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So, here come my delayed book review after a month I've finished reading this awesome book.
If you have visited my two blogger friends site , Siqah and Eyqa they already done with their review about this book. You can check it out.

I've never read any books by Cecelia before. I also never read the sequel books. This Flawed book was my first book I've ever read by Cecelia.

Truthfully, I've bought this book a year ago. Hahaha. Then, I saw Eqya shared in her Instagram that she reading the book. As well as Siqah. Next day, it was the day I unwrapped the book after a years. After a few pages I've started reading it. Truthfully, I totally regretted that I'm not open it earlier. Can you imagined how good this book?

Celestine North lives in a perfect life. She is a model daughter and sister, she's well-liked by her classmates and teachers and she is dating the impossibly charming Art Crevan. But, then Celestine encounters a situation where she makes an instinctive decision. She breaks a rule and now faces life-changing repercussions. She could be imprisoned . She could be branded. She could be found flawed.  - sources from GoodReads.

Firstly, I'm sorry if my review contains some spoiler. I will try my best to give you a good review without me carrying away with my own feeling towards the storyline of the book and the development of the character as well. But, I guess I can't promise that my review will not be a spoiler. hihihi.

Well, I can say this book told a society story that related to people, government and politics. The place where Celestine live called the Guild that bind with a law to be a perfect society. For me, perfect? How can a human being be a perfect in the first place. Everyone makes mistake. But, here in Guild. Once you broke the rules written by the Guild you could be punished. 

It's okay if you been punished but they must be branded with F sign so that the whole society know that you are a flawed person. And, the rules are : Flawed person can't be near to Perfect person. 

Flawed person must followed a different laws or rules. Everywhere they go , people obviously can recognised the flawed person. How can a person be seeing like a trash? How cruel this society. 

Example : A flawed person have their own red colour seat in a bus. And, if anything happen towards a flawed person even the flawed person was in an emergency condition. The perfect person TOTALLY  can't help flawed person. 

Truthfully, I can't even put down this book once I've started reading it because I hate the Guild laws. I hate the laws that make people be an inhumanity person. I totally mad. I will agree with Eqya that I also screamed NOOOOO in each chapter. Cecelia you really good in writing a story that full of emotion.

So, the story started when Celestine a perfect girl was trying to help a flawed dying old man who need to sit in a bus. But, his seat was taken by a perfect lady who don't have a courtesy to move even she heard that flawed old man cough badly. But, laws is always a laws. " A PERFECT PERSON CAN'T HELP A FLAWED PERSON " . 

Then , Celestine with her instinctive, humanity and courtesy feelings she helps that old man to sit. That was the day, she been arrested, questioned and even they ask her to lied about what happened on the bus just to prevent her to be a flawed person. Her boyfriend , Art father who is the judge of Guild, name Judge Crevan was the cruel person I ever know. ( Am I being so emotional now? Hahaha ).

Every flawed person will be brand once they been punished. The brand is made from a hot iron. Can you imagine a hot iron been stamp on your skin? It's crazy!!! Pity to Celestine to be branded with six F stamp. But, the number 6 stamp on Celestine back spine is the biggest secret ever!!  Only Crevan and some people in that room knew about it. 

When Celestine knew that the number 6 stamp was the only proof that she can crash Crevan. She started to fight. She even broke up with Art. For me , Art is not a good boyfriend. I just don't like him. But, pity him as well because her father is a cruel Judge Crevan. 

In the punishment cell where Celestine been before, she met with this guy, Carrick. He was the only witness that maybe on her side. He always in Celestine mind. But, she doesn't know where he was. And she desperately need to find Carrick.

On Carrick part, I really agree with Eqya and Siqah whereby , I also need a story about Carrick more. While reading it, I totally asking , " where is this Carrick guy be? Adoiii " .

While writing this review I guess I've been carried away with my feelings. Hahaha. Can you imagined how good this book. 

Suddenly, I wanted to read the second book : PERFECT right now. Hahaha. But, I need to finished my current reading first.

So, if you wanted to be emotional and read a slow paced yet heart ripping storyline, I totally suggest you should read this Flawed book.

For me, this book totally beyond my expectation. 

Well done , Cecelia for making me fall in love with your writing.

Rating : 4. 5 / 5 

Till then.


  1. Baca review terus nak rasa marah lagi kat Judge tu. Hehe.

    Review ni membuatkan Siqah teringat yang tak review Perfect lagi. Lupa dah.

    Suka karya Cecelia Ahern 😍 tak pernah mengecewakan.. hii

    1. Memang marah kan dgn Crevan tue jahat sgt...

      Cepat2 buat review perfect nak baca review . Nadia pun tak start lagi baca perfect .

      1st Cecelia book I've ever read nasib tak mengecewakan . She is good buat saya ik a variety of emotion bila baca buku nie . =)

  2. What a good review kak nad. <3 hehe. Yup Flawed is a book of tragedy. Everyone need to read it for the sake of not everybody was perfect and those who are not does not need to be pushed aside. Since this book i've got more interest in dystopian world kind of story. :D love love love. I've not received my Perfect yet from book depository. hopefully i can get it tomorrow. :3

    1. Thanks dear Eyqa .

      Kannn... after all nobody is perfect in this world .

      I also wish you will get your Perfect book tomorrow . Nanti bila dah dapt baca jgn lupa review ok . Nak baca review Eyqa . =)


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