Monday, December 18, 2017


Hello, everyone~

First of all, I really wanted to thank all of you who have joined my first giveaway ever.

I feel so overwhelmed to see such a great support that I get from all of you for my giveaway. 

And, of course, I really wanted to give a big thank you to Siqah, my big supporter of my GA. Love you, yank !!!

But, I'm also wanted to apologize because I really can't update the participation list from time to time. Really busy with my schedule right now.  Truly sorry. ='(

Don't worry, even though I will not reply each comment in my blog for this GA. I will definitely visit one by one whoever have participated in my GA. 

Here, in this entry. I will share the participation list and there will be an important announcement as well. Read this entry until the end, okay. <3

Participation list:

p/s : just ignore the font color of the participation list , I just don't know why certain is in white color and certain in black color. I've try edit it but not work out.


This giveaway will end on 19th December 2017 ( Tuesday ). The date change because of some circumstances. 

The winners will be announced on 20th December 2017

All the gifts will be posted either on 22nd December or after Christmas ( can be 26th, 27th or 28th - but I'll make sure before New Year, Insyallah ). 

Lastly, there will be a 3rd winner: The winner will get a pre-loved  Duck Scarves ( I love the scarf but I just want to share what I like with the winner ... all in good condition because I only wore it once ) Duck scarves from my favourite material fluff and a fridge magnet.

So, whoever not yet join my giveaway, kindly click here to know the rules to join. You have one more day to join. Don't miss it !!! <3

And, to all who have joined. Good Luck, to all of you !!!

Thank you.


Thank you for reading and comments . (^_^) .