Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beautiful Blog Templates

Hello ,

When talking about templates I can be so picky . I don't mind to spend some money just to get a beautiful template for my small space . 

There are some friends asking me where I bought my blog templates? 

I usually bought my blog templates from Etsy . I love to shop templates at Etsy because Etsy provides various of beautiful templates .  From cheap to expensive templates , you can just search for it . Etsy has its own phone apps to make you easy to shop anywhere and anytime you are .


If you are following and read my blog. You might notice that I love to change my blog template . The reason I keep changing because the template is not fit my level of satisfaction yet. My very first template I use was a free responsive template not from Etsy . Hihihi . The problem with a free template , there is some limitation for editing part . 

So , I change into this two templates from Etsy :


I totally love this two because both have a touch of pink and purple with white background . So it looks sweet . Maybe because I love pastel colors . Hihihi .

The only problem with this two templates , there are no auto " read more " tab . For me to make the " read more " tab appear on my blog , I need to set the "jump break" at the end of my entry manually . Obviously , I don't have time to edit all of my previous entries just to make that tab appeared . 

Then , I read and follow Erin Azmir blog. I totally love her blog template design . Really clean , easy to read , easy to navigate . Then , I read one of her post about Fearne template she bought from Etsy . 

So , I search a similar design as Fearne template and I found one from MisteryDesigns . That's the story how my blog looks change since yesterday . Thanks to Erin for giving me an inspiration and shared the information.

Below is the template that I've bought from MisteryDesigns .




1) It is a responsive template.
2) The design of the template really constructive and clean .
3) It does not have the " read more " tab but it has a similar function by clicking on the picture of the entries.
4) It's really cheap . Only cost me RM 22.00++ ( depends on current rate ) .
5) The owner provide FREE installation in case you have a difficulty when installing the template.
6) I love to liaise with the owner ( Kate ) because I do have difficulties while installing this template . I'm not an IT person so I need Kate ( the owner ) to help me installing it because there is some part needs to edit using some coding . 

7) MisteryDesigns have a great news. They are having a sale until 1st of October 2016 . Go check it out . =D

Anddddd.... Below is my new blog looks . What do you think ? Is it easy for you to read , search and navigate my blog ?

My new blog looks - The Main Page . Above is the slider and below is the entries .
To search any entries based on categories , you may click on the navigation bar above my blog page 

When you need to read more about the entry that I post . Just click on the title/picture of the entry and you will be directed to the full post . Picture as below.

If you have any ideas that I need to improve my blog looks,  you may drop any comments below .

I think , I need to enhance a bit on the comments part by making columns between the comments . 
What do you think ?

Thank you for reading , all .

Have a nice day and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all Muslims around the world .

Love , 


  1. boleh tahan. semua lawa2. salam aidiladha awak :)

  2. semua lawa.haihh taktau la bile nak tukar template blog saya huuuu

    1. Hihihi... aah dkt etsy byk lawa... =D

      Nanti tukar lah... nadia pun if dtg kerajinan baru sempat tukar ... if not pakai je lah yg sama . Sbb bila kita tukar template bnyk benda nak edit kan ... hihi


Thank you for reading and comments . (^_^) .