Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#88lovelife - Vol 2

Hi. Who doesn't know about this trending , colorful , and awesome book #88lovelife , right?

The book wrote by Diana Rikasari from Indonesia . I already had the first volume which I don't blog about it ... Hihihi....So. it's a must to have the Volume 2 . =)

#88lovelife book catch the readers eyes by it's colorful design on each pages . And , of course the words /advises /quotes in this book also give a great impact to the readers. Especially , about life and love . Some might be related to your daily life and some maybe not . But , I guess it still give a great vibe to the us . =) 

Everyone knows about this book , so I will not mumbling about it . Kang bosan pulak , hihihi....  =) 

Here , I shared some of the quotes/advises/words from this #88lovelife - volume 2 . 

This one is the good one for us to start our day =)

" Everyday if the new story . Sometimes the storyline is as expected , but sometimes there a twist . Nevertheless , you can always manage the ending to be  happy . You're the author after all . " 

Smile always . Senyuman itu kan sedekah . =)

No one is perfect in this world . Accept the imperfection to makes your world perfect . 

Like this one !!!! Real love grow .... 

Agree!!!! Real beauty is from the inside . =) 

Agree with this too. Be yourself always . So that you will be always feel ease . 

Such an interesting book . You can get this adorable book at MPH for only RM49  . If you don't have time to go out and drop by at MPH , you can buy it online . 

Click here for MPH website .

You also can buy it on @88lovelive_kl instagram >>> click here

For more update , you can follow and scroll down #88lovelife official instagram account >>>> click here 

For those who yet to get this book . Get it soon before out of stock . =)

Thank you for reading and see you again , dearest . =)


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  1. Best! Kan kan kan! Semangat nak baca bila penuh dengan lukisan dan ayat2 yang pendek dan jitu. Hihi.


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