Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DUCK IN THE CITY - Hello , Olive and Grey!!!

Hello, Lovelies.

Oh , well well well . Have you heard TheDuckgroup released their new colors for KL City Duck collection?

*photo from theduckgroup instagram*


At first , I did not planned to bought a friend for my black KL City duckscarves . Hahaha.  But, hey . The new colors is sooooo beautiful . I can see all of the colors are calling me . =p . So, I can't stop to find which colors is suitable to be my black KL City Duck friends. =p

Here, I welcoming the Olive and Grey to be Blackie friends~ . But , I still eyeing the Ash Blue to join my blackie duck as well . Hahaha =p #janganmembazirnadia


I just received both colors right before Hari Raya AidilAdha celebration . So, yeay!! 

I choose to wear the Olive for Hari Raya Aidil Adha . I'm thinking to wear olive skirt and white top. I've searched for olive skirt but I did not found any in my closet . =( *sob sob *
So, I pair the scarf with beige skirt and top.

Let's see some of my pictures donned this Olive . <3

*I think I've gained weight in this picture - huwaaa*


*oh I love the drape *

* I just love this picture of me , my sister and my cousins . *

What do you think about this Olive duck ? Is it the color suit with my skin tone ? 

Have a nice day , all .

#stillsearchingforashblue #theywillrestockingsooniguess



  1. Lawa weiiii olive!!!! Haha! bestnya ada banyak KL duck. hehe. Please battle ashblue for me too :D

    1. Hihihi... lawa sbb rare color olive nie . Kannn!!! Ash blue kan . Tapi dah dapat kan ? =p hihihi

  2. wah wahh.. cantik nyaaa!aina pun suka kaler olive =)

    1. Kannn... tapi masalah nadia , nmpk semua colors cantik ... hihihi ...

  3. warna dia lawa la nadia :) warna jarang jarang ade ..


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