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Robert Hoge doesn't look like anyone else in the world. When Robert was born, he had a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the middle of his face and short , twisted legs. Surgeons removed the tumor and made him a new nose. He survived complicated surgeries - only to discover that other kids and adults could be cruel about his appearance. But, Robert refused to let the judgements of other people define him.

If you've ever felt different , worried about the way you look or wondered where you belong, you'll see yourself in Robert. 

This true story of his struggles , triumphs and adventures will leave you recognising the beauty in who you already are.

As mentioned in the synopsis , this is about a real life story of Robert . For me this book teach us to be a grateful person of who we are rather than keep on ranting or commenting about our looks and life .

In life, we wanted a beauty appearance and beautiful life but sometimes what we expected it to be will not be . That particular situation teach us to learn how to appreciate this life from struggling life turn into adventures life that makes the life more beautiful without ourself realise it.

Since he was born , he undergo plenty of operations and treatments just to remove the tumor and makes a transformation of his face and physical. Doctor even need to remove his both legs in order for him to walk like a normal person with an artificial legs. But, sometimes Robert said that he likes to walk using his hands rather than the artificial legs. See, how positive soul he is despite of his body limitation . 

People around him called him with various name such as spewed-on, stumpy, flat-nose and cripple . All the names did make him weak but it does not make Robert feels like this world is end. With all the negativity vibes ,  Robert accept all of it as a challenge for him to achieve what he wanted in life.

No matter how hard Robert life, there are family , friends and love that keep on motivate him to love himself and tell him how beautiful soul he is . Remember , true beauty comes from within. He face lots of struggling yet his spirit to moving forward never end. 

There are lots of other story that happen in Robert life that you should read about . In the book , he shared some of his pictures and there are Q&A towards the end that interesting to read.

I love some of Robert words :
 " Everyone is uglier than they think . We are all more beautiful too. We all have scars only we can own."
" You can speak honestly without being mean. "
" Just remember that every single one of us is made up of a bunch of different pieces. You make friends with people not their disability. "
" The choice I made send me on a certain path. It didn't always seem like the easiest or smartest decision but it got me here. So, life is pretty good when we look it on the positive side. "  
" I dealt with the bullying by understanding that those kids didn't get to define me - only I got to define me. And, my definition was a lot different from theirs. "
" It's okay to be who you are. It's okay to be different. That difference is part of you, but it's not the only part of you. "
Nothing much I can say , I totally recommend you to read this beautiful inspiring book. If you feel demotivate about your physical or feel sad about your struggling life. You really should read this book to makes you to be a grateful person. And , be thankful that you still alive in this beautiful world.  

Rating: 4/5

Book Category : Non-fiction / Real Life Story


  1. This book is such an inspiration! Sounds like an interesting read.

    yanrula x

    1. Indeed, it is inspiring story . You should get one <3

  2. Such an inspiring person.. Should try reading this when I could.. XD

  3. I would definitely give this book a try. I always want to understand these people story. The quotes you shared are powerful too.

    " You can speak honestly without being mean. " - oh how true this is. I've been in both end of this situation and I totally feel related to it.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. Kannn... me too!! lately , I'm in a struggling situation too but this book really inspired me =)
      You should read it too dear <3

  4. i really need a book like this :D
    wish to got some in bookstores,
    need some inspiring stories to strengthen my soul. hehehe :3

    1. Rasa ada lagi BV . Yes true . Sometimes we do need an inspiring stories to motivate us =)

  5. He actually looks nice and quite and this books was so inspiring! I may get one of this someday, thank you for the review nad. :D

    1. Yes dear ... really inspiring . Your welcome =)


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