Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Peace Be Upon You - by Maher Zain

Salam everyone and good morning, 

Last night , when I'm on my way back home . Suddenly , a song been played on a radio station . 

And it's a song by Maher Zain - Peace Be Upon You 


Masyaallah . The song totally beautiful . The lyrics touch my heart plus Maher Zain voice totally melodic . 

It was my first time listened to this song. 
But, when I listened to it , my tears fall down automatically . I don't know why . It's just happened.

Subhanallah . The song is about our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W 

Have you listen to this song? 

Do you feel the same like me after listening or while listening to this song? 

Let's we listen to this song and read the lyrics together. 

                        There’s faith in my world

It comes back to your teachings and all your words
From your life I have learnt
To be patient and caring at every turn
The reason I’m strong
You’re where I belong
In a world spinning out of control
The reason for my pride
You are my guide
And I will always follow your way
Your way, your way, oh!

                   ‘Alayka salla Allah O Muhammad

(May Allah’s salutations be upon you O Muhammad)
Peace & blessings on you every day
‘Alayka salla Allah O Muhammad
You inspire me in every way
I promise that wherever I go
Whenever I pray
I’ll be sending you praise
With the words that I say
Rasulallah (Messenger of Allah), O Muhammad
Peace & blessings on you every day

                           There’s light in my heart

Helps me find my way back when I've gone too far
When all my anger makes me blind
                           mercy for all mankind

The reason I forgive as long as I live
In a world spinning out of control
The reason I love, I'll never give up
And I will always follow your way
Your way, your way, oh!

            I know the only thing I want from this life

And it’s to follow all your footsteps to Paradise
So that’s the way I’m going to spend all my time
Yes I swear, by Allah I swear!

Maher Zain - Peace Be Upon You 

Peace Be Upon You , Ya Rasulullah .

Love ,


  1. aa. dengar dah. lagu maher zain ni best kan? pagi tadi dia ade dekat era :)

    1. Kannn~ bestkan lagu nya .... betul2, nadia pun dengar Era semalam and Maher Zain on air =)

  2. Replies
    1. Kan dear... The lyrics ... The melody ... The Voice ....=)

  3. dear...lagu dan lirik ni buat i rileks sangat..i dengar ni di office 7:48pm dan masih di office selepas seharian menyelesaikan hal ehwal manusia..penat-penat i on laptop and terus baca blog u..i nak share ya di fb i...Thank you dear

  4. u ni cantik..i nak email u macam mana nak buat iklan bergerak tepi tu ye..hhehehe..pic2 u tu nampak menarik sangat dear...nanti wassap2 i i 01123716700


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