Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Yeah, Barden Bellas is back!!!!

Oh, My Gosh !!! The waiting ends. Pitch Perfect 3 is awesome. I  really love all the Pitch Perfect Movies. If you have followed from the first movie, you must have the same feelings or thought as me. 

Before I proceed with my movie review, can I just give my rating straightforward? Hahahaha.
Of course, it is 5 stars !!! 


All the Barden Bellas already have their own working life. But, their working life is not easy as it may seem. One day, Emily invited The Bellas to the university reunion as they thought that they have been invited to sing. But, they are misunderstood. They were invited to the event to see the performance by the Junior Barden Bellas.

They really miss singing. All the story started when Aubrey suggested that they could sing at the army event as an invited performer. But, when they arrived at the army camp. It turns out, that it is not just a performance they have to do. But, it is the competition to get a chance to perform as an opening performance for DJ Khaled concert.  DJ Khaled himself will choose which band will be performing as an opening act.

Can the Barden Bellas won DJ Khaled heart?



Nothing can say more about this movie because I totally love Acappella. Plus, in the Pitch Perfect 3, there are more hit songs. The best one, of course, the Riff-Off part. The songs list in the Riff-off part are :

P!nk  - Get The Party Started
Walk The Moon - Shut up and Dance
R Kelly - Ignition
Dr Dre - Let Me Ride
Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away
Maroon 5 - One More Night
Blondie - Call Me 
Arianne Grande - Love Me, Harder 
If I Were A Boy - Beyonce 
The Cranberries - Zombie
Kelly Clarkson - Stronger ( What Doesn't Kill You ) 
Bruno Mars - Grenade
Christina Perri - Human
Avicii - Wake Me Up 


I adore their friendship. They support each other, cried together, have fun together, be silly together.
The one that I love is the last part where Fat Amy told the Barden Bellas that DJ Khaled only choose Beca to perform at the opening. Beca told them that, she wouldn't accept DJ Khaled offer as she loves her family - Barden Bellas.

But, Barden Bellas told her that they are family, a family should support each other. Not seeing the family member fall down. They asked Beca to accept the offer.

What is Beca decision? Hihihi... you need to watch until the end. =)


The scene locations took place in Spain. Oh, my, the buildings and the scenery so nice. #berangannaktravellahtue

Cádiz, Spain 


Of course, the outstanding casts of all Barden Bellas. Fat Amy really funny. As usual, she is hilarious. Oh, Chicago ( played by Matt Lanter ) and Theo ( played by Guy Burnet). They are super hot and handsome !!!! <3

That's my short review. Sadly, there will be no more Pitch Perfect anymore. No more Barden Bellas. It is quite sad at the end but the good one.

Have you watched the movie? What do you think about it? How many rating you would give?

Thank you for reading.

Barden Bellas for life !!! Hahaha.

P/ s: I will be watching Pitch Perfect 3 for second time with my Gengmakan today ( 3/1/2018). Yeay!!!


  1. Wah 5 bintang terus tu nad. Ramai yg kak ana baca review kata memang best cerita ni. In fact ada yg x pernah tgk the first movie kata best giler cerita ni. Friendship goal gitu.

    1. Yup Kak Ana memang terlalu best !!! Yes yes suka friendship dorang the most. <3

  2. Replies
    1. Eh dear, Nadia tengok untuk dua kali je hihi <3

  3. Have yet to watch Pitch Perfect 3. Takde masa nak pergi cinema :(

    1. Hihihi...kena cari time Farah sebab best sgt . Tapi, if tak sempat jugak. Boleh je nanti cari online.

  4. Wow siap repeat.. hehe.. I wanted to watch this but I might not able to catch this up in cinemas.. I'm gonna wait for online version then..

    1. If Eyqa jumpa online version , please share the link with me. hihihi thank you <3

  5. kalu ikuti dr sekuel pertama mesti lg best kan...

    1. Yes, betul. Macam they grow together tue yang kita tgk pun kita dapat rasa frienship dorang mcm mana =)

  6. Alaa, belum tengok lagi yang ni. Tak sabar nak tengok nanti sebab nampak macam best. Hehe 😊

  7. Ramai member yg ajak tengok cerita ni tapi still tak berkesempatan. Hopefully soon :)

    1. Tqa, hihihi ada masa nanti a must tgk movie nie. Kelakar and best and suka part nyanyi and friendship dorang . <3

  8. Dah tengok and I loved it! Good ending for the movie and I seriously can watch all the 3 movies again.

    ☆ Atheera ☆

    1. Kannnn!!! Yeay!!! you really get what I mean. Seriosuly best kan <3

      Me too!!! can repeat watch it again. <3

  9. i just watch it today and it was freakin' awesome. watched 2 movies today including the greatest showman. both movies was daboommmm. i freakin' love it!

    1. Yeah agree with you , totally awesome.

      Oh my , Nadia ada baca review jugak pasal movie greatest showman tue. Orang kata best sgt jugak . Tgk lah , if ada masa or sempat nak tgk lah showman tue. if tak sempat cari online lah jawap nya. hihihi

  10. To be honest, masa Barden Bellas perform last sekali tu, bergenang gak airmata. Happy tengok persahabatan dorang. Sangat sayang dan support each other 😍

    1. yankk~~~ samaaa!!! dua kali tak , dua kali tue jugak lah air mata nie menitis. Kannn, sangat adore friendship dorang. <3


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