Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ola Bola

I've just watched " Ola Bola " movie . The movie promo catch my attention to watch this movie . 

Plus it is a new movie directed by Chiu Keng Guan . He is the director from a movie " The Journey ( 2014) " . Have you all watched " The Journey " movie ? If you have not or never watch that movie , please please you must watch it. And you will understand why I'm insist all of you to watch it . =) 

For me , Chiu Keng Guan film always have a simple story line but convey lots of message . Ola Bola is a movie inspired by true story happened back in 1980 . It was a glory time for our Malaysia football team. And it was the time our Malaysia football team won to enter the Moscow Olympic game . 

Why you must watch Ola Bola movie ? : 
1) It is the original Malaysia film 
2) A football story but convey lots of message
3) It's show that football unite us 
4) Team work will give the best result
5) Trust your team will give the best result 
6) Don't ever look down on people
7) Hardship , courage , believe , friendship will give success
8) Life is not about you only . It's about serving others . 
9) Give or create value to others
10) Importantly , it's convey unity of our nation . 
11) It's show that our country rich with beautiful scenery . =)
12) The beautiful lyrics in Arena Cahaya song by Vee Avi 
13) The casts is new but their acting like a professional actors and actresses - p/s Tauke is handsome =) , hihihi
14) A movie that will touch our heart as a Malaysian .

So, friends . Hurry up to the nearest cinema and watch this masterpiece by Chiu. It is totally a must watch movie for 2016. Proud to be Malaysian. And to Chiu Keng Guan. Well done for a great movie . To all the casts well done for make the movie alive . =)

Here , I've share my favourite part in Ola Bola movie : 
" We talk different language , but we sing the same song . We win together . We lose together . " 

Enjoy some of the scene from Ola Bola movie . =)

Have a nice day . =) 

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