Friday, February 5, 2016

And the winner is ...

Hi, friends . 

Remember my last post title " interest-fun-passion " about the instagram photo exhibition contest that I've entered with Siqah ? 

Yesterday ( 3/2/2016 ) , the day to announce who is the winner for the Instagram photo exhibition contest . 

The Instagram photo exhibition contest is part of @salutproject event . 

We also got the invitation to attend international short movie screening and movie making workshop.

@salutproject send a ticket via Peatix . All I need to do is just click claim your ticket from the email that they send .

And , it will direct me to the Peatix apps. Walla , I've got my ticket . 

After the International Short Screening Movie end . The announcement for the winner of the Instagram Photo Exhibition Contest held around 11:45am .

Everyone who entered the contest hoping to be a winner including me . Hihihi... The prize for the 3 winners worth up to RM900 . It's quite a lot right? =) 

Jeng jeng jeng... 

And the winner goes to ....

2nd runner up won by : Muhammad Audi Ruslan

1st runner up won by : Victor Tan  KH from Singapore

And the champion won by : Mohamad Hafiz . His instagram name is @hafizquafiz . Go visit his Instagram for more inspiring photo . =)

Next to the e-Theater where the Short movie screening and the announcement was held is the e-Gallery . All the photos been selected was posted in e-Gallery .

Below is mine . =) 

And other contestant photos .

It was a great event. This event give an opportunity for all instagrammers or whoever love in photography to show their talent . Spread their wings in photography.

This event give lots of positive vibes. It give a chance for us get to know new friends . Meet our Instagram friends. Gain new knowledge and improve our self in photography . 

Good job @salutproject and MMU for organizing this event . Hope to see more event from you . 

Last but not least , congratulations to all the winners . Till we meet again. 

Love ,

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