Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Proton Search Contest

Hello everyone . =)

Good news for who proudly owned a PROTON car. PROTON is organizing a contest called : The PROTON Search Contest .

What is The PROTON Search Contest ?
It is a contest whereby you can share your memorable story with your PROTON car . Interesting right ? 

I bet whoever a proud owner of the PROTON car must have your own beautiful memories with it . =) 

Same goes with me . I have lots of  beautiful and sad memorable story with PROTON . Despite of my late father is one of the Director in PROTON and myself grew up seeing my father working proudly with the national car maker for 30 years . As a Malaysian , I always proud that our country can produce our own national car . 

So , grab this chance friends. Share your story and you may get a chance to win prizes . 

What are the prizes ? 
1) Grand Prize :
- A new 2016 Proton Saga 
- Refurbishment of current Proton Car ( Worth RM 5000 ) 
- Experience PROTON Plant tour 

2) 10 Consolation Prize :
- Refurbishment of current Proton car ( worth RM 5000) 
- Cash RM 1000
- Experience PROTON plant tour 

How to take part in this contest ? 
- Visit official PROTON website : www.proton.com
- You will see below advertisement .

- Click on the "Find Out More " tab  and you will be direct to PROTON EDAR website : www.proton-edar.com.my

- On the above poster of the contest , you can download directly the contest form . Read carefully all the terms and condition to avoid any confusion . 

Below is the form of the contest :

Take note !!! : 
The contest date start from 8 March 2016 - 8 June 2016 . 

So , my dearest friends, families and readers who owned a PROTON car . Let's participant in this contest. Let's support our own local product . =) 


Love ,

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