Wednesday, January 27, 2016


We live in a country with multi-racial , multi-ethnics , multi-culture . But, we still can live in harmony. 

If Muslim celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya AidilAdha , Indian celebrate Deepavali . As For Chinese , they usually will celebrate Chinese New Year . It's great right we can share and know other ethnics celebration. That's why I love my country . =) 

For Chinese , Chinese New Year is a  Chinese Lunar New Year . I'm a Muslim so I did not know in depth about it . But , since we live in a multi-racial country , I do ask my chinese friends about it and share their happiness in celebrate Chinese New Year . Plus , I work in an International company . So, there will be various multi-racial celebration. Sound great , right ? =) 

Usually , what my company will do whenever chinese new year is coming are : there will be a fortune cookies , dragon performance , yee sang , we will wearing red or cheongsam and of course my chinese friends will bring lots of oranges . Oh, I do love oranges because it consists lots of Vitaman-C .

The best thing when I'm not married yet , my chinese friend will give me angpau as well . Hihihi . But now I'm already married . =) 

Yee Sang is a part of chinese new year celebration . For chinese , they believe Yee Sang is a symbol of abundance , prosperity and vigor . Every year , my company will be organize a yee sang celebration . But , because of our company consists of multi-racial staff , they need to prepare a halal yee sang for us Muslim can also be part of it . Interesting right ? 

Since sushi king have a yee sang sushi . My company will prepare it for Chinese New Year . And , seriously I love it . My #gengmakan love it too. But , there are some of my chinese friends don't love sushi yee sang because they said it's not an original taste . It's ok. Atleast , we can still be part of their great celebration. =) 

Since that day , every year . Even my company not prepare a sushi yee sang . I and my #gengmakan will go to sushi king and enjoy it . It's already be our yearly food to enjoy . A must . =) 

So dear friends . Who ever a sushi fan must be chase or waiting every year for this like me and my friends too. But for who ever not tried yet , go give a try . Maybe you won't regret it . =) 

Go taste it because it's only in a limited time . The sushi king yee sang only until 29th February 2016. 

Who ever love sushi and love to learn how to make sushi . Sushi King have open a sushi making class you can join . 

Who knows , after you enter this class maybe you can open a sushi cafe or restaurant . hihihi. 

For more details , you can visit : 

For my chinese friends , chinese new year is around the corner . Here , I take a chance to wish to all of you. Gong Xi Fa Cai ( Happy Chinese New Year ) . May your year will full of prosperity and happiness . Happy holiday all . =) 

Love ,

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