Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wedding Dress

" See you in your wedding dress

I can see you in your wedding dress
I see you walking down in your ... (wedding dress)
I can see you in your wedding dress (Oh, yea~) " .
Wedding dress song - by Taeyang big bang ( english version ) 

" nega ibeun wedingdeureseu
(Girl)nega ibeun wedingdeureseu
(naega anijanha)
nega ibeun wedingdeureseu
oh nega ibeun " .
Wedding dress song - by Taeyang big bang ( korean version ) 

Have you heard this song by Tae Yang?  It's an old song but my favourite one . =) .  Actually it's a sad song but the music is nice . Title of the song makes me want to write about a Malaysian designer . Recently , their name keep rising . =) . 

They known as Fiziwoo . Have you heard about them ? =) . Have you watched Anugerah Meletop ? Do you see what Neelofa wear that night ? OMG !!!! Her pink dress is so beautiful . The colors of that dress , the flowy design makes a person who wear it looks so feminine and sweet . 

Ok . Zip it before I'm mumbling more , hahaha. Continue about Fiziwoo Fiziwoo is a duo young designer . I know about them because they are friends of my brother . I know them since they are not as famous as now . Hihihi.... But , their passion , work hard , kindness make their position same as famous designer in Malaysia . Fiziwoo tagline is " Less is More " which is I like it . I love a simple design but looks very elegant . =) 

We are still in wedding dress story , so , to make a story short . Literally , Fiziwoo is my friend aka their customer . It is because Fiziwoo is my wedding dress designer ( I'm not blog about my wedding dress yet . Sorry . Insyaallah I will blog about it ) . 

So , I'll always get a chance to be invited to all of their fashion show event . I will always be so excited to attend their events . 

On 27/2/2016 conjunction with " The Wedding 2016 " event . Fiziwoo is one of the designer who participated in this event . So , I've got an invitation . You may scroll Instagram by searching #theweddingkl2016 . And you can see the whole story of that event and all of the designers that participate in that event .  =) 

This " The wedding 2016 " event involved lots of famous and talented designers in Malaysia such as Nurita Harith , Fuzana Mokhtaza , Rizman Ruzaini , Ezuwan Ismail and many more . I'm only get an invitation for Fiziwoo . Hihihi. 

In this beautiful event . Fiziwoo collection is " Fiziwoo / Prive De Mariee " . The design of their collection is sooooo me . Totally love it . !!!! 

Here I shared some pictures from the event . The stage decoration , the wedding 2016 event decoration , the foods  and part of Fiziwoo wedding collections . Hope you enjoy it . 

The decoration is made by Flora.etc . Seriously , the setup makes me want to repeat my wedding day again . Of course with the same man . Hihihi . 

The stage inside the ballroom . 

My date for that night : my cousins and my sister . Sadly , my husband can't accompanied me that night . =( . If he come with me , maybe I can ask him to bought one dress from Fiziwoo for me ? Hahaha ... =p 

Some of the light refreshments . All of the foods soooo sedap . ( Yummy ) . 

Now , let's the event begin . What else can I be other than being more excited when I saw my name was there . Hahaha... Thanks for the invitation guys . =) 

Here are their beautiful collections. 

Picture below : My favourite one is on the left . Picture taken from Fiziwoo instagram ( this one I'm unable to capture it ='(  ... ) 

Anddd, here come the duo talented designer . =)

So , dear my friends and readers . Whoever still searching for a wedding dress or dinner dress or baju raya . You may visit or meet with Fiziwoo . They can design dresses as per your request . 

For me , they are the best . =) 

If you need to contact them , you can just scroll their Instagram account . On their Instagram bio stated their boutique address . 

You can visit their beautiful boutique for the consultation . Their boutique also hold " less is more " concept . =) . Whenever I'm visiting their boutique , I feel like home . And I will stay there more than hours . Hihihi ...

That's all for now . I hope my post will help you a bit , for who are still searching for your wedding dream dress . =)

Maybe , Fiziwoo is the best designer for you . To me they are the best because I really love their concept " less is more " . 

Till then . See you soon readers . 

Thank you for reading .

Love ,


  1. Memang lawa betul dress Neelofa. Serius teringin nak pakai dress gitu. Hihi.

    1. Kan lawa dress neelofa ... =) ... Teringin mmg ada yank tapi persoalan kita nak pakai g mana ? Hahaha


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