Monday, February 1, 2016

Clean and Healthy Banana Pancake

Today is the Federal Territory Day . Who ever is working in Kuala Lumpur must be on holiday, right ? =) 

Since it's public holiday . I'm thinking to make a healthy banana pancake. Yeay!!!

What is healthy banana pancake I'm talking about? Hihihi... 

To make this pancake , you need only 3 ingredients . 

Banana as we know it's contain high potassium which good for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function. So, this pancake will be healthy. 

So, let's start cooking . 

The ingredients is simple :
- banana
- eggs
- cinnamon / vanilla essence

How to cook . 

Step 1 : Mash the banana in a bowl .
Let the banana have a bit chunk texture because when you eat the pancake you can feel the banana . 

Step 2: Put in the eggs . ( usually , for 1 banana only 2 eggs will be using ) .

Step 3: Put in the cinnamon / vanilla essence . And mix all together . 

If you need a sugar , just put a little bit of brown sugar . But , for me better not because banana already have sugar naturally . 

Step 4 : To cook it . Heat a non stick pan . And put a little bit of olive oil / coconut oil / butter . Depends on your taste . For me , I like olive oil . =)

Step 5 : Put the pancakes slowly on the heat pan . 

This pancakes may crumble a bit due to no flour been using . So , you need to use slow heat instead of high heat . 

Step 6 : When you see the bottom of the pancake already brownish , turn the pancake slowly to cook the other side . 

After few minutes , both side of the pancake already cook . Put it on a plate and decorate it . 

You can have it with honey or syrup on top of it . Enjoy it with tea or coffee or milo. Depends on your taste bud . 

Enjoy your pancakes and Happy trying . =) 

Love ,

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