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As the climate change disaster strike more and more every year , it is important to do your part to be better to the planet.

It is good to make 2020 your most green year by committing changes to your daily life routine that will help the planet.


Currently, it is more easier to find eco-friendly brands to buy from . So , there are no excuses to reconsider what clothes , makeup and health products that you are buying.

  • Pact is a sustainable textile brand that offers clothing for men , women , children and even home items like bedding and towels. Pact is at the forefront of rethinking how the textile industry makes their products come to life; they use organics ingredients , no harmful chemical and they will even recycle or reuse your old clothes . This brand is truly a guilt-free way to shop.
photo from : wearpact.com

  • Scout by Warby Parker offers an innovative and sustainable way to have your daily contact lenses . We all know that Warby Parker is an eco-friendly brand with conscious values such as they " Buy A Pair, Give A Pair Program ". With their new brand contacts , you can feel good about having to buy something whereby the packaging that they use up to 80% less plastic than traditional contact packs.
Photo from : warbyparker.com/scout

Photo from : warbyparker.com/scout

  • Fat & The Moon is a healing body care brand that has it all. They offer makeup , skincare and first aid products that are all natural and organic . From bath soaks to burn spray , you no longer have to settle for wasteful or toxic products for anything your family may need.

Photo from : fatandthemoon.com


Reducing your carbon footprint by lowering your energy output is something that needs to become a habit over time, so it does take some practice . Once all of these things become habits , your green lifestyle will be second - nature . 

  • Use less gas by driving less. To do this, you can start a carpool program with the co-workers that live near you. Knowing 2 or 3 other people to carpool with weekly can cut down the amount you drive in half. Not only will you be reducing the emissions, you are putting into the air , but you'll save tons of money too. 
Photo from : sharedmobility
  • Reducing the amount of water you use is easy when you adopt new habits. Dishwashers are made to be environmentally-friendly - such as you don't need to pre-rinse you dishes , just put them in the washer to be cleaned off and sanitised . Next , taking baths regularly can wastes water , so instead opt for a short shower.
Photo from : grow.co.za/blogs

Photo from : naturallivingideas.com

  • Turning down the heat in your house can help make your home more green and save you some green on your monthly bills too. Program your thermostat to stay on a lower temperature when you are out of the house for work and when you are sleeping at night. Then, it will only be at a higher temperature when you are awake at home, which is likely as little as a couple of hours a day.


Swapping out some everyday items for their eco-friendly counterparts isn't difficult but it will require you to spend money initially. Plus, you may be able to save money .

  • When you go to your favourite coffee shop to get your daily caffeine boost, start bringing your own mug. Buy a reusable travel mug that shows off your personality. Not only will this be exciting for you to grab and use every morning but you will be saving the waste from a plastic cup too. Plus, many coffee shops have incentives when you bring your own mug.
Photo from : society6.com

Photo from : society6.com
  • Investing in reusable snack and sandwich bags is a great way to rid your family of daily plastic waste. Then you pack your kids or yourself a lunch, you can say goodbye to multiple single use plastic bags that you'd normally use for sandwiches and a variety of snacks.

  • There are plenty of reusable straws on the market - there's glass , stainless steel and even silicone for every purpose and need of the user. Keep them at home , in your purse and put one in your kid's backpack , so , you'll never have to use a single-use straw again.
Some of these changes will come easier than others, but the best thing you can do is try to make a change this year. You may inspire your family and friends to do the same. before you know it , everyone around you will be wanting to live a greener life and make the planet a better place.

Let's together we make our 2020 the most green year by SAVE OUR EARTH . <3

Thank you for reading. =)


  1. nice tips. Let's make 2020 greener!

  2. with all of the serious issues regarding waste management, we had to make efforts to reduce the waste... but then everyone had to be in the state of mine in order to achieve this mission... some mentality like, 'Shah Alam mana ada penyu...pakai jelah straw plastic' is definitely insensitive... and in the end of the day, it is matter of choice

  3. SInggah sini kejap hehe

  4. nice tips! i was also thinking about making this kind of content :)


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