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Korea travelogue 2015 : #gengmakankekorea ( PART 1 ) - The introduction

Assalammualaikum  , Hello and Annyeonghaseyo , 

I've should blog about this travelogue after we came back from Korea  . But , I did not have a chance to do so . So , now . After one year ,  I've have a chance to blog about it .

Korea...Korea...Korea . Who doesn't know about korea , right ? It become a phenomenon in our country . From K-pop , K-drama , reality show , their food , their fashion , their makeups , their technology , their culture , the citizens , and many more . All of the attractions make Korea is one of a must visit country in the world ( I guess , hihihi... ) .

Actually , myself is a fan of Korean drama since I'm still studying in my University times . As we know . That time , the most popular Korean Drama was  Winter Sonata , Full House , My Girl and lot more ( Totally a LOT if I have to mentioned it all, right ? Hiks . =p ) . 

Since then and until now ( walaupun dah tua , =p ),  I'm still a fan of Korean Drama and K-pop . Really a big fan towards it. 

The obsession / fanatic towards Korean drama , reality show , and k-pop lead me to set a goal : " MUST VISIT KOREA ONE FINEEEEE DAY " . Andddddd.... the wish come true . hihihihi.

Luckily . Me surrounded with a group of girlfriends / friends  who is crazy about Korea like me too. Yeah!!!

Our trip was an unplanned trip or should I said last minute trip ? hihihi . It started with me suddenly , proposed my #gengmakan friends to joined me travel to Korea . And all happened after I came back from my honeymoon in Europe . =p

Unexpectedly , they agreed . Yeah !!! But , only five of us could make it . Mira and Yun , couldn't joined us due to family commitment . And of course , I asked permission from my husband and he granted my wish to travel to Korea with my #gengmakan . Yeay !!! Thanks , Mr. Hubby .

Flight Ticket
We surveyed all the airlines . MAS , Air Asia , Korean Air , Vietnam Airlines  and lot more .
Where do we search for our flight tickets ? Have you heard this one website or apps . The famous Skyscanner

The page if you open using Safari iPhone

The Apps in iPhone

The Apps - iPhone

This Skyscanner make your life easier in searching the flight ticket . You could see the price comparison from one airline to another airline depends on the country you intend to visit . It will showed you from the lowest price to the highest price for all airlines that available . 

The comparison price between one flight with another flight

Like I said , it was an unplanned trip so it happened that our flight tickets is more pricey than usual. After the searching and comparison of the flight, the most cheapest flight at that time , is the Vietnam Airlines . Sorry , I did not manage to captured the comparison price at that time . Hiks .

How cheaper is it ? Hahahaha...come on , try guessed our flight price . =p  .

Our flight ticket cost is RM 1106 per person / return .  This was the cheapest that we can get at that time . Hahaha ... 

The main reason most of the flight ticket is a bit expensive because : 
1) March - April is a Spring month - Cherry Blossom blooming time 
2) We bought our ticket last minute . 

Advisable , if you wish to travel to Korea when the cherry blossom blooming , bought a flight ticket much earlier . If you bought the ticket earlier. You may get the flight ticket to Korea , price range between  : RM 600 - 900 ( Go checked it out Air Asia website now , if you wish to travel to Korea this coming April 2016 ) Hihihi . 

You also can visit Korean Tourism Organization website . They are having the Air Asia BIG point promotion just for the Kaki Korea Club . If you are not yet a member , you can sign up as a member for free . Faster sign up now . The promotion open until 28 Feb 2016 . 

For more info you may visit KTO website :

Tourist Guide/travel agent 
If you travel to any places or country you need to know what you want to see / explore in that particular country/places . What are the attractions of that country . What are their culture ? and many more  . We can't travel the whole place at one time in that particular country because the country is too big and have many continents , many city , areas .

So , me and my friends , our main goal to visit Korea are :

1) We chose Spring , of course to see Cherry Blossom =) 

2) Korean food , a MUST 

3) The scenery , attraction places , culture 

4) Visit the Korean cafe - like we always see in the Korean drama 

5) Shopping - Korean fashion / cosmetics product . Nowadays , their fashion /cosmetics products become a trendsetter in Malaysia , right ? hiks ... but I'm more interested to buy their traditional outfit - HANBOK which is so expensive . *sigh*

It was our first time to Korea . Yes .  We can just travel without tourist guide / travel agent - plus nowadays , there is an Internet , WiFi everywhere , google map , google chrome , smart phone , everything is easy to find / search . But .we all still decided to hired a travel agent to familiarize everything - such as their route , their transportation, where to find the halal food , etc . 

Who knows . Maybe , there is a next trip . Hahaha ... There will always be the next trip . Korea is a big country right ? =) . 

Maybe, our next trip to Korea we don't need a travel agent services anymore. Hihihi... (confident tue penting =p ) .

You can search many of travel agent / tourist guide in Instagram or Facebook . Mostly , travel agent / tourist guide in Korea is handled by ex-student or student in Korea . Some of them , work as a tourist guide to gain some extra income to support their study . For the travel agent we chose Pakej Murah Korea ( PMK ) . Their services is good . Easy to discuss . Everything is in a complete package : from airport transfer , transportation , food , accommodation and attractions place to be visit . The itinerary that PMK provided can be flexible depends on us if there is any changes to be made when you are in Korea . 

For us , the price of the package that they offered is affordable for 9 days trip . Importantly , our tourist guide must know how to capture a beautiful / nice picture of us Hahahaha.... Annndddd , he did . Our tourist guide name is known as Luqman . 

Luqman is an ex-student in Korea . So , he can speak Korean fluently makes our trip run smoothly . He works for PMK . And , we just adore that he can speak Korean as simple as that . Hahaha ... we wish we can speak like him too . =p

Where you can find PMK ? You can just search in Facebook : Pakej Murah Korea . And , now they also have their own instagram : @Pakejmurahkorea

Here the package that offered by PMK for 9 days .

Free and Easy in the package means : we decided to walk around Seoul by our self without Luqman guidance . And , of course it's a shopping time .

But , when we arrived in Korea . Our itinerary is not exactly like in the picture . There are some changes due to weather , location and time . But , we still visit all the places been stated in the itinerary . It's just on a different day .

See , I've told ya .You can discuss and change your itinerary. It's easy to deal with PMK . Their services really flexible . Thanks PMK for the good services . 

Till then for now . I will blog more details: the accomodation , places that we visit , foods and more in my next post for Korea Travelogue 2015 : #gengmakankekorea .

Stay tune , friends . 

Love , 
  N.I .A

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