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Tie The Knot Story : Part 3

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1) Catering

Here I will share about catering that I've chose for my wedding .

For my solemnization Me and my mum decided to chose Seri Keningau Catering . Who ever stay in Shah Alam or Klang maybe have heard about this catering . We chose Seri Keningau because we love their kampung style dishes .

For my solemnization menu :

- Nasi Putih
- Ikan Bakar
- Sayur campur
- Daging salai
- Sambal Udang
- Ulam
- Sambal belacan
- Air Asam ( untuk cicah Ikan bakar )
- Some fruits
- Some Kuih muih
- Air Sirap Oren

Sorry I did not have the dishes picture because I'm the bride so no camera or handphone with me. Hihihi.

Here I managed to snap shot their webpage for your information . =) 

All of my guests give a positive comments about the dishes . Alhamdulillah . 

Picture above : All my photographers and videographers having their treats after everything end for my solemnization . Hihihi.

All my guests really love Seri Keningau ikan bakar . =)  

Well done Seri Keningau for the delicious foods.  If you are interested to choose Seri Keningau as your caterer for your event , you may contact them .

Here the details : 

Contact number :
Jasri - 0123437287
Widya - 0192727121
Hj, Basnuni - 0198214451

Catering for my wedding reception , I'm not so sure what is the name of the catering because my wedding planner settled it for me . I've booked the catering for my reception is the same day I've booked the wedding hall . But , in my previous post . I did mentioned that I've choose package with outside catering not catering with Puspanitapuri . 

For more details about the wedding hall and catering package. You may visit their website . Or you can call directly  this number : 03-8884 0300



2) Wedding Card 

Lots of option in choosing wedding card . You can survey your wedding card supplier through instagram , facebook , google , newspaper or even wedding exhibition . It's good if you can get your wedding card at the wedding exhibition . From the wedding exhibition , usually there a lots of package they will offered with lots of additional items or gifts . 

In the first place , I've found my wedding card at the wedding exhibition Jom Kahwin ( I've mentioned in Tie The Knot : Part 2 ) . But , sadly I can't remember the name of the company . The outcome of the creation that I've requested is so disappointed . It turn me down . Plus , my bad because I'm not even asking or checking where their shop situated until I need to collect the 1st batch card . That time I just know their shop at Wangsa Melawati . It's so far from Shah Alam .

End up , I've change my wedding card supplier . Their shop near to my house and easy to deal with .  I've choose Kad Lestari . 

Lots of wedding card type you can choose depends on your wedding ceremony . My wedding ceremony is RSVP type . So , I've choose a simple wedding card that have an answer card . My guest need to confirm their attendance due to sitting . 

Here the card that I've choose . =) 

For more details, you can visit their:
Website :
Address : 14 & 14A, JALAN BUNGA TANJUNG 2/16 , seksyen 2 , 40000 Shah Alam 
Instagram : kadlestari

3) My Henna

For my henna , I've choose wannoorinai henna . Great to have wannoorinai as my henna person .She is a happy go lucky person . While she do your henna , your day will be full of laughter  . =)

And you can request for her to come to your house to do henna or you can just walk in to her spa .

Here the pattern for my henna . = ) . Love it . 

More details you can visit her instagram or facebook or can call her directly :

Facebook : Wannoor Inai

Instagram : WanNoorInai_henna
Contact number : +016 - 602 7253

4) Door Gift 

My door gift are divided into three types . 

- Solemnization :
For my solemnization my door gift are a vintage pattern paper bag. Inside the bag consists of Yassin and brownies made by my aunt .

- Reception 
For my reception , my door gift divided into two type . One type for all of my guests and the other type for my husband family . 

For my husband family , the door gift is a boiled egg , wrap it with crochet wrap hand sew by my mum and aunts . Then , the wrap egg put in a small glass . 

Sorry , I don't have the close up for that door gift . =(

For my guests , the door gift is a simple one . A small painted vintage plate come with box . I've bought it at Romantika Alam Sentral . Then , decorate it with paper ribbon . 
Custom made the sticker name of my name and my husband . And stick it on the ribbon .

Here the picture , where the door gift been put on the table . Each sit only have one door gift . I've decided to put the door gift earlier before my guests arrived to lessen the hassle 

All of my door gift depending on my budget . I hope my guests like my appreciation gift for coming to my wedding . =)

If you wish to find a beautiful vintage item , you can find it at Romantika , as well as K and K deco . 

You will find lots of interesting item they sell . =)

5) Bunga Pahar 

Bunga pahar/ bunga telur is part of Malay tradition related with "merenjis " ceremony . 

" Merenjis " ceremony is when the guests , usually family member come up on dais , give blessings by put some flower / scented water to the groom and the bride hand palm .

But , recently . The "merenjis " less been done in Malay wedding. So , most of the wedding will replace the "merenjis " to "salam restu " ceremony . Same goes to my wedding . My mum request us to do the "salam restu " ceremony instead of " merenjis " . 

" Salam Restu " is a ceremony where the bride and the groom , come down from the dais and meet the family . It's more like , welcoming the bride and groom as a new family member .

In the picture below . My husband and I meet my parents show that my parents welcoming my husband to our family . 

Bunga Pahar / bunga telur is a gift for the guests who done the "merenjis " . Bunga pahar , is a decorated flower , attach with a boiled egg . The egg symbolizes fertility . My bunga pahar been done by my cousin . The material use for my bunga pahar are organza , lace , ribbon and net . Lace been use because to match with my wedding concept . English concept . 

Can you see the net attach on the stick ? It's use to put the boiled egg and seal it .

A complete bunga pahar , usually will be put on the left and right side of the dais . 

Can you see in the picture below , my complete bunga pahar is been decorated on the gold stand in front of the dais , left and right side . Sorry , if the picture is not big enough for you to see the close up bunga pahar .

So , that's the end of my Tie The Knot Story : Part 3 .I will continue more about my wedding in my next post . 

Remember , dear . Whatever decision you made for your wedding preparation , make sure it's not exceed your budget . ok . =)

I love to share my memorable and beautiful moment with all of you . And , maybe my post can give some information to the bride-to-be out there .

Till we meet again .

Love ,


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