Tuesday, May 9, 2017


My not so Flatlay =p
Do you have a problem that your wardrobe full of old clothes but you still wanted to get new trendy clothes? 

I always have this problem because I love shopping and fashion. I'm not a fashionista but I love to buy new cloth especially when I need to attend any events such as fashion show, weddings and more. I even have some clothes that have a price tag!!! Can you believe that? Hahaha. 

I know it such a waste but I love shopping especially anything about lace. Whenever I went for a shopping, I just can't take my eyes off lace top, lace dress, lace pants, anything about lace I definitely will buy it. =p

So, when I realise that it hard for me to search what to wear on a particular day because of my wardrobe totally full. That's when I think I need to get rid of my old clothes to replace with a new one. 

And, I will do a spring cleaning.

Oh, by the way, this post was inspired by Dia&Co >>> click here to know more.

Here I will share with you, some tips that I do for a Spring Cleaning:

Whenever I saw my wardrobe full of clothes, seriously I will stress out because it's hard for me to find a cloth that I wanted to wear on a particular day. 

So, when I do a spring cleaning. I will ask my Mum and Sister to join me. End up, they will do the spring cleaning too. #becausetheyhavethesameproblemlikeme hahaha.

When you do it with your loves one, it will be much fun. 

You can try it one by one of your cloth. Then, you will laugh with each other especially when you can't fit your favourite outfit anymore. =p

You also can try this tips with your best friends too. Ask them to come to your house to join you. Who knows they love your clothes that you want to get rid. You can just give to them. =)

Some of it - My Wardrobe 

I will divide my clothes into several categories such as pants, tops, skirts, shawls, and more.

Or you can even divide it into colours categories or destroyed categories: such as torn, fading colour, stained and more. Depends on you which categories that easy for you.

When you categorised it, the process to get rid become narrow. After I divide it into several categories. I will try it one by one and I will get rid any clothes that I can't fit anymore. I will also put aside any clothes that destroyed.

The other wardrobe =p  ... I have another two wardrobe. Crazy is it? hahaha

After trying part and dividing part is done. I will divide again all of the clothes into three more categories: donate, sell as preloved and keep.

Donate and Sell As PreLoved
My Mum really loves to donate to a poor people especially when the fasting and Hari Raya celebration is coming. And, I like to do a pre-loved. Usually, any clothes that we will send for donation and sell as pre-loved is the one that still new but I can't fit anymore. Or the clothes that I wore only once or twice. Or sometimes any clothes that even have the price tag. Hahahaha. ( I don't know why I buy it - stop wasting Nadia ) . =p

After you done all of the above tips. You will know which clothes that you can keep. For me, this part is the crucial and hardest one. Like seriously. Sometimes, after you done categorised it there must be some favourite clothes of yours that you want to keep but YOU CAN'T FIT IT ANYMORE!!!! and YOU NEED TO GET RID. Seriously I cried. Hahaha. 

But, I told you before. I love lace. So, any of my lace clothes I will not get rid even I can't fit anymore. You know, maybe I can give to my daughter to wear it one day. Hihihi.

Some of My lace clothes

Some of my lace clothes

After done the Spring Cleaning. My wardrobe already has some space to welcome the new clothes. hahaha.

So, what about you? What are your Spring Cleaning tips?

Maybe my tips can give some guide to you to do the Spring Cleaning as well.

Have fun!!


  1. Your lace collection look so nice ! I love the color especially pastel.

    1. Hihi thanks dear . Yeay!!! Kita sama . Nadia pun suka pastel color . Tue asyik membeli je hahaha

  2. luv ur collection theme!

    look exclusive

  3. Baru sedar banyak lace nadia rupanya. Semua warna cantik. Pastel color :)

    1. Hihi korang pun tahu saya mmg suka lace and pastel colors . <3

      Banyak sbnrnya yank nie some of it . Dah tahu nak letak mana dah kadang2 sbb almari penuh. Tue kena buat spring cleaning . =)

  4. lace clothing looks very vintage! suka tengok but i dont have any. i will categorize my clothes too. yang tak pakai lagi i will give to people hehehe!

    1. Kannnn ... agree lace looks vintage . If dapat english lace Masyaallah lagk nadia suka tapi it's tok expensive =( ...

      Yes2 u should ctaegorize it . I bet all girls love to shop tue yg jadi tak muat tue almari hahaha

  5. Your laces collection are beautiful...! I love all of them...

  6. I really think I need to do spring cleaning for my wardrobe at home. For sure, I still have clothes that I wore when I was in primary school and obviously I will never fit into them anymore. Can't suggest any other ideas yet haha but thank you for these interesting tips!


    1. Confirmmmmm Hanis kena buat spring cleaning jugak mcm tue . Hihi . Primary school tue . Tapi , ada jugak org suka simpan as a collectible item or have sentimental value. Sebab Nadia ada simpan because of that 2 reasons hihi.

      Tak pe , nnt dah ada ideas Hanis boleh je share jugak =)

      And Alhamdulillah the tips helps you a little bit. <3

  7. i wish my wardrobe would look as good =)

  8. I can see DUCK there!! hahahah... Blog nadia laju je Alhamdulillah :)

    1. Hahaha ... yes yes it's a DUCK !!! =p
      Alhamdulillah blog Nadia dah laju. Thanks Amer singgah. =)


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