Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Antonyms of Life

Hello everyone .

It's been a while since I've blog about my wedding . I'm sorry I can't finish update about my wedding part 3 and part 4 last year  . Insyaallah , I will blog about it as soon as possible .

I hope I'm not too late to wish all of you happy new year . Let's we pray and hope our 2016 will be great ahead . Insyaallah . =)

I've take poet / caption that I've post on my instagram to wish our 2016 :

Every hardship will be ease , 
Every failure will be success ,
Every sadness will be happy ,
Every start will be end . 
It's an antonyms of life .
Goodbye 2015 ,
Assalammualaikum 2016 .
New long journey to look for ,
May Allah ease the way . Insyaallah .
All praises to the Al-mightly for this life and hereafter . 
Amin .

It's not a good end of 2015 for me and my family, It's been a tough time for us. My late father have been sicked . The duration of he being sicked is not too long but all happened so fast . And , he passed away on 19/11/2015 ( I guess my brother can't even forget about that day forever . Same goes to all of us . It was the date of his graduation day ) . All of us have planned nicely to attended my brother graduation day in Scotland . But , nothing can't against the Al-mighty plan . He knows better than us .

Physically , my late father was healthy but inside only Allah knows . Everything happened so fast. My late father have been hospitalized nearly 2 months . But , he have not been  hospitalized in such a long period . He have been hospitalized , 1 week , then he been discharged . And , it happened that way repetitively for nearly two months . He even still can go for work like usual and do daily routine like healthy person . To make it short . My father have been diagnosed a rare illness called ITP ( Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura ) . For the time being , if you want to know what is ITP , you may google about it . Insyaallah , when I've got courage to write about my late father illness in details , I will blog about it. What is ITP ? How my father get that illness? What is the symptoms ? What are the medication he go through ? Etc  . 

For us , we can't even predicted this will be happened . My late father , us  and all of the doctors done our best to make sure my father will be treated nicely and get healthy. As we know , Allah knows better. Kita hanya merancang, buat yang terbaik , usaha dan tawakal . Tapi Allah yang menentukan. Allah loves my late father more than us. Kami redha dengan kententuan-Nya . Kepada Dia kami datang , kepada-Nya kami kembali . From Him we come , and to Him we will be returned.

Al-fatihah for my father . 

Love ,

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