Monday, August 15, 2016

Find A Room for Rent and Room mate with

Wanna find a room for rent in an easy way ? 

Here , a website known as may come to your life as your savior .hihihi..

Macam dalam movie superheroes pulak perkataan savior nie kan? =p is a platform where you can find a room for rent and a roommate. 

What ? Find a roommate ? That's new . =D

Let's check it out more , how it works .

Just follow 4 simple steps in the picture below and let's get started . provide services in three ways :
List A Room for Free
Find A Room for Rent
Find A Roommate

Let's see the details .

1) List A Room for Free

You can use this platform to search for your ideal tenant or roommate by posting an advert about your room , house or you need a roommate . Interesting right ? 

And , of course, the first step is you need to sign up for FREE .

Then , you need to fill up all the details below before advertise your room / house /roommate.

Next services is ,

2) Find A Room for Rent

You can search your ideal room for rent up to maximum price is MYR 2000 / month .

How to find your room for rent ?

You can just type the State, City or Area name in the tab as shown below or click the tab
" find a room " .

And click search properties . Below page will appear .
The list of the room will show on a map as well . It makes your searching much more details .

You can see the details of the landlord and more pictures of the room by clicking on it before you make a decision .

Example as per below .

And , the last services provide by is ,

3) Find A Roommate

You can also use this platform to search for anyone who needs a roommate .

Just click the button "Find a roommate " and below page will appear .

Then you can choose either " looking for a room " or " looking for a tenant " .

You can even see the details of the person who need a roommate before you make a decision .

Example as per below .

What say you ? Does this website interesting ? Affordable ? or even User-friendly ?

So , if you want to find a room for rent you can use services .

To find out more  just click or visit below website :

or follow their facebook account :
and Google+ account :

Happy searching , all .



  1. Mudah guna hidup my ni.. Sebab ia khusus untk bilik sewa je.. :)

    1. Kannn creative concept yang diperkenalkan ... =)

  2. service roomate pon ade ?? pergghhhh :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes yes... Nnt Ee nak cari bilik sewa bleh cari dari website nie . =)

  4. Replies
    1. Yezza ... Betul tue !!!! Tak payah yellow pages dah =p

  5. wow ada ea .. 1st time dengar.. Nanti leh suggestkan kat kengkawan kalo yg mencari.Gud Info!

    1. Hihihi ... Kann, sama lah dgn Nadia pun 1st time dgr . Nway , your welcome mummy =)

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