Saturday, August 20, 2016

Diner En Blanc Look with The Black Tux

Do you love white color outfit ? Raise up your hand . Hihihi..

Why do you like white hues outfit ? 

For me, white hues represent purity , clean and sweet . Sometimes , it is a savior color for me when I hardly to choose what color I will be wearing for the day.

White outfit can be wear for any occasion : casual , formal and wedding . Yeah . I know mostly white color will be related with wedding . Even my wedding dress is white . =)

"Last week, I found out about The Black Tux, and online tuxedo rental company. Since The Black Tux has a great White Jacket Tuxedo, I thought it would be fun to talk about a really fun event called Diner En Blanc."

It is totally a beautiful event . It's originality from Paris. But , now the event already spread out all over the world . But , not yet in our country Malaysia.

" Dinner En Blanc " hold a mass chic picnic in a public space concept . I love this concept because I love picnic too. =) 



To attend this event , you must dress up in all white outfit . And you need to dress up elegantly . 


The best part is you need to bring a table with chairs in white as well . Your picnic basket must be including white table cloth and napkins , your own gourmets , cutlery , dishware , glassware . 


For more details about the event , you can just click here

"What style I'll be wearing in white , if I've been invited to an event called Diner En Blanc ? " .

I will choose something that is simple and casual style yet look elegantly . 

Here are some outfits that I will choose for the event .

A maxi dress - picture source Pinterest

I love lace , so maybe I will choose to wear a lace skirt with a white simple
top. --- sources picture Pinterest
 Or maybe I will be wearing my white wedding dress ? Of course without the veil .

My wedding dress by Fiziwoo

Zoom in my wedding dress 

Nowadays , I just fancy about culottes . Culottes really make me feel comfortable when I wear it . 

If I wanted to look simple yet classy . Maybe I will choose as per below outfits.

Lace top match with white plain culottes - both from Zalora

Plain white top match with flowery design culottes  ---- both from Zalora too

As for my other half a.k.a my husband . 

I will choose " White Jacket Tuxedo " from The Black Tux but will replace the pants with the white one . =)




All the tuxedo pictures sources from The Black Tux

Such a nice suit for the event . The Black Tux is an online tuxedo or suit rental company. 

They offered a great service if you want to rent a tuxedo or suit for any type of event. 

All can be done through online .

A picture below will tell you how their services work .

To know more about The Black Tux , you can visit their official website at : 

So , what do you think ? Let's make a guess . Which outfits will I choose ? 

For any ideas or comments , you can just leave in the space below .

Have a nice day , all .



  1. baju kawennn !!! wedding dress ! :)

  2. woww!tetiba mata ni rasa macam terkesima tengok dress u,cantik!!sangat..and of course semakin cantik bila u yang pakai memang cantik..hehe..nice dear dan i memang suka colour putih,baju nikah i pun putih..hemm rasa nak ambik photo lagi ngan en hubby sebab zaman i photographer i biasa-biasa je,takde nak buat rare tau..hehehe alaa sesuai bujet je time tu,tapi now nampak macam2 ada cantik2 sangat

    1. Aah now wedding event mcm2... Kdg, kita yg dah kahwin rasa nak kahwin balik of course dgn the same guy la kan... Sbb wedding skang semua cantik2!!!! And btw , tq for the compliment for my wedding dress . Thanks to the designer . =)

  3. FANTABULOUS! and I've always wanted my wedding dress to be in white. HAHAH XD

    1. Yes!!! Indeed , white dress is such a beauty =)

  4. Putih! mummy suka... Bersih dan segar...


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