Saturday, March 19, 2016

Life Goal - Achievement - Reflection

Suddenly , I wanted to write about this topic because of our Head of Department can become HOD at the age of 31...Yes , He is 31 years old this year .... OMG !!! Myself , one year younger than him but I'm still at senior executive position . His achievement , story , determination inspired us . 

My late father always be my idol . On Friday ( 11/3/2016) , when I listened to my HOD story , his story reminded me towards my late father . The success that he achieved now,  just wow . He shared his goal with us  : " My goal is to be a CEO at the age of 35 " 

How can he see his road of success sooo clearly ? It's amazing . 

Yes.Every person in this world have their own goal in life . 

Goal is something that you want to achieve . Then , you work for it and achievement unlocked !!!      ( dah macam game pulak bunyi nya :p ) . 

Goal is not about education and work only . Goal can be anything . Example : Goal to travel around the world . Goal to finish a 2000 pages book in one day . Goal to buy a house . Goal to buy a luxury car . Goal to bring parents to Makkah for Haji ( this is my life goal ) and many more  =)

Goal can be in various category. But , here my topic is about goal in work . =) 

What is your goal ? What you want to achieve in your working life ? How I can achieve my goal ? What I need to do to achieve my goal ?  Am I ready for my success? What value can you contribute to people and universe ? What can make you change to be a better person than yesterday ? . Many thoughts and question will keep running in our mind , right? =) 

The goal that you may set in your life when you are in a working phase will be like a staircase . 

I mean by staircase, it is because all of us will be starting from bottom . As the days , months and years passes.  Your goal will be change depends on your achievement and levels at your current position . Different person have different goals.

Example , like me .When I started my job in 2010 , my goal is to be a Manager in 5 years time . Regardless , senior manager in the  same company or other new company. But , I still not achieve my goal yet. But , I won't simply give up . I still have time . 

This year will be my 6th years here in SCB . And , I'm still in the same position . ( down sgt sgt but kena pikir positive ) :p

Sometimes , when you are in the same company too long , your goal may be not clear enough. You need to reset back your goal in order to achieve it . Like me , after 3 years as a senior executive , sometimes I feel I don't even need to set a new goal to moving forward immediately and target for a new position . It's more like : I'm in my comfort zone now.

But , we can't stay at the same position for a long time. Of course as a staff and a person who have lot of commitments. I really do need and want a promotion , increments and personal enhancement . So , I need to look back at my goal , seek knowledge, work harder to achieve my goal . Learning will move you forward . 

Like below quote : Define your own success

Yes . You set your own goal , work for it and achievement unlocked . That will be a success for your own goal . 

My success is not just for myself . I want to share with all of my loves one. I want to make my mummy , husband , siblings , friends , readers , everyone who know me , be happy and proud of my success .

Most importantly , I want to give back what my parents have sacrifice a lot for me just to see me grew up nicely , healthy and successful . 

I don't get a chance to give something good back to my late father. It's make me sad . But , I still have time to give back something good to my mummy . I do need to achieve my goal and success for my mummy , husband , siblings , friends , readers , everyone who know me . =) 

It's true . I'm happy with what I have now . But , I also need to achieve my own goal as a personal enhancement . 

This month is the promotion month . I know most of my team member got promoted but sadly not me.

Congratulations to all of my friends who get promoted this year :D . I'm happy to see their achievement . It makes my determination increase to achieve my goal when I see their success . Even , at the same time I feel sad for myself . But , it is a common thought as a human being. Negative thought will always cross into mind before positive thought -  negative thought such as why I don't get the promotion ? Why every one get it but not me ? And etc . 

But , all I can do is not blaming people or surrounding.The reflection is needed . I guess I need to sit in front of the mirror and see the reflection of myself and think .  What I need to do to change ? What goes wrong ? How I can achieve my goal? What can I do to achieve my goal?
Then I need to do it . Take action!!!

Even , I'm yet to achieve my goal . But , I won't give up . I must get my positive spirit back . Maybe I'm not successful now or been promoted this year but I will be soon . Insyaallah . =)

Like below quote , the spirit in you will tell you to keep on moving or quit . The spirit in you will make you decide to lift up instead of tear you down . 

So, friends and readers . If you feel same like me . Let's we work harder together towards our goal . 

Life not end yet . More to comes . More to see in life . Be happy , keep smiling , be positive . Success will come to you.

Plan , Usaha  dan Tawakal .

Insyallah everything will be achieve . Amin .

Again , I want to congratulated to all my colleagues who been promoted this year . I will be joining all of you soon. Hihihi....

Thank you for all your support . 
Thank you for reading .  =)


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