Sunday, January 24, 2016

Come Back , Love

Since , Dilwale released . Everyone is crazy about Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol comeback movie . Who doesn't want to watch the best couple on screen again . Everyone love SRK and Kajol to act to together in screenplay . 

Dilwale is a romantic , action , comedy movie . It's about two gangster clan Randhir and Malik . Raj a.k.a Kaali ( SRK ) is an adopted son to Randhir . And Meera ( Kajol ) is a daughter to Malik . Raj , is an ace for Randhir clan until one day , he meet with Meera and everything become different . He be more softie , romantic and he fall in love with her . But , the problem is Raj did not know who is Meera real identity . 

There are some betrayal . But , Meera just realized that she also fall in love with Raj . And they make their relationship works until both family decided to meet . That time , Malik betrayed Randhir . From a scene that should be a family meeting it turn out to be a betrayal action scene . And , misunderstanding took place. Meera thought Raj is the one who shoot her father . The misunderstanding keep on going until 15 years later . The misunderstanding or secret that Raj and Meera hold , they never revealed to Veer ( Raj brother ) and Ishiqa ( Meera sister ) . But , Veer and Ishiqa fall in love with each other .

How will Veer and Ishiqa make their relationship work ? Will Raj and Meera bury the secret ? What exactly happened between Raj and Meera? To get your answers, you must watch this movie .

For me , Dilwale have a simple story line . But , the most part that catch my eyes and heart of course the main actor and actress , the songs and the scene locations . Janam Janam and Gerua are the favorite songs . Both songs is so melodious with  beautiful lyrics.

The scenery , Subhanallah . Bulgaria is nice . But , location in Ireland is so magnificent . We only see the places in television  but we already be like " Masyaallah , Subhanallah , so magnificent " . What would be our reaction when we get to witness with our own eyes these magnificent place ?

After watching this movie , you must be thought to get a chance to travel to Iceland . If you do , give me a  high five . =) . I've also thought the same as you . And , I love to read lots of various article in

For your additional information about Iceland , maybe you can visit some articles below 
( just click on it ) :

So , friends .  You must go to watch Dilwale . You won't regret it if you really a fan of SRK and Kajol . hihihihi . Happy watching . =)

*Some of the photos from Dilwale scene location . Photo courtesy is from Google . hiks .

Love ,

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