Sunday, January 24, 2016

Beautiful Story of Bhaijaan

Just watched this Movie yesterday . My friends ask me to watched it because they said that Dilwale is not on a top list movie in India . 

After watched this Bajrangi Bhaijaan , for me , Dilwale catch my heart in term of it's actor and actress , songs  and beautiful location . But , Bajrangi Bhaijaan catch my heart in term of it's beautiful warm hearted story line . This movie makes me cried all the way . It's really touch my heart . =)

Sweet Scene =)

This movie story is about love in different contexts . It is really a five star movie . It is about Salman Khan ( act as Pawan ) and a beautiful little girl  Harshaali Malhotra ( act as Shahida a.k.a Munni ) . Pawan is an Indian . Shahida is a Pakistani . She suddenly been separated from her mother while they travel by train when Shahida try to rescued a kid ( baby goat ) outside the train .  Apparently , Shahida is mute , She did called her mother but her mother can't see or hear she calling for help . 

Beautiful Harshaali Malhotra

While Shahida been lost , she meet with Pawan . And the story line start from there . The journey of Pawan a kind-hearted man who struggling and  make an effort just to bring back Shahida to her home in Pakistan .  Pawan and Shahida journey become harder with India and Pakistan condition is not in a good relationship . But , all the hardship they face ,they can go through with trust , kindness , love , effort , honest . It's really a five star movie must be watch because it full of moral story . 

The other attractions in this movie is the beautiful scenery of Kashmir . Indeed , the world belong to the Al-mightly is magnificent . Speechless . =)

Beautiful is it ? 

Screenshot siap from Youtube lagi scene akhir =)

My dearest friends, go search for this movie and you must watch it . You will change your mind and heart 360 degrees after watched it . Have fun watching . =)

Love , 

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