Thursday, June 1, 2017


Hello everyone,

I've read some of bloggers page about their Blue Sky Tag.  It was interesting to read all of the questions and answers together. And, this kind of tagging questions thing make us know more about the blogger personal character, interest, ideas, and more. =)

Now, it's my turn to answer the questions from Eyqa and Fatina after they tagged me long time ago. Hahaha. Sorry for the late girls. <3

Thanks dear both for tagging me.

So, there are some rules to be followed under this Blue Sky tag:
1) Thank the person who tagged you.
2) Answers their 11 questions.
3) Tag 11 people.
4) Give them 11 questions to answer.

First of all, I will skip the number 3 and 4 rules. I will only do the number 1 and 2 rules. Okay? =) 

Hope you enjoy reading about me.

Let's start!!!

1) Do you know Finn of Adventure Times?
Is it the one that in Cartoon Network channel? I heard about it but I've never watched it so I did not know what the cartoon is all about. =)

2) How much a 10kg of raw rice cost?
Hahaha. Which raw rice you want to know? - Beras wangi or Bathmathi rice? I really can't remember the cost. Proceed to the next question shall we?. Hahaha.

3) Do you prefer matte lipstick or nope?
I do like matte lipstick if I need to attend any events or functions. But, usually I love to wear only a lip balm. 

4) How do you arrange your daily task?
Hahaha. I really bad in arranging my daily task as my daily task usually will be the same except for weekend. So, yeah I'm not really arranging it. =p

5) Was Power Rangers your childhood favourite cartoon?
I can't said Power Rangers was my most favourite cartoon but it one of the cartoons that I watched. 
I love Power Puff girls and Sailormoon more. Hahaha.

6) Name me a perfume you are wearing now?
Black Peony - from Zara

7) Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai?
Both !!! Roti Canai banjir was the best!! hahaha.

8) Coffee or Tea?
I go for Green tea. <3

9) Favourite cakes flavour?
Carrot cake and Durian Cheese cake from Secret Recipe!!!

10) Where are you going to celebrate Eidul Fitr this year?
Probably my husband's kampung in Klang or my Grandmother house in Penang. Still not making a decision yet. =p

11) What theme your Eid Fitri Kuroong this year gonna be?
Royal blue and Dusty Pink. <3

1) Between baking and cooking  which one do you prefer?
I don't like both but I like to see people cooking and baking . hahaha. If I still need to choose which one, I choose cooking because it much easier I guess. Hahaha.

2) Do you enjoy cooking?
Depends on my mood, because I don't like to cook. If anyone force me to cook , my dish totally tasteless at all because I'm not cooking from my heart. Apa orang cakap , " masak kena dari hati ". Hahaha

3) What time do you usually wake up in the morning to get ready to work?
8am because I need to arrived at the office around 10am - 11am . Unless if I need to get home early then I need to get ready to work earlier than 8am because I need to arrived at the office around 9am.

4) Beside your family/husband/wife/children, share 5 things you cannot live without.
Handphone , my 1 litre Pink water tumbler , spectacles ( sebab rabun - I'm not wearing lenses everyday ) , handkerchief / small tower and any books ( lately , I'm not bringing books anymore because I read ebooks. It much handy . Thanks to Fatina and Siqah for introducing me how to download free ebook ) 

5) Which book genre do you enjoy to read?
I like real life story/biography/memoirs book and fiction book as well. =)

6) Do you have a crush on fictional characters?
Hmmm...I like Olly in Everything Everything , Clay in Thirteen Reasons Why and Carrick in Flawed.

7) Can you share most and least favourite books ( if you are not into books, you can share on movie/drama ) ?
Most favourite : A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Spark , Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon and Yeonmi Park : In order to live.

Most least : If you love me: True love. True terror. True Story by Alice Keale. ( I'm not done with the review of this book but this book really crazy - it is totally not suitable for young children to read ). 

8) Have you ever experience anything supernatural?
So far, not yet. And, if one day I will be experiencing it I just don't know how I will be react to. 

9) What kind of animals have you kept as your pets?
I don't have any. I love to see a cute chubby fluffy cats. But, I scared to it. Hahaha. Berani tengok je.

10) If you been given a chance to travel into a new dimensions, would you take that chance?
Woah ,this is quite hard to answer. Hihihi. Maybe I will take it , maybe I will not. 

11) What would you like to tell your another version from another dimensions?
I guess everyone would like to know what will be happen in our future - is it our future will be good or bad. 

After all , if any bad things happen in our current life we should learnt a lesson from it. If any good things happen in our current life , we should be grateful and thankful about it.

So , I guess I will be telling my another version , " Can we just live and cherish the current moment instead thinking too much about future? And, please don't be fat. Hihihi. "

That's all from me.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you enjoy reading about me. <3


  1. Replies
    1. Alamak , hihi baju biasa je . Tak lawa pun . I'm a fan of kain batik so might be akan ada kain batik =)

  2. Okay I just know that Secret Recipe has a durian cheesecake.. =="

    1. Aah ada ... tapiiiiii dia ada musim and kdg tak semua branch secret recipe ada that durian cheesecake =)

    2. From SR, I always choose White Choc Macadamia, maybe nak kena try ni durian cheesecake :D

    3. hihihi.. yes hanis kena try tapi that cake bukan selalu ada. Jarang ada .And, sometimes take semua SR branch ada =)

  3. Hmm we are so much in common from powerpuff girl, sailormoon, green tea, roti banjir and also carrot cake! haha.

    thank you for answering nad. and royal blue + dusty pink seems a great choice of color!

    1. Yeay!!!! Banyak sama dengan Eyqa .

      Your welcome . Hihihi . Dah beli baju raya dusty pink but then mama request nak color royal blue sooooo still searching for baju raya royal blue hihi

  4. Yay for green tea! Lenne suka green tea omg 😍 As for now, I'm trying the one from Aura Anggun. Sedap sangat! Hehe

    Lenne Zulkiflly Blog

    1. Kannn sedap kan green tea . Oh first time dgr pasal aura anggun . Boleh beli dkt mana green tea tue ? Nadia minum green tea japan or sencha green tea Boh je . =)

  5. I remembered how I used to enjoy Power Puff Girls, I almost forget that I love the show.

    Actually, how does people liked green tea? It is tasteless for me!

    Btw, royal blue and dusty pink are such a great combination.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. Power Puff girls comel !!!!

      Hihihi ... actually masa awal2 nadia minum green tea , nadia pun tak boleh terima tekak . Tapi bila lama2 minum dah biasa tue suka pulak dgn green tea

      Hihi thanks . Kemungkinan lah baju raya nadia royal blue and dusty pink. Dusty pink dah jumpa baju raya nya tapi royal blue tak jumpa lagi =(

  6. Thank you, nadia! 😘
    True story tu banyak kali juga fatin pegang pastu letak balik hehe 😅
    Power puff girl!!! Favourite! Tapi skrg dia kurang best dah ☹ sedih 😩 Antara blossom, bubble & buttercup, nadia suka yg mana? Hehe

    1. Hihi Nadia pun tak tahu kenapa suka baca buku true story =)

      I like Bubble !!! Dia comel and manja2 hahaha <3

  7. Hi Nadia.. Salam Ramadhan.. Wah mummy pun suka lipstik Matte... Especially pergi event, lambat sikit tanggalnya..ehhe :D

    1. Hi Mummy , Salam Ramadhan too~ =)

      Betul2... matte lipstick mmg lama skit tahan . =)

  8. Eh tq Cik epal singgah blog Nadia yg tak seberapa nie.

    Kannn!!! Suka layan sbb dorang comel . Even girly tapi mcm kuat hihi .

    Sama lahhh , Nadia pun mmg tak ingat harga beras. Selalu beli je pun boleh tak perasan . Hahaha

  9. I really wanna try arranging my daily task properly in a journal but it always failed. Huhuuu, love all those bullet journals but... I am similar like you, plan most things in my head :)

  10. Siqah lupa nak mention cermin mata. Haha. Kopi dan internet lagi penting. Gila betul 🤣🤣

  11. Nadia memang suka real life story. Nak baca In Order to Live tapi haih, tak tahu bila. Tue lah download ebooks banyak sangat. Hehe.

    1. Hihi sebab life true story mcm bagi impact besar sikit dkt diri sendiri nie. Lain org lain kan challenges and experience and kdg terus tersedar betapa bersyukur nya life kita . Ada orang lagi susah life nya dari kita . Tue saya suka baca life true story.

      Hihi ... xpe slow2 nnt awak nak pinjam bgtau lah boleh je . =)


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