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KL Fashion Week (KLFW) 2016 - After Show Story

Hello , everyone .

It's been a week , the KL Fashion Week 2016 end . Only now , I managed to share a lil bit about KLFW 2016 after show story. Sorry for the delayed . =)

In my previous post , I did mentioned I've been invited by Fiziwoo to KLFW 2016 for their fashion line . 



Of course, I don't get a front row seat . Duhhh . 
* stop dreaming Nadia * . Hahaha. It's fine actually . As long as , I've got the invitation . It really make me happy . And , I came as a supporting friend for my kinda so call brothers.  Yeah . They are like brothers to me. I saw they fall and get back on their own feet . And now , they are totally successful . 
*clap clap clap *

*view from the main entrance *

*view from my seat *

In my previous entry - queue up . You will know what time the show started and why the event been delayed . 

So , yeah. The show started at 9:30pm . It started with the fashion line from Atelier Fitton . 

Before Fiziwoo fashion line. Guests been entertained with a performance from Indonesia singer . They Are such a beautiful duo . 
Followed by Adira AF performance . 




This year KLFW 2016, Fiziwoo fashion line included their :
Woo/Fiziwoo Collection
Woo Brothers Collection
Fiziwoo Prive collection

Woo Brothers Collection is the new fashion line from Fiziwoo focusing on Men .

Yeay!!! Maybe , I can buy one for my husband . Hihihi.

Let's see some of the pictures from their fashion line . 

*picture may a bit shaky or blur due to moving object and my seating as well . End of this entry , I may attach a video from the event to see more clearer image of Fiziwoo fashion line .*

Woo/Fiziwoo Collection
More to simple and casual style .



Woo/Brothers Collection
Focusing on Men style.



*spotted vivy yusof =) *

Fiziwoo Prive Collection
This collection is my favourite . A simple yet glamourous style .

Let's see some of the outfits .

*Love this the most  !!! *


*black feather*

*love this baby doll style in black*


* I love this tooo~ *


* For this one - I love the embellishment on the top*

* I love the top too. Hihi *

The show end with an appearance duo designer of Fiziwoo . Congratulations to both of them .



More outfit will be in the video . I will post it at the end of this entry. Stay tune. =)

That day , I've decided to wear something simple and easy for me to move around . 
 I'm not a heels lover but I need to wear it that day because of my pants is too long and my sister is too tall. Hahaha... 

I've chose a Jovian Mandagie top that I bought last Hari Raya Puasa . If you read my Hari Raya Puasa entry you may notice the top too. Hihihi

I pair the top with a black lace palazzo pants that I've bought from Zalora . =) 

My shawl is from Purdy Petals . My heels is from Rockport . Pearl necklace from Primark . Handbag borrowed from my mum . Hihihi .

Below is my look for KLFW 2016 .

* I just don't know why most of my picture a bit shaky on that KLFW night . =( *


* My sister as my date that night *

* See , even I wear heels . I still can't beat my sister height . Can you imagine how petite am I ? =P * .

All of the guest received a paper bag . Inside it have many of goodies . I love the juice . 

It was a great night . Great moments . Great designers. And of course !!! I've got to met Vivy again this year . 

*sadly , the picture a bit shaky =( *

See, she always look fabulous , gorgeous . Young and  successful mom . Only one thing that we have in common . Our height !!!! Hahaha . We are the petite person .

So , here the short video from Fiziwoo fashion line .
Enjoy and have a nice day . 



  1. Dapat invitation pun dah best. Apentah lagi bila pergi.. Hihihi cuci cuci mata. ­čśŹ

    1. Hihihi ... Alhamdulillah ada rezeki dapat invitation... Betul2... Boleh cuci cuci mata hihihi

  2. Wow sis. you're so lucky. I haven't had this kinda chance.
    I don't even know what is fashion thingy blahblah. HAHAHA
    I enjoyed this entry btw ❤

    1. Hihihi... Alhamdulillah..... Tq dear Ee suka entry nie =D ... Muax muax

  3. wow!!entry dan pic yang dinantikan..finally!!...your are more gojes than are more stylish than model..serius irda ni bukan peminat fashion sangat,kadang2 mixmatch je,,but i adore your palazo...sebabb dari hari tu ank beli lagu ni..tapi ada satu je colour blue...bytheway u sebelah vivy yusof,mcm adik beradik yang :)..hehehe

    1. ihiihi... tq for the huge compliments . Malu saya . Saya biasa je yank .
      I minat fashion tapi belum sampai tahap fashionista sgt lah...I pun suka , mix and match . =D ...huiyooo ... mcm adik beradik ? jauh tue.Dia cantik sangat , saya biasa saja . oh , btw Palazzo I beli dari Zalora dear =)

  4. wahh..kira VIP gak ni leh dapat jemputan tu

    1. Alhamdulillah je JM , dapat jemputan ... Tak ada lah ViP sgt pun Nia nie .kikiki


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