Sunday, January 24, 2016

Interest - Fun - Passion

Nowadays , media social is the most leading tools for us to get an information , make new friends , search for our old friends ,  business , learn new things , photography interest , and more . 

It's the easiest way to spread the news or get the news . Everything only can be done with one click . 

At first , I've use Instagram just to share my daily life with my families and friends ( private my account ) . After several years , since I've downloaded the apps , I'm really love to see all the beautiful photos , beautiful Instagram feeds with same tone of colors . It's really nice . Love to see a photo that can share a thousand words . Such as , where is this beautiful place ? How to get there ? Seriously , there was a beautiful place like this on earth? How to snap this beautiful shot? How I can learn to do this? Etc.. 

At first , I'm thinking that I just want to find a beautiful pictures with nice or same tone and post in my Instagram @nadiaizzaty . But, end up I've change setting as private and makes my 1st instagram account as my private daily life justfor my families and closest friends . At one time , I've also thinking to delete all my pictures in my account @nadiaizzaty but that account consists of my live update pictures from my wedding which is I've paid. So, if I've deleted all of it , it will be wasted. :)

From my interest love to see beautiful Instagram feeds . It's make me decided to create a new Instagram account to learn more about Instagram photography with all the Instagrammer who have beautiful feeds and expert in photography . My wish is to share a beautiful photo with a thousand words. It's not just a photo but it can give lot of information. :) 

My second Instagram account is @nadiaizzaty.nia . It's actually solely for my interest and share with everybody ( that why I'm not private it ) . 

From interest it change into fun . I've feel fun because I've learn new things and meet new friends . The best part was my #gengmakan friend Siqah ( her private account @siqahhiqa and her Instagram photography account is @haqisfila )  have the same interest like me . We both create new account just to learn about Instagram photography . :) 

Everything just started from interest into fun and now it turn out to be our passion. Meaning we are really passionate to enter any contest regarding photography or Instagram photography . 

Our passion to enter anything related with photography not only contest from Instagram but also from outside such as our company photography contest . 

We do enter together and submit our best photo. But , I'm not won from that contest . Siqah won from that contest . But , it's not make us back off or stop to go forward and learning . It make us  keep on learning from all of our Instagram photography friends to enhance our skills and gained more knowledge . 

My first contest I've entered from Instagram was a contest organized by @my_genggua . If my picture get chosen it will be post or share at the photo exhibition in UiTM shah alam . Siqah entered contest from @my_genggua before and she is the one who introduced to me this photography community. From this contest , it's my lucky time and rezeki. My photo been chose for the exhibition among other superb Instagram photographer . Alhamdulillah . 

I've and Siqah always share together any new knowledge how to enhance our skills in photography ( don't expect we use a best camera . Hihihi... Almost every pictures we snap only use iPhone ) . How to have the best shot ? What is the best angle? When is the best time to shoot ? What apps will be use for editing ( if editing is needed ) ? Everything we will be share together to be a better person .

The latest contest that we enter which is still going on is the contest organize by @salutproject . 

Both of us really excited to enter this contest and we post our best pictures as many as we can . And Alhamdulillah , both of us pictures get chosen . 

The best part is , our pictures from our Korean trip been chosen , Hihihi. Siqah picture been chose first . And me get chosen in the next round . Alhamdulillah . Both of us feel glad and happy that our artwork been appreciated .

For me and my friend Siqah . Photography is a fun thing . But , now maybe it already be part of our passion . Pray for us to keep on moving and enhance our skill . 

Photography is not only about you need to just shoot a nice shot . But , sometimes editing tools also needed . Editing is an art . And it also part of  photography to make the photo be seen in a creative way . 

Siqah Photo 

Mine Photo

So , friends . If you have any interest . Just go for it . Seek knowledge as many as you can and just go for it . Who knows , from just an interest it may be can lead you to be a better person and maybe your interest can make you a greater person than before . Insyaallah .

" When You Do What You Love with Passion , Success Won't Be Far Away . " 

Love ,

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