Tuesday, August 16, 2016

KL Fashion Week (KLFW) 2016 - Invitation

What a happy day for me today . 

Just got back from work and totally feel hectic . Then.... I heard a buzz came from my phone . Andddd.... guess who whatsapping me ? =p

It's from Fiziwoo . FIZIWOO ....
Woohoo~!!! Yeay!!!! 
The whatsapp totally made my day from hectic turn into energetic . Hahaha.

Remember on my previous entry : 
Win A Front Row Experience at KLFW 2016 >>
 to read more click here . 


It was a contest organized by Fashion Valet . 
Actually , due to time constraint . I did not have a chance to participated in the contest . 

The feelings of excitement when I get the invitation is equal to the excitement of Olympics . Hihi... 

Alhamdulillah . Luckily , again this year . I've still got an invitation from Fiziwoo for KLFW 2016. 

Thank you , guys . For still remembering me . Hihi


Whenever , I've got a fashion show invitation . I will be like " Oh my , Oh my !!!! It's a fashion show invitation "

Do you know how is the feeling ? You are nobody . Not an artist . Not an insta famous . Not a business women. Not a famous blogger  and etc . You are just a commoners . An ordinary girl . 

But , you've been invitedddd to a big fashion show 

Seriously , I will be like jakun . Hahahaha. And , I really don't care to be jakun . =p

Ok . I guess I more over excited now . Let's zip it . 

Now , what I'm going to wear ? 
The dress code is cocktail / smart casual . 

Please please please . Can you give me some ideas what I should wear ? 

Hit the comments space below for any suggestion.. Hihihi... Thanks all .

#jombongkaralmarimalamnie  #hopingcanmeetvivyyusofagainthisyear 




  1. Replies
    1. Memang tersgt lah jakun every time dapat invitation . Excited nya terlebih =p

  2. wahhhhhhhh..i can feel ur excited dear..bestnyeeeeee..nak itotttt..dah lah belakang opis i je ni,btw congrat dear,i rasa kehappian u tu,teruja sangat kan,nanti share pic banyak-banyak tau,hehehe..mesti u pun glemer kan yangg,,tak sabar nak baca entry u yang..

    1. Hihihi ...yeay you can feel me too~ =) ... Serious mmg selalu excited if dpt invitation .

      Insyaallah i will share after event story . =)

  3. thaniah Nadia !! mek paham feeling tuh ! and be proud girl, ue among them :) nnt update lg ok.. best of luck in selecting the 'cocktail' one :)

    1. Tq tq Mek ... Hihihi kannn~ that's y selalu excited terlebih .

      Huwaaa~ tq for the wish even tak tahu nak pakai baju apa nnt =)

  4. adehh! susah jgk ni..sbb x pernah dpt invitation join function camni

    1. Hihi ... Agak-agak JM mana sesuai ? Pakai seluar ok skirt ?

  5. hi hi ... jangan lupa up entri best on de event okay.

    njoy de day

  6. seronoknya dapat invitation macam ni ;) btw congratss awk! ermm.. maybe skirt n blaus? hehe ;D

    1. hihihi... thanks...yes , I thought the same . Blouse and skirt . Tapi tengok mcm mana ..hihii =)

  7. hahhhaa.. kalo mummy pun jakun kejap..

  8. Alamak ordinary girl dpt invitation.. habis aiols yg tak dpt ni... apa pulak ea..hahaha :P

    1. Alamak , Nadia ordinary person . Mummy nice and kind person . =)


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