Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Our Two Years Together Story

Yesterday, when I arrived at the office . Suddenly, I saw on my laptop screen dated 24th October 2016 .

I was thinking , 24th October ?  Is it 24th October was our wedding anniversary ? 

So , I called my husband . Asking him . 
" Fi ,what day is today ? " . He answered , 
" Monday ".
" Fi , what date is today ? " . He answered , " 24th October , I guess . Why ? " . 

When he asking me why ? . I started to smile and asked him , " Are you remember when was our wedding date ? " . He answered , " Hmmm.... 24th I guess " . And we both started to laughed out loud . 

Have you meet any couple who forget their wedding anniversary ? Hahaha =p 

I guess , why both of us can't remember our wedding anniversary because all we remembered was our wedding ceremony held on Awal Muharram in 2014 . Every Awal Muharram day , we will thought it was our wedding anniversary . Hahaha. 

How fast time flies . It's already our 2nd wedding anniversary . I'm so thankful , Allah makes me meet with this wonderful man . Such a caring , patient , flexible , understanding , caring , family man , responsible , loving  and lots more .  Even sometimes he annoyed me , argued with me.  Hahaha . But, without I realized it , I do love him. 
( If you followed my blog and read my blog , maybe you know why my words 
" ... without I realized it .... "  . We are more like , love after marriage kind of relationship >>> can read more about our story here ) . 

On our 2nd anniversary , we don't have time to celebrate kind of fancy celebration, went for a romantic dinner or went for a short vacay .

We just spend our time by coffee-ing at Cosan cafe in Paradigm Mall . Hahaha . Even , it was a simple celebration but I treasured it much . 

Happy 2nd anniversary , dear Mr Hafifi Hafidz . Hoping our marriage will be happily till Jannah . Insyaallah . 
More places to be explore together . 
More ups and downs to be facing together.

Some of our pictures around the world together . Oh , I totally miss to travel again. 

Seriously , I wanna visit this Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio again!!!!

Love Ya , Mr Hubby . 


  1. aaa comellll. nanti nak baca la your love story tuu, macam belum baca lagi.

    happy wedding anniversary jugak, Nadia :D


    1. hihihi.... story tue tak panjang sgt pun . Just a short sharing =)

      Thank you for the wish , dear~ , <3

  2. Happy anniversary Nadia, moga smp ke jannah:)

  3. Hafifi pun rupanya. Hehe. Betul jugak tu, ingat wedding anniversary masa Awal Muharram lagi senang kan :)

    Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, Nadia dan Hafifi. Semoga kekal till Jannah together 😍

    1. Hahaha ... kan . Kitaorang nie teruk tul wedding anni boleh lupa .

      Tq yank , for the wish . <3

  4. Happy Anniversary Nadia.. :)

    Sama macam Reen.. Bercinta selepas nikah.. :)

    1. Tq reen , dear~ <3

      Yeay!!!! Banyak jugak dugaan nya bercinta lepas nimah sebab kita macam baru nak kenal betul2. Hihi

  5. Happy Anniversary dear... Wish u and hubby , happy ever after..

  6. happy annivers :) wish you that it will be more years and keep counting on this :)

  7. Dah 2 Tahun? Happy anniversary nia semua pasangan camtu mesti dorang x ingat. Keep on smiling n u bertuah dpt suami almost perfect 😬

    1. Aah dah 2 tahun. Cepat je masa berlalu. Thanks for the wish JM . =)


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