Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thank you and Al-fatihah

Yesterday , while I blogwalking . I read back my entry about my late father : My First and Forever Idol >> to read more click here . 

And I saw a comment from blogger Armin Baniaz Pahamin. I visit his blog and I saw he wrote about my late father . 

To read more can click here . 

Maybe , I not know you personally . And , we just once bump to each other in this blogsphere . But , I on behalf of my whole family want to thank you for writing a kind and beautiful words about my late father 

Alhamdulillah , my late father helped and inspired lot of people . We really miss our dad like everyone who know him . But , Allah love him more . 

May Allah SWT bless and forgive all my daddy sins . Al-fatihah . Insyaallah we will see you soon , dad . 

We always love you , champ . 

Love ,


Thank you for reading and comments . (^_^) .