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Salam and hello , everyone ,

Alhamdulillah , as of now , MCO ( movement control order ) already uplifted in Malaysia . And, Malaysia government also announced that tourism is open again . Yeay!!!  

But, it open for us to travel not abroad but locally only. Therefore, this is the best time for us to explore more about interesting hotels to stay in Malaysia.

For the current situation , we still not allowed to travel to other states yet. But, Langkawi is the only place that open for vacation . 

I really miss travelling. Hence, staycation is the best thing to do during this unprecedented event . Luckily, in October 2021 , I will be on a long leave for 10 days . So, I'm planning to take this chance to go for a staycation in KUALA LUMPUR ( KL STAYCATION ) and LANGKAWI . 

Who knows , my wish list hotel to stay will be part of your wish list too . Hihihi. Let's see what is my wish list hotels are :



If you following me on Instagram @trulybynia you will know that I love to read and I am a book lover. <3. Therefore, KLOE Hotel is my first wish list hotel for staycation. 

The reason why KLOE is my 1st choice because I really wish I could stay at their room name : "ROOM TO READ" . The design room is inspired by an independent bookstore. It have working desk , bookshelves and some books that I can read alongside with my own books . Totally love it !!! <3 

Photo courtesy : KLOE website

**** All the photos courtesy : KLOE website ****


This hotel already in my wish list since they opened . But, sadly I still yet to have a chance to stay here. So, maybe , this time I'll be lucky that I can stay here for a staycation . 

Its been in my wish list hotel to stay because I love the chic and minimalist interior concept . Plus, their    " THE SWIMMING CLUB" are so Instagrammable and it is in pink !!! 

**** All the photos courtesy : The KL Journal Hotel website ****


The reason this hotel is in my wish list because I like the behind story of it. It is so historic. =) 

Plus, I like to see the design and its interior . So British. For me, the vibe feels like we back to the old days  during Malaya time.

**** All the photos courtesy : Traveloka website ****


Yes I know. This is a very well-known hotel. But, why this one is in my wish list hotel for staycation ? Can anyone make a guess why? =p

Yes!! The location of this prestigious hotel makes me want to stay here . The walking distance from this hotel to KLCC totally makes me happy because I can just reach KINOKUNIYA bookstore within few minutes. Woohoo~!!! 

**** All the photos courtesy : Four Season KL Hotel website ****

So, that's are the wish list hotels for my staycation in Kuala Lumpur . Now, let's see what is my wish list hotels for staycation in Langkawi.



This is a boutique resort which have beautiful suites with unique , heritage and historic looks of Chinese ,  Malay , Indian and Eurasian origin. Plus, each suites has it owns story. Ahhh~ totally my dream place to stay . I am a person who loves a place that give the "kampung" freshness vibes with a story lies behind it. This resort totally a goal !!!  Such a gems to stay for my staycation in Langkawi.

**** All the photos courtesy : Temple Tree Boutique Resort website ****


OMG !!! This one I really love the industrial design . Okay , fun fact about me is I totally love a place that have red brick . For me, the red brick looks give a raw vibes of a home. Therefore, this Arch Studio Cenang definitely be my wish list place for my staycation in Langkawi.

**** All the photos courtesy : Arch Studio Cenang website ****


A resort that set in a lush rainforest overlooking the Andaman sea . The place seems like isolated but actually it is not . Perfectly for me who love to have both scenery - forest and the sea. Plus, this resort only have 11 rooms. Totally a nice place to stay with my family.

**** All the photos courtesy : Ambong-Ambong Rainforest Retreat website ****


Berjaya Langkawi Resort  have two main type of chalet that I can choose from - rainforest chalet and chalet on the water. Of course, chalet on the water will be my main choice . That's the reason why this one is in my wish list place for staycation in Langkawi. Now , I already can imagine staying in the chalet on the water, relaxing and reading book overlooking the sea with the sea breezes can feel on my face . 

**** All the photos courtesy : Berjaya Langkawi Resort website ****

That's are all my wish list hotels for staycation in KL and Langkawi . 

Now, here comes the crucial part . Remember !!! Covid-19 still around us. We still not win this war yet.

So, here are the important things that we need to know before and during the staycation:

1) Make sure you are fully vaccinated and your MySejahtera apps already stated that you already fully vaccinated.

2) Make sure that all the hotel staffs are also fully vaccinated . In Traveloka website, each hotel that you search for , you will see this been stated : " Staffs have been vaccinated for COVID-19." I

3) Wear mask all the time when you are in the public area.

4) Keep social distancing .

5) Always sanitised .You can also ask assistance from the hotels staff to sanitised your room every day or every time.

6) Follow the ground rules that been stated by the hotels management .

7) Stay safe .

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