg based nya argan oil . Hihi

  4. Comel nye toner tu punya botol. Bertahun tak bertoner. Agakny kalau pakai confirm byk kali pakai br hilang daki2 ni. Hehe

    1. Haaa~ ana... nadia pun sejujurnya agak malas nak bertoner bagai tapiii sbb muka sunburns ari tue , try lah toner nie alhamdulillah berkesan . =)

  5. Fatin berminatnya dengan iFlawless tuh. Nak cuba jugaklah. Banyak kebaikannya ni :D

    1. Hihi ... yup mmg bnyk kebaikannya sebab based nya argan oil kn .

      Fatin try lah dlu tgk ok ke tak for your skin =)

  6. iFlawless tu macam best je, toner tu suka dengan style botol dia.
    teringin jugak nak jadi flawless :D

    1. aah best gak iFlawless tue. Hihi kannn!!! Style and color nya menarik toner tue .

      Insyaallah one dah BV akan dpt flawless skin . Amin. BV try lah dlu mana tahu these products suitable dgn skin BV =)

  7. Macam bias benda ni saya baca je. Nak beli untuk diri sendiri memang tak sesuai.

    1. Eh kenapa tak sesuai . Lelaki pun boleh pakai. Adam try tgk instagram account penjual produk nie. Ada lelaki pakai berkesan jugak , flawless jadi kulit dorang hihi

  8. I watched that instastory and was amazed on how glowy you looked. I can't really use these products though, my skin are way too sensitive.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. Hihi ... you saw it . Thanks and malu pulak . =)

      Oh Fifa pernah try dah ke?

  9. Alahai, comelnya packaging tu 😍 Dah lama teringin nak cuba minyak argan, ramai kata banyak benefits 😊

    1. Aah mmg byk benefit minyak argan nie. Sebenarnya byk jugak other beauty produk yg keluarkan produk based argan oil.

      Cuma kita tak tahu lah kan either produk tue sesuai ke tidak dgn kulit kita . =)


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