Sunday, December 31, 2017


Well hello everyone~ 

2017 nearly ends. How times flies and I do realize that I'm not young anymore. Hahahaha. But, Alhamdulillah I am still alive and healthy. Syukur. 

I love to write year-end wrap-up stories to reminiscing all the ups and downs that I went through for a year. So that I can take a lesson from any hardships or failure. And, be a better person from my achievements. 

After two years, my late father and late cousin pass away. This year, our family loss my grandfather. He passed away in November 2017. 

I missed him a lot. All my siblings do miss him because he takes care of us since we are little. Things won't be same again every time we went to kampung. Al-Fatihah, Wa. =,(

Alhamdulillah, I still have a job, still working at the same company and can save money for my family, shopping and of course for travel. Hihihi.

The only thing that changes about my work is the location. My team has been located from Petaling Jaya office to Wisma Standard Chartered at Bukit Jalil. The new location quite far from my home. But, after few months located there. Everything just fine. 

I more discipline in term of working time and expenses ( such as petrol, parking fee and tolls ). I hope, 2018 will give me a great news - such as be promoted, perhaps. Ameen.

2017, remarks 3rd year of my marriage. Alhamdulillah, I have an almost perfect husband. The best thing is, an understanding man. He always allowed me to go for travel with my Gengmakan -  I mean like always every year I guessed. Thank you, Mr Hubby. <3

I hope, 2018 our marriage will be much more beautiful and happily ever after till Jannah, Ameen.

I am really happy that my first giveaway - Duck Giveaway, gets a lot of supports. I totally want to thank my friend Siqah for guiding me by organized the giveaway. 

From my first giveaway, I can see that my blogger's friends have increased day by day as well as my viewers. Really thankful for that.

Of course, I wanted to thank all who had joined my first giveaway and again congratulations to all the winners. <3

I love books a lot. I also love to buy books. End up, there are tons of books I don't have time to even read - Books and e-Book. Hahaha. But, I still read it in a slow phase. I guessed it's fine as long as I don't stop reading.

As for 2017, my reading challenge is increased, compared to the year 2016. Yeay!!! 

Hopefully, for 2018 I will read more and achieve my reading challenge too. 

Everyone loves to travel, so do I. I love shopping and travel. Since I started working. I will plan a travel trip every year - either with my husband, my family or my Gengmakan. Doesn't matter in Malaysia or abroad. But, of course, my wish is to travel abroad. Hahaha.

For 2017, I guessed I do not travel a lot to be compared with 2016. But, alhamdullilah I still get a chance to travel.

My travel list for 2017:
- Pulau Redang, Terengganu, Malaysia
- Malacca, Malaysia
- Penang, Malaysia
- Pulau Tioman, Mersing, Johor
- Singapore
- Ipoh, Malaysia
- London, United Kingdom

So, that's my 2017 stories. Even though, our family face the sad moments whereby we loss our loves one. But, after all, 2017 is a great year too.  

May 2018, become a great year for me and to all of you too.

Happy New Year everyone !!!


  1. Happy New Year, Nadiah!! Semoga tahun 2018 lebih indah dan dipermudahkan segalanya buat kita semua :)

    Cepatnya update 2017 wrap up. Hehe. Masih in draft. Maybe hujung bulan Jan baru siap entri nya. Hehe 😅

    1. Insyaallah , Ameen .

      Saya pun unplanned je buat wrap nie. Patut nak post entry travel but rasa buat wrap up lah dlu. Biasa lah bila mood ada time tue jugak kena update sbb takot tiba2 mood dah tak ada , hmmm ke laut jugak blog nie hihi

      Nway , happy new year too , Yank !!! <3

  2. Happy new year nadia, and all the best for 2018.

  3. Nadiaaa, you still look as young as 20s! :D

    Losing someone dear to us is a hard fact to accept somehow. Time will heal, insyAllah.

    Everytime I go to KL, I always wonder how people in KL can survive with huge traffic, tolls etc every single working day. Impressive! And insyAllah may you be promoted very soon, ameen!

    Nanti buat lagi taw giveaway! hehehe

    There are so many interesting books you have! I can't buy new one for now, sbb yg ada tak terbaca2 lagi. Hahaha. Anyway, is Unstoppable written by that guy with no arms and legs? WOWWW, he is such an inspiration!!

    I have few destinations in my list, tapi semua bergantung pada keadaan tahun ni sbb insyAllah akan mula bekerja nanti (which is still unknown when it will be haha)

    Happy New Year, Nadia!
    Have another blast year!

    1. wow , thank you for your compliment dear. But, Hanis kena jumpa Nadia depan2 baru tahu I do looks like 31 years old already . hihi

      Kannn, Nadia pun tak suka kat KL but thankfully dari umah nak ke office Nadia tak lah jam . If dulu jam nak g office kat PJ dari Shah Alam.

      Insyallah, ada rezeki and umur yang panjang Nadia buat giveaway lagi . But, resolution 2018 nak #duckrehab hihhihi

      Sama lahhhh, Nadia pun banyak sgt buku yang tak terbaca tapi suka beli buku hihihi

      Happy New Year too dear <3

  4. Hopefully your 2018 will be better! :)

    1. Yes. You too dear, Hopefully your 2018 will be better than 2017.\

      Happy New Year <3

  5. Happy New Year, Nadia :)
    May your 2018 will fill with more love, strength and beautiful happiness ahead <3


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