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Tie The Knot Story : Part 4 - Capture the moments

In my post Tie the Knot Story : Part 3 . I've shared about my caterer , my henna , wedding card ,  door gift and bunga pahar.

Now , in this part 4 . I'll share about my photographers and videographer for my wedding . 

For me , choosing the best videographer and photographer is the crucial decision to be made and challenging task for any wedding ceremony .

Their role is to captured our best moment in our life right ? So , I should choose the best one but make sure within my budget . I've already set type of photography and videography that I'm looking for . I love photos and videos that show moments instead of just a pictures . 

1) Videographer 

For my videographer I've chose MomentThis Still and Motion . I guess most of you maybe have heard about them . Anzalna Nasir wedding was their recent artwork . 

I've interested with their work after I saw a wedding video of the footballers Aidil Zafuan and Zarema Zainal . 

I've discussed with my future husband at that time and we make a decision to hired Moment This . 

Total package at that time was RM 5500. In my package that I've choose include :

- Cinematic feature film : is for my Akad Nikah 
- Music Video Style : is for my Reception
- additional fees for rush job/fast edit 

I need the rush job / fast edit because I wanted the video of my akad nikah been played in my reception ceremony . 

The reason because we only knew each other deeply after we are married . Kind of " bercinta selepas kahwin " term . Hahahaha... So , none of " bercinta " photos or videos of us before we were married . Only , maybe our engagement photos . 

* below our engagement photo *

So. we decided to just paid the fast edit and played it at our reception day .

Let's watch two video from my wedding . Hope you enjoy it . =)

Akad Nikah Feature Film - 24/10/2014 : 

#hafidzniastory Reception wedding - 25/10/2015 : 

If you are interested with their services, you can watch more of their works and reach them on their :

Instagram : @Momenthisstillmotion

2) Photographer
As for my official photographer a.k.a OP , we chose Hafizudin Hamdan Photography . Hanisah , my friend suggested to me to see Hafizudin artwork . His photos mostly captured a moments not just a still pictures . Do you get what I mean ? hihihi...Moment means when we see a photo , we can feel as if we are in the photo. We can feel that situation ,that event, that ceremony , etc . It has meaning . Artistic sangat kan ? hahaha ....

Here some of the photos captured by Hafizudin Hamdan Photography for my wedding. I wish I could put all of his artwork from my wedding here but I can't . I only get to choose some of it . Hope you enjoy the moments . =) 

Picture below is for my custom album ( not all just some of it I managed to include in this entry) :

Below some of my favorites one . =)

My Solemnization

My Main Reception

's a wrap =)

Total price for the package that I've choose from Hafizudin Hamdan Photography at that time was RM 4800 . In that package consist of :

- Photography fee for solemnization
- Photography fee for main reception
- custom album ( 10x10 inch ) 40 pages 
- 2 photographers
- outdoor potraiture 

For 2016 package , you need to consult directly with Hafizudin Hamdan Photography . You may reach them at their :

Website :
Instagram : @hafizudinhamdanphotography

3) Live Update 
I'm an Instagram addict =p . I love to post picture . So , I paid for a live update service . The reason I hired this services because I need a fast update and I don't need to hassle myself updating the photos after the event . You know to plan and have a wedding ceremony is so tiring . hihihi...but fun =) . Confirm penat lepas event . So , with live update services , you can just sleep after the event end . Next day when you wake up and whenever you want to reminiscing your wedding photos, just click the hashtag from your wedding and the photos are still there. Unless you delete your account that will be another story lah . hihihi....Plus , whoever know me and can't attend to my wedding maybe can just scroll my instagram account and saw all my wedding pictures =) . 

For my live update photos I chose Pelangi Putih Film.

My wedding hashtag is #hafidzniastory - solely story of me and my husband . Below the screenshot of live update from my private instagram account . If you wish to view Pelangi Putih artwork for live update from my wedding , you may follow my private instagram account @nadiaizzaty . =) 

At that time ( I was married on 24/10/2014 and 25/10/2015 ) , the price they offered for live update was RM 1400 / event. Pelangi cover for my solemnization and reception . So the total was RM 2800 .

For 2016 package you may consult directly with Pelangi Putih Film . If you are interested, you may reach them at their:
Instagram account - @PelangiPutihFilms

That's all for now . Thank you for reading. Hopefully,my entry help a bit to all bride-to-be who are still searching for a photographer and videographer .

Love ,
    N.I.A  =)


  1. Such a beautiful wedding :) All of it :) Bersungguh tunggu sampai ke hujung, nak bergambar punya pasal. Hihi. And your OP is the best! 。^‿^。

    1. Awww, tq yank ... Kannn hafizudin hamdan mmg terbaik . :)

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    1. Tq Ryan ... Tq for viewing , read and like my blog ... =)


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