Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spring time

Who doesnt't like to travel , right ? Everyone do . Travel makes us witness the beauty of Allah's creation in every aspect . 

What is your favourite weather when you decide to travel to the country that have four season . I really love spring and autumn . Spring : I love because every type of flowers is blooming . I do love flowers . Do you love flowers? . Autumn : I love it because the colors of every leave is so mesmerize me . 

Last year , 2015 . I went to Seoul,South Korea ( which is I did not get a chance to blog about it yet .) with my gengmakan friends . It was a sudden plan . We did not plan in a long time . We just makes a decision in a short time . Hiks . 

From our visit to Korea . We are totally love love love Korean food . Seriously . And when we back to Malaysia . We really miss real Korean food . It's not our Malaysia does not have halal Korean food but the taste not exactly the same . =) . 

In a meantime ,  we did not plan to visit Korea again . Maybe we are planning to visit Korea again in winter 2017 . But, it was just a planning . Hihihi. 

Until , suddenly . Yesterday ( 19/2/2016 ) , I've click this Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) website 

This website provide you lots of information if you have an intention to visit Korea . You can get information about tourist attraction , tour package , events and many more . If you want to get a brochure , more details information or any discounts tickets you can visit this KTO at Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P.Ramlee . 

And , I saw this one event that caught my attention . The Cherry Blossom Marathon . It's really interesting . 

The planning not to visit Korea this year suddenly change . Hahahaha . I've asked my gengmakan friends who want to go to Korea ? And Hanis able to join me . Last time , we went to Korea , 5 of us . And our Korea trip be a very controversy trip . Hahaha. Actually we can't take on leave together at the same time . But , we did . Hahahaha. So , this year we won't do it again to avoid other people have hatred feelings toward us . Hiks . 

Back to the marathon event . So , in a short time we make a decision . Yes . Me and Hanis . We , again . Make a crazy decision like last year to visit Korea . But, this time we will be landed to Busan instead of Seoul . 

We already bought the tickets with Air Asia and next step , I will be register for the marathon . Insyaallah everything will be going smoothly . Of course , I do ask my husband to accompany me to visit Korea . But , he refuse . He just give me a green light to travel with Hanis . Hihihi. Tq Mr . hubby . 

Hi Korea . Hello Cherry Blossom we will see you again . Insyaallah . 

Picture below from our visit to Korea 2015. 

Us with the beautiful cherry blossom . =) 

That's all for this time . Insyaallah . I will blog about our trip to Korea 2015 soon . Hihihi . Yeay!!! Spring spring !!! I love spring !!! 

Oh by the way . While waiting for spring to come in Korea this coming April . My Mama's garden already in spring time . Hihihi. Here I share a little bit ok . =)

In my last post : Bougainvillea Blooming . In the picture you can see the flower blooming . Now , it's blooming more!!!!  . Totally beautiful . Me and my sister in law playing around with the flower . Hiks . 

Beautiful isn't it ? And some picture we playing around . Hihihihi.

That's all for now . See you later in my next post , insyaallah . =)

Love ,


  1. Me too! My favourite seasons are Spring and Fall. Of course it's because of the colours as I love Fall makeup and fashion hues the most.
    Seoul is indeed beautiful at this time of the year. Enjoy your upcoming trip!
    Mira | Pretty Little Things

    1. Mira, tq . Kannnn sangat suka spring dgn autumn . tapi rasa ada gak teringin pergi time winter nak rasa je snow . Kurang minat snow sbb tak tahan sejuk sgt . Hihihi.


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