Saturday, March 26, 2016

Short Vacay - Singapore

Singapore , singapore .... I've been visited to Singapore quite several time . 

First time , I've been to Singapore with my family just to visit USS . USS really fun , quite expensive but worth it . I wish to visit USS again . :) 

Second time , I've been to Singapore just as a transit destination for my Umrah trip back in 2013 . Tak keluar airport pun . 

Third time ,  I've been to Singapore just to searched my wedding dress material . I went with my family . Quite a short vacation . Around 3 days , 2 night but it was really well planned . 
*shopping at Royal Fabrics Shop in Arab Street - my mummy favourite shop to buy laces * 

Fourth time , I went to Singapore with my husband just to accompanied him to attended an interview which I will blog in this entry . 

We went to Singapore just for a weekend trip . We stayed at Amara Hotel Singapore at Tanjong Pagar Road . The reason why we chose this hotel because it is quite near to the company that my husband will be attending for an interview .

If I'm not mistaken , the price that time around , equivalent to RM 300++ / night . Followed exchange rate that time . Now , the exchange rate , quite high ... Hmmm....

Amara been attached to a shopping mall . That's a good one . Easy for me to searched for food while my husband went for an interview . Amara also near to Tanjong Pagar MRT station . Just 2 mins walk from the hotel . 

* picture sources - Google *

Here some pictures of the room we stayed , I managed to snap . :)

For more details about Amara Hotel Singapore , you can visit their official website : 

Once my husband end his interview . We went out searched for dinner . As far as I know , it's not quite easy to find Halal food in Singapore . But , we try walk around search for it . 

Andddd, we found this one restaurant name J's . It's located at 7 Purvis Street . Below is the image of the street . :) 

It was a halal restaurant because we saw a Halal signage in front of the restaurant . Andddd , it also been recommended by trip advisor as well ( signage in front of the restaurant ) . 

Even the restaurant quite small but it have a simple cozy interior decoration . 

The menu we ordered are : 

Chipotle Meatballs - a beef meatballs in spicy chipotle and tomato sauce with crispy corn tortilla 

As for the dessert : Churros with banana and mangoes - seriously yummy!!!

The review of J's restaurant foods for me is 4/5 . I love all the foods that we ordered , especially the churros . I am a fan of churros . But , J's churros is to die for when you visit Singapore . :) 

For more details , you can visit their website : 

We only went to Singapore just for a weekend trip . So , after our dinner , we take a night walk explore Singapore at night . 

We did not drive . It's hassle if driving in Singapore . So, we choose MRT to explore Singapore . Much easier and save time . We stop by at the Marina Promenade . 

Before we arrived at the Marina Promenade , we saw several buildings alive at night with lights . 

And , I found Mr Bean cafe . But , we did not managed to try this cafe because our stomach still full . 

Oh before I forgot . The day we visit Singapore was Chinese New Year . So , there are a festival happened at the Marina Promenade . It's full of light . 

Then , we lepaking near the bay and enjoyed the night full of light :) 

From the place we sat , we can see the Marina Bay view . 

And also, the skyscrapers in Singapore . Actually in the picture below is the view of all the bank buildings in Singapore . On the left is Standard Chartered Bank . Hihihi... Feel proud because I am SCB staff . :p 

* zoom in - can you see SCB logo ? ... Huehuehue *

We really feel free and enjoyed the night . Traveling is enjoyable . Right ? (^_^) 

Next day , we searched for food early in the morning before we heading back to Malaysia. We heading to Arab Street where by all the Halal foods guaranteed will be found there . 

We are having our breakfast at this one restaurant name " Kampung Glam " . This restaurant located at Bussorah Street nearby the Arab street . The food is good . But, please don't convert to MYR . Hahaha :p

* picture sources from Google * 

After breakfast , we take a walk at the Arab Street and take some photos of me jump!!! Hihihi....

* can you see in the picture , on the right side is the Royal Fabric  shop . The shop where I bought my wedding dress material .*

After all the jumping thing done , huehuehue ... We back to our hotel and it's time to go home . Goodbye Singapore and We are back Malaysia . =) . 

I hope I could spent more time in Singapore to explore more . I wish to visit Garden by the Bay one day . It was a beautiful place to visit . For now , I just saw it in the picture . =) . 

Till then now . And thank you for reading , my dearest readers, viewers, friends and families . =) 

Have a nice day !!!! (^_^) 

Love ,

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