Thursday, November 7, 2019


Whether you prefer the warmer months of summer or the cooler temperatures of fall, each new season is a time to celebrate. 

With the upcoming holidays around the corner, it’s always important to make time for yourself even when things get busy. 

If you’re looking for ways to stay on top of your favorite self-love habits, consider the activities below as your guide to self-love for every season. =)


If you’ve been finding yourself rushing in and out of your apartment or house more often than usual, you might also be leaving more of a mess. While cleaning is most likely not at the top of your list on how you want to spend your free time. But, doing a brief tidy of the place you spend the most of the time is the perfect way to show both your home and yourself some love. 

Dedicate a half an hour or so to tidy up any things that need to put away or any extra clutter that lying around. The cleaner and clearer your house is, the clearer your mind will be as well. =)


Whether you consider yourself to be a chef or not, cooking is a great excuse to set aside some of your time. 

Do some research on seasonal recipes that you’d love to try, purchase the necessary ingredients, and start cooking! 

Be sure to make your choice wisely by considering meal options that will make you feel just as good as they taste. It might be good to fill up your refrigerator early as you will get busier during the holiday months. 

However, in the long run, you’ll be much happier when you see your refrigerator are full with all the ingredients. Also, by cooking,  you show yourself some extra love and it could be much more healthier.

I'll also already started cooking my own meals currently. And, I totally enjoy it . <3


There is perhaps no better way to show yourself some love in the upcoming months than by splurging on seasonal items. 

From new jeans to the ideal purse for fall, or plan a day to spend some cash on the things you haven’t allowed yourself to buy and more.

Don’t shy away from your favorite name brands just because of their prices. Do your research on upcoming sales and special deals so that you can get the most out of your money. 

Whether you drive a little out of your way to get better deals at a Coach outlet store or you start cutting coupons for the first time, there are plenty of ways to splurge on yourself in an affordable way. 

If you don’t want to go in-store, you can always shop for secondhand Coach accessories online as well. What could be a better way to practice luxurious self-love for less? Hihi.

At the end of the day, the point of splurging on yourself is to drop some extra cash without feeling guilty, so don’t be afraid to do that this autumn.


Even in the busiest of months, you might find yourself with a completely free Saturday and no plans. If this is the case, now is the perfect time to start a new hobby that involves something you love to do.

Try your hand at painting in a local park, or as the weather gets colder, choose a day to test out skiing
for the first time. 

There are numerous seasonal activities that might become your next favorite hobby if you take the time to immerse yourself in them. 

If you’re more of a homebody, be sure to consider hobbies that allow you to stay indoors. You don’t always have to be out and about to enjoy your day. If I stay indoors what I love to do as a hobby is reading book or taking flat lay photo. =)

The most important thing to keep in mind as you look for a new hobby is to always put what you enjoy to do the most.


A great way to relieve any stress you may have around the holidays is to take a moment to manage your time wisely over the next few months. Schedule out plans far in advance, and don’t change them last minute just to please other people. 

Prioritize the things you know you can’t miss ahead of time, and this will keep you feeling on top of all of your upcoming commitments. 

While managing your calendar might not be at the top of your to-do list, but, when everything is in order, you’ll be glad you did. =)

Organizing your time in a way that benefits you is an important self-care process that will set you up for success later on.

There you go, the guide to self-love activities for every season.  Which one usually you do or will do for your self-love activity?

Really looking forward to the holiday season, even though, I just got back from my autumn trip. hihi.

Thank you for reading everyone . <3


  1. Hi Nadia! Stumbled upon your blog while searching through and i have to say i had a great time here! I've just started blogging myself as well and it was amazing seeing your growth as a blogger~ Keep all the fun coming!


    1. Hi dear! =)

      I'm glad that you have a great time while visiting my blog. It is a good news that you have started blogging . Blogging is fun as you get to share anything that can give a positive vibes to everyone who read it .

      Therefore, keep on writing and blogging okay ? <3

      Again, thank you for reading my blog . =)

  2. Hai! Lama tak singgah sini.
    Lately I'm into skin pampering and bullet journaling. it makes me calm and help me think (more creatively when I'm bullet journaling).
    I also tried to read more, not to the point of forcing myself to read, but I actually want to because I want to finish all the books that I bought before, and planning to donate the books to the needy.
    Lovely salad by the way. I'm a sucker for salad now.

    1. Hi Tqa, =)

      Thank you for drop by here . I'm glad to see you here . =) Actually Nadia pun lama sancta dah update my blog from time to time.

      Wow~ that's great skin pampering totally can makes us calm. I wish to start bullet journaling like you too because I see lots of people do it so beautifully and creative. But, it is just time consuming fro me . =(

      About reading , don't force yourself as reading is fun actually . Just read what can makes you feels happy =) .

      take care , Tqa. See you around on media social insyaallah . =)

  3. Your blog is absolutely beautiful! And going back to your post, I'd definitely need to tidy up my room and find a new hobby to take on for the semester break and to pass the time. Hope to read more future posts from you soon! Happy new year!

  4. Thank you for dropped by and read my blog. Yes !!! Definitely , during the semester break is a good time to tidy up the room and start a new hobby .
    Have fun !!! <3

    And, Happy New year too =)


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